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Destiny 2: Mysterious Box location guide


Where to find the Mysterious Box in Destiny 2.

Our Destiny 2 Mysterious Box quest guide explains where to find the Mysterious Box, how to get the Black Armory Key, open all of the locks and finally get hold of Izanagi’s Burden.

Destiny 2’s Black Armory expansion is now live, bringing with it a steady stream of new activities, and a tonne of loot to collect. Of course, it wouldn’t be a DLC without secret questlines – and the Mysterious Box is just that.

Now that all the Forges have been released, the entire Mysterious Box quest has been unveiled. It involves a great deal of effort, but the pay off is worth it. An extremely powerful sniper rifle, Izanagi’s Burden, awaits for those who put the time in.

Below we’ll walk you through how to get your hands on the Mysterious Box, as well as how to obtain each key, so you can get your hands on this unique Exotic weapon.

Where to find the Mysterious Box

Credit goes to Arekkz for the walkthrough below. Make sure to give his video a watch and consider subscribing to his channel for more helpful content like this!

  • First things first, you’ll want to head over to the Sunken Isles landing zone on the EDZ.
  • Once you’ve spawned in, proceed left along the path, and turn left into the tunnel.
  • Head all the way in, until you reach the end and turn right. You’ll enter a courtyard-esque area. Look to the right and you’ll spot a glowing orange doorway over to the right. Head through here and follow it down into Smidur’s Cavern.
  • Once you’ve reached this area, follow the path straight ahead, ignoring the natural curve of the path right. Instead, look over the edge and you’ll see some large rock platforms. Jump down onto the leftmost one and it’ll lead you into a tiny cavern.
  • The Mysterious Box is right at the end of this cavern. Interact with it and it’ll go straight into your inventory.

The Mysterious Box has four quest steps in total:

  • Fishhook Lock opened
  • Butterfly Lock opened
  • Hand Lock opened
  • Black Armory Lock opened

It’s possible we may have to wait for all of the Forges to release in order to complete all this questline.

How to get the Black Armory Key

To kickstart this part of the questline, you will need to have obtained all the keys we’ve listed below. Once you’ve got them all, Ada-1 will present you with a Black Armory Key Mold.

It’s at this point where you will need to go about collecting a bunch of things to forge the key – classic Destiny.

Here’s a breakdown of the process:

  • 1) Collect Watcher Lenses: You will need to collect a total of 24 Watcher Lenses from the Watchers in the Leviathan Raid. Head to the Engine Room and farm them to obtain the amount you need.
  • 2) Collect Glimmering Amethyst: Next, you will need to collect a total of 200 Glimmering Amethysts. These can be found in Supply Chests, Public Event chests and Strike Chests. We’d recommend running the Lake of Shadows quest a total of 10 times as it’s a quick, easy way of collecting what you need.
  • 3) Stoke the Bergusia Forge to Maximum Temper: This final step requires you to enter the Bergusia Forge and trigger a special event. Once you’ve entered the forge, look immediately to your right and straight on. Two small drones will spawn, so make sure you snipe them. Once they are destroyed, complete the forge as normal and a chest will spawn which will drop the Black Armory Key.

Now to craft Izanagi’s Burden…

Use the key and you’ll receive “A Mysterious Decryption Device”. Take this back to Ada-1 in the tower and she will task you with earning a bunch of items and eventually crafting Izanagi’s Burden. Below we’ve broken down all the steps in order:

  • 1) Obsidian Crystal: Rare Black Armory Bounty drop.
  • 2) Ascendant Glass Shard: Complete the Shattered Throne Ascendant Challenge.
  • 3) Radiant Phaseglass: Complete The Pyramidion Strike.
  • 4) Craft the Unidentified Radiant Frame: Complete the quest “Lock and Key” in the EDZ.
  • 5) Get Izanagi’s Burden: Bring the Not a Weapon drop to Ada-1.

HOUNDISH has put together a brilliant video outlining all the steps to getting your hands on Izanagi’s Burden below. Be sure to give it a watch and consider subscribing if you found it helpful!

How to open the Butterfly Lock

You will need access to the Izanami Forge, and as per usual, it will require shooting two objects between waves 1 and 2 during the activity. They will spawn on both of the islands, either in the air or just off the edge.

Watch the video above for both the locations!

Once you’ve destroyed both the drones, complete the activity and a Black Armory Key will drop. Use it and you’ll unlock the Butterfly Lock.

How to open the Hand Lock

Much like the Fishhook process, you’ll obtain the necessary Black Armory key via a Forge activity. This time you’ll need to participate in the Gofannon Forge and shoot a couple of floating drones.

Between rounds 1 and 2, two floating drones will appear on the map. One on the left side of the arena above the door, and another on top of the wreckage. Destroy them both and finish the activity as normal to claim your Black Armory key.

Give Esoterickk’s video a watch below as it shows you exactly where to find both drones.

How to open the Fishhook Lock

To open the Fishhook Lock you’ll need a Black Armory Key. To obtain this, you’ll need to kickstart the Volundyr Forge activity and shoot small drones in a specific order between waves.

Between rounds 1 and 2, two small drones will spawn around the map. One will be located near the forge, while the other will be floating above the trees.

We’d recommend equipping a sniper rifle for the job as it’ll allow you to zoom in on them for an easy shot. Once you’ve taken them out, simply play the Forge out like normal and you’ll receive the key at the end of the activity.

Make sure you give the video by Esoterickk a watch as it shows exactly when and where both drones appear.

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