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Destiny 2: Super guide – tips, tricks and combat strategies


How to master every subclass's most powerful ability in Destiny 2.

Each Subclass in Destiny 2 has a Super Ability that enables them to change the course of fight in a matter of seconds. They’re some of the most powerful abilities in the game, and are easy to use yet difficult to master.

Super Abilities gain charge through combat participating, and are activated by pressing [L1 +R1]. Special modifiers also alter their characteristics, changing the way they behave in battle and catering to different playstyles.

To help you master their usage and make you even deadlier in combat, we’ve brought together a number of tips and tricks for every Super Ability in the game so far. You’ll find descriptions of each Super, along with strategies and combos for both PvP and PvE scenarios. We’ll constantly update this page as we get more hands on time with the game – keep this article bookmarked for more!

Hunter Arcstrider

Super Ability: Arc Staff

The Arc Staff makes us feel like a Jedi Knight, and for that we’re in love with it. You crackle with Arc Energy, dancing around the battlefield like some acrobatic assassin – but it leaves you completely open to attack. Movement is vital to mastering the Arcstrider’s Super and avoiding enemy gunfire, with the dodge mechanic being your greatest asset.


  • [R1]: Basic Slash – A standard swipe attack.
  • [R2]: Razor’s Edge – Sends an arc beam forwards after slashing an enemy.
  • [R1+R2]: Whirlwind – Leap into the sky and take out enemies in mid-air.
  • [R1+R1+R1]: Ground Pole Slam – Slam your staff into the ground at the end of this combo, causing a small AoE (Area of Effect) eruption.
  • [R1 + R1 + R2]: Arc Palm Blast – Finish your combo by thrusting your hand out and blasting any foes ahead of you in a high damage cone of effect.
  • (Mid-Air) [R2]: Aerial Ground Slam – Plummet from the sky and crash your staff into the earth. Deals a huge amount of AoE damage.

Tips and tricks

  • Avoid using [R1] or [R2] to close the gap between you and an enemy. Instead, it’s more effective to use your Dodge ability by double-tapping [circle] – especially as you can use it infinitely while your Super Ability is active.
  • Go for the combo only once you’ve closed the gap. Movement is key to mastering the Arcstrider!

If you’re after an in depth look at this subclass, make sure you check out our Hunter Arcstrider guide.

Hunter Gunslinger

Super Ability: Golden Gun

This’ll turn your Guardian into a dead shot cowboy for a few seconds, giving you a short window to evaporate a bunch of enemies in a blink of an eye. It’s particularly effective in a PvP environment where you can wipe out an entire team with almost zero effort – beautiful.

Tips and tricks

  • Make sure you go down the upgrade path that gives you six shots with the Golden Gun instead of three. This will give you far more stopping-power, and generous leeway if you do miss some of your initial shots.
  • Be aware of the short amount of time you have to fire off all of your shots.
  • Avoid activating this ability in the heat of battle. Instead, it’s best to pop it before entering a gunfight so your enemies don’t have any time to react.
  • When you’re taking on a tough enemy or boss, it’s not worth lining up each shot carefully. Pump them full of lead quickly so you get a huge amount of burst damage in and start charging your Super Ability again as quickly as possible.

If you’re after an in depth look at this subclass, make sure you check out our Hunter Gunslinger guide.

Titan Sentinel

Super Ability: Sentinel Shield

Perhaps the most versatile Super Ability of the bunch (so far). The Sentinel’s shield has so many uses, it gives you a plethora of options to work with in almost any scenario. You can block damage, dish it out in close range, and even obliterate enemies from afar.

With so many options it’s easy to get overwhelmed and start mashing buttons . Our tips will help you think about what you’re doing so you can start dominating the opposition.


