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Destiny 2: Crucible guide – PVP, Retribution, Countdown, Midtown


Everything we currently know about the PVP content of Destiny 2.

Our Destiny 2 Crucible PVP guide contains strategy guides for every map and mode, with all the tips, tricks and tactics you could possibly need to come out on top.

Destiny 2’s Crucible – where the game’s player-versus-player combat plays out – is filled with a variety of modes in which to do battle against other Guardians and prove that you’re the very best. If you’re after traditional modes where eliminating the enemy is number one, then modes like Clash have got you covered. On the other hand, those who favour intense, objective-based modes will relish Survival and Countdown, which require high-level coordination and the skills to match.

In our continuously updated Destiny 2 Crucible guide, we’ve got tonnes of tips and tricks for every single aspect of Destiny 2’s competitive scene, with links to individual guides that’ll help you dominate in every area of PVP. We’re updating these continuously, and not just in the launch window either – we plan to make our guides the number one PVP resources for the community, and hope you’ll continue enjoying them for years to come.

Once you’ve finished brushing up on all things related to PVP, go and check out our core Destiny 2 guide page – you’ll find information on every known aspect of the sequel from there.

Editor’s Update #9: We’ve rounded out our PVP maps section so it now includes guides to every single map in the game! It’s worth noting that all of these guides will be expanded on in the coming months, so keep this page bookmarked for more very soon!

“Go Fast Update”

It’s been announced that Bungie’s working on a significant PVP overhaul which many members of the community have been asking for since Destiny 2’s launch. Guardians are being sped up and abilities are going to be more powerful!

Bungie’s goals are to provide players with more hero moments and increasing the frequency and impact of power weapons.

Here’s the list of all the changes coming to the Crucible in the future.

  • All three glides plus Catapult and Strafe Lift have been retuned and buffed to make them more unique and faster.
  • The mobility stat has had its range expanded and been completely retuned as well. In short, everyone gets faster and the high end is higher.
  • The players’ ground speed cap has been increased, allowing for faster total movement speed, regardless of how you may get there.
  • Arcstrider, Sentinel, and Striker all move faster, and at the same speed as one another, while in their Supers.
  • Arcstrider, as a whole, is performing well in PvP but mostly due to its neutral game perks. We’ve made the following changes in an effort to get the Super to be a more competitive option: Faster Attack Animations. Faster Dodge Animations. Increased range of all attacks.
  • Supers recharge faster for everyone!
  • We’ve buffed several weapon archetypes (including, but not limited to, Hand Cannons, Pulse Rifles, Sniper Rifles, and Shotguns) and a few specific perks, as well.
  • A key goal here is to make Shotguns, Snipers, and Fusion rifles more prevalent in the game.
  • Player respawn times for all Quickplay modes have been decreased.
  • Power Ammo respawn timers for all Quickplay modes have been reduced ~30%.
  • Power Ammo respawn timers in Survival have been reduced ~40%.
  • Power Ammo respawn timers in Countdown have been reduced ~25%.
  • Ammo counts have been adjusted in relation to these timers, and in relation to weapon type.
  • Enemy players now drop their power ammo on death.
  • You’ll no longer flinch hard when wielding a sniper.

Currently there’s no release date for all these tweaks, but we imagine they’ll be rolled out in the next couple of months. Stay tuned for all the latest!

Spring 2018 PVP Updates

In Bungie’s new year Developer Update it outlined a number of exciting changes coming to PVP. While there’s no solid release date, it confirmed that we’re likely to see these updates go live in Spring 2018 – so not too long to go!

Without further ado, here’s what we have to look forward to in the coming months.

  • Ranked PVP: Beginning with Season 3 Seasonal Crucible Ranks will be active. There will be two different ranks for players to pursue – Valor and Glory. Valor is progression rank that goes up as you complete matches, winning helps you move up faster, but there are no loss penalties. Glory is a progression rank that goes up when you win and down when you lose.
  • Private Matches: Play on the maps and modes of your choosing.
  • 6 vs 6 Playlist: On top of 4 vs 4, a 6 vs 6 playlist is being introduced.
  • Mayhem Event: The Mayhem PVP mode will return as a limited-time event during Season 3 and going forward.

