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Destiny 2: Legion’s Gulch guide


Our starter guide will launch you to greater heights on this map.

Our Destiny 2: Legion’s Gulch guide contains everything you need to know about this map, with strategy advice, tips, tricks and tactics that’ll keep you one step ahead of the competition.

Legion’s Gulch is a small map that’s separated into two distinct areas. The crumbled ruins of a city is where you’ll be doing the majority of your running and gunning, while a bridge runs between here and a huge Cabal drilling platform. What’s more, you’ll find four launchers that can launch you between these two points for swift – and rather exhilarating – traversal.

When you’re done brushing up on this map, it’s worth taking a look at our Crucible PVP guide as it contains absolutely everything you need to know about all the PVP modes in Destiny 2. We’ve also put together a massive Destiny 2 guide which will provide you with all that you could possibly need to know about the game.

Editor’s Note: We’re aware that this is a very basic guide to Legion’s Gulch at launch, and we’ll update it considerably when we get some more hands on time with the map. Keep this page bookmarked for more updates very soon!

Destiny 2: PVP map guides

Legion’s Gulch – Strategies

  • While the launchers are a fun way of getting around the map, be aware that they leave you very vulnerable to attack and turn you into easy pickings for enemies to gun you down. In many cases, it’s best to go on foot.
  • You can pop your Super during – or just before – you enter a launcher. This is a great way of ensuring both safe passage and, more importantly, laying waste to your enemies as soon as you land!
  • If you’re after an easy kill, keep an eye on the launch pads for enemies dropping in. You can often get the first few bullets in before they’ve even landed.
  • All in all, we recommend taking an Auto Rifle and SMG into battle with you. Seeing as most fights will be at close-quarters, these weapons will give you the best chance of eliminating your opponents.
  • There are quite a few passages and entrances on this map that cause real bottlenecks. Be wary of entering a building, as more often than not there’s going to be someone on the other side waiting for you. We recommend chucking a grenade in to flush people out, before rushing in.
  • If you’re after a spot to recover health, a quick trip to the drill is a good place for a temporary pit-stop.

That’s everything we’ve put together so far, although when we get some more hands on time with the game we’ll overhaul this guide to bring it more inline with the others. Keep an eye on this page for further updates soon!

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