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Destiny 2: Deathless walkthrough guide (Adventure)


How to complete this Adventure on Titan.

Our Destiny 2: Deathless walkthrough guide explains how to break the Hive Seals and eliminate the Fallen Knight.

For this Adventure you’ll be tracking down a Fallen Knight that’s keeping Sloane’s crews from carrying out their work. It’s a mission that’ll bring you close to your target but keep stripping you of the opportunity to eliminate him until the very end – get ready for a chase.

You’ll be diving straight into the Hive infested Solarium and working your way into its depths as you hunt down this Knight. It’s going to involve a hefty amount of running and gunning which makes it a lot of chaotic fun in our books.

Below we’ve put together a guide that’ll take you through the entire mission and explain how to find this pesky Hive Knight and take him down.

(If you want to be the best at every area of the game, don’t forget to bookmark our PVP, Campaign walkthrough and Subclass guide pages – they’ve got everything you need if you want to get more out of Destiny 2, and will be continuously updated in the weeks ahead.)

Find the Knight, Eliminate the Knight and Follow the Knight

Follow the map marker over the broken bridge and into the building ahead. Before long you’ll come across a Fallen Knight called Takul-Dar, the Unbreakable. At first he’ll have a glowing white overshield that’ll make him immune to damage so don’t bother pumping him full of damage – yet.

Instead, look for a Hive Wizard in the area and take them out first. This’ll mean Takul’s shield will dissipate and you can go in the for the kill. Spray him down whichever way you see fit – he’s not as strong as he may seem. Once he drops a Hive orb will float in the air and a little dialogue will enlighten you to the fact that he’s not in fact, dead at all.

Again, follow the marker through the narrow gap in the wall and into a large open area. We recommend keeping your distance upon entry, getting out a rifle and picking off as many enemies as you can. Once you’ve cleared a few out, whip out a close range weapon (preferably of the power variety), jump into the pool in the center and eliminate the Wizard quickly before moving onto Takul-Dar.

Now it’s time to follow Takul further into the Solarium itself.

Follow the Knight and Eliminate the Knight

Proceed towards the marker on your minimap and it’ll lead you into the Festering Halls where you’ll immediately spot a bunch of Thralls down below. We’d advise equipping an SMG before jumping down and immediately turning your attention to the Cursed Thralls nearby. Keep backing up while you’re spraying them down and aim for the head to shred through their ranks. We wouldn’t get too worried if you end up a little overwhelmed as they don’t pose much of a threat.

When you’ve cleared up the Thralls, use the environment as cover and focus your attention on the Necromantis floating around near Takul-Dar. Take the wizard out, work your way towards the steps and eliminate the Thrall that come running. Once they’re down another Necromantic will appear, so drop him too.

Now it’s time to turn you attention to Takul-Dar, so we recommend equipping a power weapon and laying into him as fast as you can. This way you’ll avoid taking fire from any stragglers or mobs left in the area.

Follow the Knight, Break the Hive Seals and End the Knight

Continue following the marker and you’ll enter a darkened room with a locked gate to the back left. Interact with it and prepare for battle. A Shrieker will spawn immediately to your right, followed by a number of Acolytes and Thralls. Use cover and eliminate the Shrieker first before turning your attention to the mobs in the center of the room. It’s not a bad idea to pop your Super if things aren’t looking great.

To break each seal you have to defeat a Shrieker, so keep surviving and they’ll pop up on the ceiling. When they do, use the pillars to avoid their barrages of fire and shoot them in the eye. Once they go down, clear the mobs and repeat.

Eventually the seal will break and it’s time to finally finish off Takul-Dar.

Now move into the next area (where the seals have broken) and you’ll have a number of Wizards to defeat before you can touch Takul. It’s important that you keep on the move and defeat the Wizards quickly with a close-range weapon before clearing mobs.

Simply work your way through this room and stick to the script – defeat the Wizards and defeat the mobs. Once that’s done, lay into Takul with everything that you’ve got to hand. Pop your Super, chuck some grenades at him or hang back and pepper his head with bullets.

When he goes down, that’s this Adventure complete!

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