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Destiny 2: Gambit guide


Everything you need to know about this new PVE/PVP mode.

Our Destiny 2: Gambit guide contains an overview of the new hybrid PVE/PVE mode, along with tips, tricks and strategy advice to help you get to grips with this game mode.

It feels like Destiny 2’s about to hit a turning point with it’s latest major expansion Forsaken and it’s not just down to all the brand new PVE content we’ll be getting stuck into. It’s also thanks to a brand new hybrid PVE/PVP game mode called Gambit which makes for a unique, fast-paced mash up that everyone can get involved in.

The magic of Gambit lies in the fact that it doesn’t just appeal to the veterans of competitive matchmaking. Clearing mobs of enemies as fast as possible is one of the keys to victory here and this means that players who’d usually shy away from PVP will be far more inclined to flex their mob-clearing muscles in this new matchmade playlist.

Being the first hybrid mode in Destiny, there’s a lot going on, so we’ve put together a guide that breaks down how the game mode works, and detailed some tips which will help you out when it goes live later today.

Editor’s Note: We’ll be updating this guide once we’ve had a chance to jump into the new game mode ourselves. Stay tuned!

For a complete overview of all the new content’s coming with Forsaken, make sure you have a read through our Forsaken DLC guide as well as our Forsaken Release Time page if you want to get stuck in as soon as it goes live!

How does Gambit work?

Here’s how the brand new hybrid mode operates:

  • Gambit supports matchmaking.
  • There are a total of two teams of four players. Both teams spawn in a separate arena and battle waves of enemies within spaces. These enemies get stronger as the match wears on.
  • Whenever you drop an enemy they will drop shining triangular items called Motes. Players will want to collect these and deposit them into a giant bank in the centre of the arena.
  • Each team is racing to bank a total of 75 motes. Once this happens, a boss (Primeval) spawns, and the first to bring it down will win the round.
  • Players can hold up to a total of 15 Motes at once. Die and you’ll lose them all!
  • Each match is a best of three.
  • Teams can invade the opposing side’s arenas. Bank 25 or 50 Motes and you can choose to send one player through a portal into the enemy’s arena.
  • Those being invaded will be warned, while the invading player must aim to wreak as much havoc as possible.
  • Deposit 5, 10 or 15 Motes in one go and you’ll spawn Blockers in the opposing team’s arena. This is an extra powerful enemy who will block the enemy team from depositing any Motes until it’s defeated.
  • 5 Motes will spawn a Phalanx, 10 will spawn a Taken Knight and 15 will spawn an Ogre.

Gambit: Tips and Tricks

Below we’ve rounded up some basic tips to help you get off the ground and running when heading into Gambit for the first time. We’ll be updating this section heavily once we’ve poured some more time into the new mode!

  • Bank your Motes regularly! Don’t get overzealous as sitting on a big pile of Motes and dying could cost you the round.
  • Try equipping a Super that’s fantastic for clearing hordes of enemies. We’re talking the likes of the Hunter Arcstrider’s lightning staff, or the Warlock Stormcaller’s lightning fingers. This is a great way of tearing down mobs and collecting Motes quickly.
  • Weapons like Riskrunner are fantastic for clearing waves of enemies thanks to its inherent chain lightning ability. Consider equipping a loadout that’s geared towards dishing out as much damage as possible to PVE enemies, at all ranges.
  • Always keep an eye out for an invading player. Once you know there’s one in your arena, either bank your emotes as quickly as possible if you’ve got many to hand, or go all out to eliminate them. You want them running wild for as little time as possible!
  • If you’re in a premade party, consider sending your best PVP player into the opposing team when you’ve got a chance to invade. This’ll increase your chances of nailing down some PVP kills and disrupting the enemy’s workflow.
  • Make sure you’re sending over Blockers frequently and consider sending one in just before you invade to overwhelm the enemy.

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