Destiny 2 PVP FAQ

Before we move onto the nitty gritty detail of individual maps and game modes, here’s a really quick overview of how PVP works in Destiny 2:

  • Crucible gameplay is based around 4v4 teams across all game modes. This is down from the 6 v 6 format of the previous game.
  • There are now visual indicators for when an opponent’s Super is ready.
  • You’ll also be able to clearly see whether an enemy has collected Power Ammo as well.
  • Ranked play will not be available at launch, unfortunately. There is still a possibility that it will be introduced at a later date, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet.
  • Power weapons will have limited ammo that must be collected at certain points throughout each map.

Destiny 2: PVP maps

These are all the maps currently playable in Destiny 2:

Midtown – This is the map that was first shown off at the first gameplay reveal event back in May. For an overview of this map, as well as some hands-on tactics for dominating on it, take a look at our Midtown guide.

Retribution – Retribution is a PlayStation 4-exclusive map, which means that Xbox One and PC players will not be able to experience this battleground until at least Fall 2018. Our Retribution guide contains everything that’s currently known about this new location, and will be updated regularly over time.

Endless Vale – Destiny 2’s first Control map is set on the planet Nessus, and features tight corridors which branch into large open spaces. For an overview of this map, along with strategy advice on how to overcome the opposition, check out our Endless Vale guide.

Vostok – Vostok is a reworked version of the first game’s Iron Temple social space, introduced with the launch of the Rise of Iron expansion. For more detail on this map, as well as tips and tricks for smashing through the competition, take a look through our growing Vostok guide.

Altar of Flame – Altar of Flame is the first map to be set on Mercury and to showcase the new Survival game mode. If you’re after a comprehensive look at this map, along with a neat selection of tips and tricks, check out our Altar of Flame guide.

Javelin-4 – Javelin-4 provides an extremely tense, arena-like battle, with a big central space where the winners get sorted from the losers. Although it’s a work-in-progress at launch, our Javelin-4 guide contains some handy information about playing on this battleground. Expect a more meaningful update shortly after launch once we have live experience under our belts.

The Dead Cliffs – The Dead Cliffs is set on the European Dead Zone (EDZ) and features a number of sheer drops, amidst its narrow passages and open industrial areas. We’ve got the lowdown on this exciting new battleground for you over at our Dead Cliffs guide.

The Fortress – Perhaps Destiny 2’s most versatile map, The Fortess is home to a castle, elaborate cave systems and deadly open terrain. To get you off on the right track, our Fortress guide contains everything you need to know to get started.

Legion’s Gulch – Launch yourself from the crumbling ruins of a lost city and onto an enormous Cabal drill on the close-quarters Legions Gulch. Check out our Legion Gulch guide page (try saying that after a few drinks…) if you want a few important tips to help you dominate the competition right away.

Emperor’s Respite – Taking place on the Leviathan, do battle in Calus’s grand palace. For tips on Desiny 2’s most opulent PVP map, make sure you check out our Emperor’s Respite guide if you want to take home first place.

Eternity – Introduced in the very first week of Trials of the Nine, this map is fantastical and alien in appearance – it’s nothing quite like anything in Destiny 2. We’ve got a bunch of tips and tricks for you in our Eternity guide, so make sure you give it a read to help you get that flawless run.

Distant Shores – Originally called the Shores of Time in Destiny 1, it’s been reskinned to fit the Arcadian theme in Destiny 2. It’s reminiscent of a larger version of Endless Vale and plays really well. There’s a great mixture of open and enclosed spaces, with intense firefights taking place in every area of the map – it’s easily one of our favourites. If you need some tips, our Distant Shores guide has you covered.

Wormhaven – Currently a PS4 exclusive, this map is set in Titan’ Hive infested Arcology and it’s being regarded as an instant classic. It’s reminiscent of Halo in it’s simplistic design and this makes for some brilliant, back-to-basics firefights. If you’re in need of some tips, our Wormhaven guide has got you covered.

Pacifica – This map’s set aboard one of Titan’s rigs and features verticality, tight corridors and a steep learning curve. To get you off on the right track our Pacifica guide will help you out.

Radiant Cliffs – Snuck into the Destiny 2 Crucible playlist with the Curse of Osiris DLC, the Radiant Cliffs has turned out to be one of our favourite maps. There’s a minimalist aspect to this map which lends itself to gunfights which feel balanced and skill-based – just what we like. Here’s our Radiant Cliffs guide to get you up and running.