  • [R1]: Shield Bash – Basic melee attack.
  • [L1]: Shield Throw – Hurl your shield at enemies. It can also ricochet off enemies and damage multiple targets.
  • (Hold down) [L2]: Raise Shield – Protects you from incoming damage sources temporarily.
  • [R1+R2]: Shield Charge Combo – Basic melee attack followed up with a swift shield charge.
  • (Hold down) [L1+R1]: Ward of Dawn – Create a bubble shield that temporarily protects you and your allies from all sources of damage.

Tips and tricks

  • Throwing your shield into a group is the best way of maximising its damage potential as it can ricochet off surfaces and into multiple targets.
  • We’ve found it helpful to jump into the air before tossing our shield at opponents. It gives you a better view of the battlefield and a more effective angle of attack.
  • Try to avoid closing the gap by simply spamming [R1 + R2] and raise your shield [L2] instead. Raising it won’t leave you wide open for counter attack, and you move surprisingly fast so it’s not a hindrance.

If you’re after an in depth look at this subclass, make sure you check out our Titan Sentinel guide.

Titan Striker

Super Ability: Fist of Havoc

In the original Destiny, Titan Strikers were restricted to one ground slam when their Super Ability was activated. Now, you can follow it up by shoulder-barging enemies and pounding the earth as many times as your charge lets you.


  • [R2]: Ground Slam – Slam your fists into the ground, dealing huge AoE damage to enemies around you.
  • [R1]: Shoulder Charge – Fly shoulder-first into your enemies.

Tips and tricks

  • Shoulder Charge is more effective than the Ground Slam in a PvP environment as it provides greater mobility and handily locks onto targets for easy kills.
  • Rather than running along the ground and spamming [R1] to move faster, combine [R1 or R2] with a jump to cover more ground and make yourself a harder target to hit.

If you’re after an in depth look at this subclass, make sure you check out our Titan Striker guide.

Warlock Dawnblade

Super Ability: Daybreak

Channel your inner phoenix and rain fire down on enemies from above. The sheer amount of damage you can inflict with this Super is insane, and the mobility it provides when you combine it with the Icarus Dash makes you almost impossible to hit.


  • [R1]: Ranged Attack – Basic ranged attack, rain fire down on your enemies.
  • [R2]: Sword Slam – Slam to the ground in a flaming AoE burst.

Tips and tricks

  • Combine Icarus Dash [double tap circle] when you’re in the air. This will enable you to cover some serious ground in next to no time, and gives you unrivalled mobility in PvP scenarios.
  • Your ranged attacks drop slowly in an arc the further they travel. Aim above your opponents if you’re going for a long distance snipe.
  • Try and avoid popping this Super Ability in the heat of battle. Use it in a safe position before Icarus Dashing towards your enemies.

If you’re after an in depth look at this subclass, make sure you check out our Warlock Dawnblade guide.

Warlock Voidwalker

Super Ability: Nova Bomb

This Super’s pretty simple, unleash an enormous projectile that kills everything – it’s just knowing when to use it that matters.


  • [L1 + R1]: Nova Bomb – Hurl an explosive bolt of Void Light at enemies.

Tips and tricks

  • If you invest in the Cataclysm perk, your Nova Bomb travels slowly and seeks enemies. You’ll also be able to detonate it early by shooting it with your gun.
  • It’s brilliant in PvE scenarios as enemies don’t really react to the explosive bolt you’ve hurled at them. Fire it into a boss or into large groups of enemies to take full advantage of the immense damage it deals.
  • In PvP, it’s far trickier to use effectively. We recommend taking groups of enemies by surprise, rather than chucking it straight at them – they’ll have less time to react. Find a flanking spot and throw it into a skirmish, you might just pick up a few kills this way!

If you’re after an in depth look at this subclass, make sure you check out our Warlock Voidwalker guide.

We’ve embedded a video below by Arekkz, who does a fantastic job of summarising each Super Ability and details a great variety of strategies. Consider dropping the video a like or subscribing to his channel for even more brilliant Destiny 2 content!

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