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Call of Duty: Warzone – Stadium Easter Egg guide


It is not easter, but this certainly is the egg.

Warzone’s Stadium Easter Egg in Season 5 leads to a special gun blueprint. In this guide we’ll explain how to find the keycards around Stadium, interact with the keypads, and get the code for the blueprint room.

Stadium’s opened up in Season 5 and it’s harbouring some secrets, that’s for sure. If you’ve dropped there already you’ll know there’s a bunch of keycards and doors locked behind mysterious keypads.

In this guide we’ll explain how these keycards work and what they’ll lead to.

How to complete the Stadium Easter Egg

First things first, you’ll only need to visit Stadium! No other locations are part of this easter egg, so gather a squad of as many as you can muster and drop into the bowl of death.

This guide was possible thanks to many members of the community as well as this brilliant video walkthrough by Geeky Pastimes. Do make sure you give it a watch and consider subscribing for more stuff like this.

Where can I find the keycards?

The Stadium is made up of three levels: the underground parking lot, the concourse, and the top floor executive level.

What you’ll want to do is split your team up as you land at Stadium, so one player heads to the Underground, one heads to the Executive level, and the final two circle the Concourse.

As each of you runs around, you’ll want to keep an eye out for keycards which’ll spawn in random locations in these areas. Each keycard is small and gives off a shiny blue glow.

What do the keycards do?

The three keycards you are on the hunt for are as follows:

  • P2-16: Refers to Parking lot.
  • CL-19: Refers to Concourse.
  • EL-21: Refers to Executive level.

These keycards will each open a corresponding door. Each one looks like a generic, brown office door with a keypad next to it and a blue “Authorised Persons Only” sign just above. Here’s where you will find them all:

  • P2-16: Head all the way down to the parking garage. Behind the ramp down you’ll spot the door on the far wall.
  • CL-19: On the level just above the stands, there’s a bar lit up with a white/blue glow. Very close to it you’ll find the door with the keypad.
  • EL-21: On the top floor, circle the stadium, and keep an eye out for a bunch of dining tables. Near these you’ll find the keypad door right next to one which has been cordoned off with blue tape.

Once you’re inside these rooms you’ll find some loot, but the star of the show is the computer terminal. Interact with it and it’ll spring up a bunch of symbols and numbers. If you don’t catch them all the first time, don’t worry! Simply interact with the terminal again to restart the process.

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What do the symbols mean?

Before we begin – these numbers and symbols change every match.

There are three symbols: one which looks like a house, one which looks like a nose, and one which looks like a chinese character. Within your squad, decide upon a letter for each of them. For example, H, N and C.

Make sure each member of your team writes down the sequence of numbers and letters.

Next, compare them all. Ideally you’ll want to write them down, one on top of the other.

For example, here’s what you may have.

  • EL-21: 64NNH1NH
  • CL-19: 6C2NH1NH
  • P2-16: 6C2N51NH

What you are looking for is the number which corresponds to each symbol. Your end goal is to turn this string of symbols and characters into only numbers.

In the example above, we now know that C (chinese character) corresponds to the number 4. We also know that N (Nose) corresponds to the number 2.

With P2-16’s string of code you’ll be able identify the last remaining symbol, H as 5.

Once you’ve done this, write down the new code made up of numbers.

If you can’t find the P2-16 keycard you can also brute force the final step through trial and error.

How do I unlock the main room?

Now you’ve got your special keypad code, head to the Executive level and circle it until you reach a pair of double doors. They’re almost aligned with the road leading into the centre of Stadium on the minimap.

Next, interact with the keypad, enter the code and if it’s correct you’ll hear a little audio cue.

Fireworks will go off in the centre of Stadium, the doors will spring open, and you’ll be able to explore this special war room at your leisure. Make sure you check the table for a special Blueprint called Enigma for the CR-56 AMAX assault rifle (Cheers MrEnzium over on reddit for the link). If one of your squad picks it up, the whole squad will find it in their armory, so don’t feel bad if you poach it.

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