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Destiny 2: The Invitation Quest guide – Imperial Treasure Map location and all Glorious Harvest steps


How to complete The Invitation quest with ease.

Our Destiny 2 The Invitation guide details all the quest steps and how to complete them easily, including where to find the Conflux, how to complete the Glorious Harvest Bounty and where to find the Imperial Treasure Map on Nessus.

If you want to access all the new content in Destiny 2’s latest expansion, you’ll need to heed the call of Benedict 99-40’s “Imperial Summons”.

As with all of Destiny 2’s expansions, the Imperial Summons then devolves into a number of quest steps which involve bashing a number of enemies, collecting resources and the like.

Below we’ve outlined all the quest steps and explained how to get them done with minimal fuss.


Need help with something specific? Use the following links to jump straight into what you’re after!

The Invitation: All Quest Steps

Here’s a quick breakdown of everything you’ll need to crack on with to complete The Invitation questline.

  • 1) Visit Benedict 99-40 in the Tower, before meeting with Ikora.
  • 2) Head to the Barge on Nessus and talk with Werner 99-40 inside.
  • 3) Defeat Cabal on Nessus to collect 10 Chalice Fragments.
  • 4) Land 25 melee finishing blows to Vex enemies on Nessus.
  • 5) Complete the Conflux Lost Sector on Nessus and crack open the chest.
  • 6) Complete the Glorious Harvest bounty by generating Orbs of Light, earning experience and completing a Challenge.
  • 7) Track down the Imperial Treasure Map in the Well of Flames on Nessus.
  • 8) Return to the Barge and speak with Werner 99-40.
  • 9) Complete a run of the Menagerie and open the final chest.
  • 10) Return to the Barge and open the chest.

The Invitation: Complete Walkthrough

Visit Benedict 99-40 in the Tower and Head to the Barge

When you first log into Destiny 2, you’ll be greeted by an “Imperial Summons” from Benedict 99-40. He’s located near The Drifter on the west side of The Tower. Track his location via the map to make him easier to find.

Talk to him, then head over to Ikora. She’ll send you over to the Barge on Nessus. Fast travel to this location and you’ll spot a large, golden ship.

Head round the back, jump up the ramp and talk to Werner 99-40 who’ll task you with a few things.

Werner’s Tasks Part 1: Chalice Fragments, Vex Kills and the Conflux

First up, you’ll need to gather 10 Chalice Fragments from Cabal on Nessus. We’d recommend heading to Artifact’s Edge or to the Cistern and completing either of the Public Events which occur here. They’ll provide plenty of Cabal to take down and you’ll complete this step in next to no time.

Next, you’ll need to track down 25 Vex to Melee Kill. We’d recommend completing the Spire Integration Public Event at Exodus Black or in Watcher’s Grave. When the Vex start spawning in, just go around bashing them to death.

Now you’ll need to head to the Conflux Lost Sector on Nessus and crack open the chest. Open our The Conflux Lost Sector location guide in another tab for a quick breakdown of where you’ll find it.

Once you’ve cracked open the chest at the end of this Lost Sector you’ll receive 1000 Imperials, a brand new currency which you’ll use to upgrade your Chalice. Proceed to your Pursuits tab (now in the Director menu) and unlock the “Gear Archetype” slot.

Werner’s Tasks Part 2: Complete The Glorious Harvest

Right, onto a Bungie classic. For this part of the quest, all you’ll need to do is play the game enough to complete the three requirements: earn experience, generate Orbs of Light and complete a Challenge.

Here’s how to get this part out of the way quickly:

  • Equip a Masterworked weapon if you’ve got one to hand. This way you’ll generate Orbs of Light passively when you’re shooting baddies.
  • We’d also recommend booting up a subclass which has a lengthy Super which works well for clearing mobs of enemies. Again, you’ll generate more Orbs of Light this way.
  • Load into a Daily Challenge activity to kill two birds with one stone. Not only will you earn experience for defeating enemies, but you’ll also tick off the “complete a Challenge” step too.
  • If you’re still in need of experience or Orbs, head into a Strike of your choosing, or complete a Public Event.

Find the Imperial Treasure Map in the Well of Flames and Visit Werner 99-40

For this part of the quest, you’ll need to find the Imperial Treasure Map on Nessus. Head to your pursuits tab and track this part to make this step a little easier.

The map is located in a large cylindrical tower on the south side of the Well of Flames, so head up the path and inside.

Video by 360 Game TV

Drop down into the large pit. Once you’re at the bottom, ignore the portal and the teleporter pad on the ground. Instead, turn your attention to the blue glow emanating from the corner of the cavern.

Crack open the chest and it’ll unlock the Rune of Jubilation. Inspect your Chalice of Opulence and insert this new Rune into it.

Now head back to the Barge and talk to Werner 99-40. He’ll grant you the final 690 Power Surge gear, so equip it and you should be at a lovely 690 Power Level.

Complete a run of the Menagerie

Find the Menagerie matchmaking symbol on the bottom right on the Nessus map screen and select it.

Complete the Menagerie and crack open the chest at the end. Claim the Triumph you received at the end through the Director tab (Destinations > Minor > Menagerie > “Flair For Drama”).

After this, return to the Barge on Nessus and open one of the many chests scattered around the back.

With that, the quest is complete! Now it’s time to grind out the Menagerie and earn those juicy rewards.

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