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Destiny 2: Nessus guide – Adventures, Lost Sectors, World Quests, Scannable Objects, Chests


Everything you need to know about Destiny 2's Vex-infested region.

Destiny 2 Nessus guides and walkthroughs for every Adventure, Lost Sector, World Quest, Public Event and Scannable Object on the planet.

Nessus is one of the four worlds that forms part of the in-game universe for Destiny 2 and it’s a beautiful landscape that’s been completely terraformed by the robotic Vex.

As one of Destiny 2’s largest planets, you’ll be spending a lot of time in Nessus destroying Vex and exploring their bizarre structures. It’s arguably one of our favourite planets for activities and we’ve made sure to list all of them in the guide below, as well as everything else you could possibly need to know.

Don’t forget that we’ve got a huge amount of information for you to rummage through over at our Destiny 2 guide hub page too. From there, you’ll be able to access absolutely everything we know about the game.

UPDATE #4 – We’ve completely overhauled this guide and added in a whole host of brand new sections that should cover absolutely everything you’ll get up to in Nessus! We’ll continue refining this page over time so keep this page bookmarked for any future updates.

Nessus: Lost Sectors

Here’s a link to every Lost Sector in Nessus with links to a complete walkthrough.

Nessus: NPC


Failsafe is Nessus’s main NPC, and we’ve provided a brief overview of the features this malfunctioning AI brings.


  • You’ll find Failsafe aboard the ruined Exodus Black
  • There’s a Landing Zone very nearby.


  • She sells weapons and armour which can be bought with Glimmer.
  • You can earn reputation points with her by cashing in Nessus Tokens and Datalattices you accrue for completing activities and exploring the planet itself.
  • Levelling up your Nessus reputation rewards you with a Legendary Engram which contains Legendary rewards unique to Nessus.

More Destiny 2 world guides:

Nessus: Redeemable Drops

Here’s an outline of the collectible currency drops you’ll find while exploring the EDZ and completing the many activities it has to offer.

  • Nessus Tokens
  • Datalattices

Nessus Tokens are awarded for completing Public Events and cracking open chests. The amount you receive depends on the difficulty of activity or rarity of chest, but it can be anywhere between 1 or 5 tokens. Handing these tokens into Failsafe will reward you with a decent chunk of reputation.

Datalattices are bright white cubes that can be found dotted around Nessus’ landscape. They stick out like a sore thumb and it won’t be long before you’re bumping into one while out and about on your Sparrow. Again, you can cash them in to Failsafe for a little reputation.

Nessus: Strikes

There are currently two Strikes set on Nessus and we’ve linked guides to beating them all below.

Nessus: Adventures

In this section of our Nessus guide you’ll be able to find walkthroughs and guides for completing every Adventure in the region.

Nessus: Scannable Objects

When you’re done with all of the main content on Nessus, you’ll able to track down a total of 38 Scannable Objects which provide extra lore on the area. Below we’ve linked a video showing exactly where to find each one!

Nessus: Public Events

There are four different types of Public Event in the Nessus region and you’ll find them popping up on your map frequently too.

Public Events

  • Glimmer Extraction
  • Injection Rig
  • Disrput Vex Construction
  • Ether Resupply

We’ve also put together a handy guide that’ll teach you how to trigger the Heroic versions of these events. These are tougher variants of the same Public Events that increase the amount of EXP you earn and have increased chances of dropping delicious loot – so make sure you give our Heroic Public Events guide a read!

Nessus Exotic World Quest

When you reach power level 260, you’ll unlock the Nessus Exotic weapon quest “Exodus Black”. Upon completion it’ll reward you with a Legendary Sidearm called Drang, which sets in motion the final part of the quest. Fulfill Drang’s requirements and you’ll unlock its Exotic counterpart Sturm, a very powerful Hand Cannon. If you’re after these two weapons, make sure you check out our Sturm and Drang guide.

Nessus: Region Chest Locations

Hidden away in the corners of Nessus are a number of Region chests that’ll give you an increased chance of a powerful drop and reward you with 3 Nessus tokens too.

Below we’ve embedded a video showing exactly how to find each of Nessus’s Region Chests, so make sure you support the creator and give the video a thumbs up if you found it useful.

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