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Destiny 2: The Sundial guide


Here's how the new activity works.

This page explains how the Sundial activity works in Destiny 2’s Season of Dawn.

Destiny 2’s Season of Dawn has introduced a brand new activity called the Sundial, in which you’ll need to defend the Osiris’ special, well, sundial, from the Cabal. It’s a six-player matchmade activity, meaning you can hop in with mates, or randoms, clear waves of enemies and earn plenty of unique rewards in the process.

Below we’ll run you through how the Sundial works and the rewards you can earn from participating in this new activity.

How does the Sundial work?

The Sundial is highly reminiscent of The Menagerie and it’s challenge-based structure. Unlike the Vex Invasion which devolved into a ridiculous amount of wave-clearing and one boss, the Sundial promises a variety of activities to keep things fresh every time you jump in.

Every jaunt into the Sundial starts with “The Ascent”. This involves working your way up to the Sundial itself, fighting through enemies and readying yourself for some time travelling.

Once you’ve reached the Sundial, a gate will open and it’ll take you to a randomly selected challenge area. These zones are either set in the future or the past and will showcase what happens if one particular faction comes out on top.

Complete – or get as far as you can – and you’ll be prompted to activate the Sundial again and enter another challenge zone. Eventually you’ll take on the end boss in a unique arena. Defeat it and you’ll receive your lovely loot rewards.

How do you unlock the Sundial?

To unlock the Sundial, speak to Ikora and she’ll send you on a mission called “A Matter of Time”. It’s not particularly exciting, and simply involves heading to the Tangled Shore and farming for resources by eliminating enemies in a very specific manner. Once you’re done, speak with Osiris and he’ll send you on your first Sundial outing. Complete this and you’ll have full access to the activity.

How to beat each encounter

There’s currently a total of four challenges in the Sundial. Here’s a breakdown of each one:

Ascent: Defeat enemies and make your way up to the Sundial. Once you’ve reached the top, activate it, and a portal will soon appear. Head through the portal to begin your first proper encounter.

Bombardment: You must defeat sparkling, shielded enemies who drop orbs on death. Your goal is to pick up these orbs and hit the big shielded Cabal in the centre of the arena. Land enough hits and it’ll break the shield. Once this happens, deal as much damage as possible. It’s then a case of repeating the process as quickly as you can. The more bosses you take down, the harder it becomes.

Datamine: For this encounter, you need to capture points by standing in designated rings. Waves of enemies will spawn in, and occasionally Psion Commanders will appear too. When these Psions spawn in, they’ll block you from making progress and your circle will turn red, so take them out as soon as you can. Again, the further you get, the harder it’ll become.

Gatecrash: Defeat Vex Minotaurs holding Arc Charges. Deposit these Arc Charges in the vessels around the arena, and after you’ve banked three a mini boss will spawn in. Defeat it, and more Vex enemies will spawn in, and you’ll repeat the process as per usual.

What bosses are there?

Currently there’s only one boss, Niruul, but we know that there are going to be three more additions over the course of the season: Ozletec, Tazaroc, and Inotam.

Niruul functions like most other bosses in Destiny. They have a couple of mechanics and lots of health, so once you’ve figured out how to bypass his tricksy damage sources you’ll be fine.

First, watch out for his sphere-trapping move. Every now and again he might trap you in a glowing, pink orb. Shoot the glowing orbs swirling around your screen to escape. If you don’t, they’ll explode and drop your health to practically zero.

At some point Niruul will also gain an invulnerability shield. A number of static Psion Commanders will have spawned around the arena. Take them out and Niruul’s shield will be destroyed, so that’ll be your queue to deal some damage.

As you’ve come to expect, repeat this process and you’ll eventually whittle Niruul down. Once they’re dead, the Sundial will come to a close and you’ll be able to claim your rewards.

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