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Destiny 2: The Farm guide – vendors, activities, location


Everything we currently know about the new social zone in Destiny 2.

Our Destiny 2: The Farm guide contains everything you need to know about this social hub, from vendors to activities and even its location.

With The Tower being blown up into smithereens at the start of Destiny 2, you may well be asking yourself where you’ll be able to hang out, handle your mail, decrypt your Engrams, or do any number of the little side activities that are meant to keep you busy when you’re not shooting things in the face.

Well, there’s a brand new social zone to hang out in – known as The Farm – and it will be your main social space as you go through Destiny 2’s main campaign.

In our guide to The Farm, we’ve got a breakdown of everything you need to know about this location. We’ll update this guide as and when new information is released, and we’ll certainly add extra touches when new DLCs or events land in the future!

For now, here’s everything you need to know about your future home from home. Check out our massive Destiny 2 guide to find out more about the sequel!

Editor’s UPDATE #4: Now that Destiny 2’s well and truly launched, we’ve overhauled this guide with up to date information and cut out all the unnecessary stuff. Of course, we’ll continue to update this page as time goes by – keep this article bookmarked for more!

Important Note

Before we get into the nitty gritty of The Farm, we’d like to make it clear that this social space becomes pretty redundant once you’ve cleared the campaign. It’s more of starting hub that’s superseded once you’ve completed Destiny 2’s story missions.

That’s not to say we’re not fans of the space. We think it has the best OST in the game and we’d love for a reason to go back there!

Destiny 2: The Farm FAQ

What is The Farm?

The Farm is the very first social space Guardians will access early on in Destiny 2’s campaign. As you progress through the campaign, it’ll be your main hub for interacting with other Guardians, stowing your gear and cashing in tokens.

It’s important to note that the Farm drastically changes once you’ve completed the Campaign and no longer functions as the main social space in the game. Essentially, it becomes a wasteland as everyone other than the Cryptarch and Postmaster migrates to the Tower.

What planet is The Farm on?

You’ll find The Farm on Earth, and specifically the region known as the European Dead Zone.

Is The Farm the only social space in the game?

No, the Farm is the first social space you’ll unlock during the campaign. Once you’ve completed the campaign, you’ll unlock the Tower.

How many players can The Farm handle?

A total of 26 Guardians can hang out in The Farm.

When do you unlock The Farm?

In the opening stages of Destiny 2’s main campaign.

How long is it active for?

The Farm never disappears and is always present in the game. However, it does become a little pointless to visit once you’ve completed the campaign.

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What’s in the Farm?

What vendors are in the Farm?

When you’re playing through the campaign, the Farm is filled with a number of NPCs and utilities that you can interact with and serve some important purposes. Below we’ll take you through every character and tool in the Farm.

  • Darbi 55-30 is the Postmaster at The Farm. If you’ve forgotten to pick up any loot during your Adventures, she’s the robot to go to!
  • Tess Everis is part of the Eververse and deals in Silver, the currency you can purchase with real world money. Trade this in and you’ll have a chance of bagging a Legendary item.
  • Tyra Karn is the Cryptarch. She’ll crack open any Engrams that need opening.
  • Cayde-6 rewards you for completing Public Events and also sells Treasure Maps that send you off to remote corners of a planet in search of juicy loot.
  • Ikora Rey offers replayable story missions called Meditations. You can complete these to build your reputation with her and earn rewards for your efforts.
  • Commander Zavala takes charge of the Vanguard Strikes. Complete Strikes and cash in your tokens with him for unique rewards.
  • Lord Shaxx is the Crucible handler and will reward you for your efforts in Destiny 2’s PVP arenas.
  • Suraya Hawthorne will be one of your main quest givers in the early stages of Destiny 2’s campaign. You can also purchase some gear from her too.
  • Arcite 99-40 acts as your main gunsmith in Destiny 2 throughout the campaign. Go to him with your dismantled gear, earn reputation and be rewarded with Engrams.

What events and activities can I get involved in at The Farm?


There is a small space for Guardians to kick a football around – complete with light up goal posts! This is obviously a nod to some of the games Guardians in the first game kept themselves occupied with, booting spheres around the Tower.

Scouting Patrol

If you perform a set sequence of maneuvers in The Farm you’ll be able to take part in a time attack challenge that’ll see you leaping around trying to reach pillars of light.

There’s a certain set of things you’ll have to do to kick this activity off and we’ve embedded a handy video below which shows you exactly how to do it.

That’s all we’ve got so far on The Farm, but do let us know if you’ve uncovered any secrets in the comments section below and we’ll make sure to feature them in the guide!

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