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Destiny 2: Io guide


The latest information about Destiny 2's Io world.

Destiny 2 Io guides and walkthroughs for every Adventure, Lost Sector, Scannable Object and Chest on the planet.

Io is one of four worlds that makes up the playable space of Destiny 2, and it’s a world that’s been terraformed by the Vex.

Although the Vex occupy much of Io, there’s also a war raging between these mysterious robotic enemies and the Taken. It won’t take long for you to see a battle kick off while out exploring Io’s yellowish landscape and avoiding the giant Ahamkara remains that litter the ground. Bungie’s still remaining tight lipped on these dragon-like creatures and it’s clear that they were once a great presence on this planet. Who knows, maybe there’s still one lurking out there somewhere?

Editor’s UPDATE #1: We’ve completely overhauled this guide and have now put together a complete overview of everything you’ll be able to get up to on Io. Of course, we’ll continue to update this guide over time, so keep this page bookmarked for more!


Asher Mir

Asher Mir is Io’s main NPC, and below we’ve put together an overview of what features he has to offer.


  • You’ll find Asher Mir situated in the Rupture.


  • He sells weapons and armour which can be bought with Glimmer.
  • Turning in Io Tokens, Phaseglass Needles and Phaseglass Spires will increase your reputation with him.
  • Levelling up your Reputation with Asher Mir rewards you with legendary faction gear, shaders and other rewards.

Io: Redeemable Drops

Here’s an outline of the collectible currency drops you’ll find while out exploring Io and completing the activities it has to offer.

  • Phaseglass Needles
  • Phaseglass Spires
  • Io Tokens

Io Tokens are earned as rewards for any activity you complete while out in Io, whether that be cracking open Region Chests, Lost Sector caches or battling through its many Adventures. The amount of tokens you’ll receive depends on the difficulty of the activity, but it can be anywhere between 1 or 5 tokens.

Phaseglass can be found while exploring Io’s surface and it looks like a bundle of spiky…well, glass. Interact with it and you’ll usually receive one Phaseglass Needle or a Phaseglass Spire bundled alongside it too. They’re both worth far less than handing in Io tokens to Asher, but it’s still worth hoarding them for that extra reputation boost.

Io: Strikes

There’s only one Strike situated on Io, but it’s arguably the best currently in the game. We’ve dropped a link to our guide below.

Io: Adventures

There’s a total of five Adventures to complete on Io and they’ll all unlock as you progress through Destiny 2’s main campaign. They’re worth doing too, as they offer some of the best story driven content in the game and one Adventure called Arecibo is exceptional!

We’ll have walkthroughs for each of the following as soon as we can.

Io: Lost Sectors

Lost Sectors provide Guardians with the chance to explore hidden game areas and beat bosses for tasty loot.

There are three of these challenges on Io and we’ve added three individual links to our guides below:

Lost Oasis

Grove of Ulan-Tan – Go to the marker in this area, and you’ll see the entrance point at the base of the rock formations. There’s a little rock structure sticking up right in front of it in a pool of water which should help you narrow the hunt down. Inside you’ll have to beat Qeldron Keeper before you can claim your rewards.

The Rupture

Sanctum of Bones – Simply head to the location marked on the map and you should have no problem spotting the entrance at the base of those layered rocks so common to the region. If you think you’ve cleared it but can’t find the chest, push on! The Boss is located in another room along.

Aphix Conduit – Once you’ve ticked off Sanctum of Bones, just head to the other icon on your map and the entrance point should again be pretty self-evident. Inside you’ll find a boss called Ruined Mind. Defeat it and you’ll unlock the Loot Chest inside.

More Destiny 2 world guides:

Io: Public Events

There’s a total of three different Public Events on Io.

Public Events

  • Cabal Excavation
  • Taken Blight
  • Disrupt Vex Construction

We’ve put together a handy guide to triggering the Heroic versions of these Public Events. These are tougher variants of the same type of Public Event that substantially increase the amount of EXP you earn and the chances of receiving some sought after loot. Do make sure you give our Heroic Public Events guide a read!

Io: Scannable Objects

Scannable Objects are hidden throughout each of the game’s worlds, and tapping into these will provide you with a little extra lore.

There’s around 100 of these insights to be found in total, and Io contains twenty eight of them. We’ve found a really useful video which explains how to find each one.

Io: Region Chests

Hidden away in the corners of Io are a number of special Region Chests that’ll give you more Glimmer and tokens that the usual loot crates you might find while out exploring the planet.

Below we’ve linked a video which will show you exactly where to find each Region Chest on Io, so you can get your mitts on that loot right away.

Destiny 2: Io screenshots

Here’s a few images of Io in all its glory.

Here’s a look at the Worlds of Destiny 2 trailer that Bungie put together to showcase the environments of the sequel:

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