Our most popular Destiny 2 guides:

Destiny 2: PVP modes

Countdown – In this new game mode for Destiny, a team of attackers must attempt to detonate a device inside a base, while the defenders battle to stop them. We’ve already got some hands-on strategy advice for you on this new mode, so take a look at our Countdown guide for the full lowdown on how it all works.

Control – A fan favourite from the original Destiny returns in the sequel, along with a revamped, streamlined look and feel. In this game mode, two teams of four battle it out for control over three objectives dotted throughout the map. Make sure you take a look at our comprehensive Control guide, which breaks down how the game mode works and features a bunch of constantly updated tips and tricks.

Survival – Touted as the spiritual successor to Skirmish from the original Destiny, Survival is – you guessed it – all about staying alive. Each team has a respawn pool of eight lives, and it’s all about whittling away the enemy’s lives while protecting your own. It promises intense action and proper coordination to succeed, and we can’t wait to get stuck in. Take a look at our Survival guide for an overview of how this game mode works, along with a few tips and tricks to get you ahead of the competition.

Clash – Clash brings it back to basics with this Team Deathmatch mode, where you’re racing to secure as many kills as possible for your team. Take a look at our Clash guide for the finer details – and some tactical tips – about playing this game mode in Destiny 2.

Supremacy – Another returning favourite from the original Destiny, Supremacy sees players secure points for their teams by collecting crests from the bodies of their fallen enemies. There are a couple of sneaky tricks you can employ to trap the unwary here, so have a look through our must-read Supremacy guide to get a little advantage over the competition.

Destiny 2: Iron Banner

Destiny’s Iron Banner is a limited time event that offers Guardians the opportunity to bag unique Iron Banner weapons and armour. When Lord Saladin arrives in the Tower, all you need to do is speak with him and hop into Iron Banner matchmaking to kick things off.

Each Iron Banner playlist borrows from Quickplay matchmaking, but locks the game mode for the duration of the event and introduces Iron Banner Tokens for wins and losses. You’ll redeem these with Lord Saladin to earn some very snazzy loot rewards.

We’re huge fans of Iron Banner and it’s an event which’ll make us grind for hours to get the exclusive Iron Banner armour sets – they’re some of the coolest currently in the game. If you want to find out more about this event, our Iron Banner guide contains a comprehensive overview of its ruleset and every loot reward.

Destiny 2: Trials of the Nine

In the first Destiny, Guardians could partake in a weekly end-game Crucible event called the Trials of Osiris. It pitted fireteams of three against one another in a highly competitive environment, with the ultimate aim being to reach an exclusive social space called The Lighthouse. There was only one catch – you needed to go on a lengthy unbeaten run of seven wins in a row.

Destiny 2’s Trials of the Nine retains the same level of PVP intensity and provides Guardians with a place to show off their skills against others who’ve reached the end-game. Those who go on a seven win streak will be granted access to some of the best gear in the game and the chance to see one of its most bizarre locations too.

We’ve given Trials of the Nine a go ourselves, and it’s tough as nails, requiring serious levels of coordination and communication to win matches – let alone seven in a row! For more information on this Crucible event, make sure you take a look at our Trials of the Nine guide.

Destiny 2: PVP Loadouts

In Destiny 2’s Crucible, you’ll be vying against other Guardians to come out on top and earn those unique rewards. While much of your success is determined by skill, you can swing matches in your favour a great deal by equipping the very best gear for the job.

There are hundreds of guns in Destiny 2, all with very different stats and perks. This can make knowing which weapons and armour you should be taking into battle a mind-boggling task. Thankfully we’ve done all the hard work for you, summarising some of the best loadouts and builds for dominating your PVP matches.

Take a look at our PVP Loadout guide to give yourself the all-important advantage over your opponents.

PVP Connectivity

Destiny 2’s ironing out some of the connectivity troubles of the past. Here’s a simple breakdown of what’s changing to give you a smoother multiplayer experience in the sequel:

  • Peer to peer matchmaking is still being utilised – but it’s not going to work the same way as the original Destiny.
  • Certain aspects of every multiplayer match you step into will be handled by Bungie’s servers. For example, the physics interactions will be hosted by Destiny 2 in order to combat inconsistencies and player frustration.
  • Host migration will not be returning in Destiny 2, meaning that players won’t have their matches rudely interrupted by an annoying loading screen.

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