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Destiny 2: Frame Job walkthrough guide (Adventure)


Our complete walkthrough for completing Frame Job in Destiny 2.

Our Destiny 2 Frame Job walkthrough guide explains how to kill Drusk, the Crushing Fist after gathering the vocal fragments and scanning the explosives at the ambush site.

Frame Job is one of the earliest Adventures you’ll get stuck into on the European Dead Zone region of Destiny 2. In it, you’ll have to track down a Fallen transmitter, record some vocal fragments so as to concoct a false broadcast, and then lay some traps for a devilish ambush!

Our complete walkthrough explains everything you need to know about wrapping up this Adventure nice and quickly. Let us know in the comments if there’s anything you’re struggling with and we’ll do our best to help you out.

Access the Fallen terminal and record the vocal fragments

Access Fallen Terminal

To find the terminal, simply follow your objective marker on the mini-map, killing any enemies you encounter along the way. The transmitter itself is inside a ramshackle building- clear the enemy inside then interact with it.

Record Fallen Vocal Fragments

Once the chit-chat is over it’s time to collected some vocal fragments. In order to do this, simply kill enemies in the nearby vicinity until you’ve picked up six of them. There are loads of enemies around here, so this shouldn’t be too tricky to tick off pretty quickly.

Find an ambush site and scan the explosives

Find an Ambush Site

Your next job is to track down an ambush site, so look at the white marker on your mini-map and start making your way towards the objective. You’ll have to head into an interior area with a grate at one point, then some overgrown ruins.

Keep clearing the enemies as you make your way through this section, and finally into the Saltzwerk mines once more.

Scan the Explosives

Watch out for the laser traps here. You need to find the point that’s emitting the light and shoot it out. Just be aware that the explosive damage can injure you, so do it from as much range as you can!

In the next section you’ll need to deal with enemies as well as laser traps. It’s best to deal with the traps before engaging the enemy here, otherwise you risk running into an explosive death. If you can first of all kill any mobs from a stationary position, that’ll buy you some breathing room.

If you’d like an easy vantage point for clearing out the rest of the room, head left and go up the ramp. You’ll be able to access the enemies at height from here, and also pick off any stragglers left below without taking damage.

Note that there’s a Servitor in this room. Kill it first so that it can’t grant immunity to nearby mobs, then deal with the rest of the trash.

Once the room is clear, simply scan the room (while in the white circle on the floor) and that will automatically commence the next stage of the Adventure.

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Prepare the ambush and kill Drusk, the Crushing Fist

Get to the cliffs

Nice and easy this bit – just use the teleporter to get to the next stage of the Adventure!

Prepare the Ambush

Make your way up the cliff path, killing everything you come to. When you’ve cleared out the camp, head to the objective marker – there’s a white circle on the floor that you need to stand on.

Expect a huge number of enemies to make their way towards you now, but the traps planted by your Ghost should do much of the work here. Still, you’ll need to pick off stragglers during each wave, so be ready to chip in with the effort and watch out for new spawns.

Eventually you’ll have to defeat Drusk, the Crushing Fist. He has a shield you’ll need to blast through first, but it shouldn’t prove a huge problem. Once he dies, the Adventure finishes!

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