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Destiny 2: The Rat King guide – Riddle solutions and answers to get the Titan Exotic from the Rat King’s Crew quest


Our essential guide for getting your hands on this deadly end-game weapon.

Our Rat King guide explains how to solve the riddles of the Rat King Crew and unlock the powerful Titan Exotic weapon.

The Rat King is an Exotic Sidearm which has some extremely tasty perks attached to it indeed. The most important of these is called Rat Pack and improves the damage output of the weapon if nearby players also happen to have it equipped.

This effect can stack up to six times, and it’s already proving itself to be an essential part of a Fireteam’s armoury when it comes to tackling pretty much any group content in Destiny 2. Even if you don’t use it all the time, it seems certain that time spent working through the quest will pay dividends at some point in your career as a Guardian.

What’s the process for actually getting hold of the Rat King Exotic weapon though? Well, all four game worlds in Destiny 2 have a special quest chain associated with them which rewards you with a powerful Exotic weapon as you complete each one. The Rat King is earned by finishing up a few extra challenges on Titan, but you’ll have to solve a few riddles along the way.

In this article you’ll find a complete guide to wrapping up every single section of the Rat King quest chain, with answers to all of the riddles you and your Fireteam will need to solve along the way.

(If you want to be the best at every area of the game, don’t forget to bookmark our PVP, Strike and Subclass guide pages – they’ve got everything you need if you want to get more out of Destiny 2, and will be continuously updated in the weeks ahead.)

In order to begin the chain for unlocking The Rat King, you’ll first of all need to finish up the Enemy of my Enemy quest on Titan. Once you’ve completed the quest you’ll notice a special Relic gets added to your Kinetic weapons slot. This starts off a sequence of riddles you have to solve. This item is called The Rat King’s Crew and you can view it easily in-game.

The video below explains exactly what you have to do to complete this process, but we’ve provided a text walkthrough just below it if you want a checklist you can easily reference and work your way through.

Rat King’s Crew Riddle Solution #1

The Rat King’s Crew / Runs to and fro / Good girls and boys / Know where to go / Pick up your toys and darn your socks / On errand of woe, on errands we walk.

What does this riddle actually mean? In order to finish this stage of the quest you must complete three Patrol missions, however keep in mind that you cannot complete this solo. Every stage must be finished up while in a Fireteam of at least one other person. You won’t make any progress otherwise.

Complete this section and you’ll unlock the next Rat King’s Crew riddle.

Rat King’s Crew Riddle Solution #2

The Rat King’s Crew / Goes arm in arm / To fight as one / To do no harm / So have your fun and run outside / Rally the flag and we’ll never die

This Rat King’s Crew riddle is pretty easy to solve. The next task on your list is to complete two Public Events – again in a Fireteam. When you’ve finished these your Relic will provide yet another riddle for you to solve.

Rat King’s Crew Riddle Solution #3

The Rat King’s Crew / Goes four and four / With good good fights / They learn to score / Then three as one they stand upright / Return from past the wall and wanting more.

Pretty obvious this one! You simply need to complete two matches in The Crucible, and again do so while you’re in a Fireteam with a minimum of one other player.

Finish those matches and you’ll receive a fourth and final riddle to solve.

All Exotic Weapon unlock guides:

Rat King’s Crew Riddle Solution #4

The Rat King’s Crew / Stands three as one / They see Night’s fall / And fear it none / But watch the clock as you scale the wall / Lest five remain hope comes for none.

How is this Rat King’s Crew riddle solved? You need to finish a Nightfall Strike, but you must do it with five minutes remaining on the clock!

First of all though, you need to unlock Nightfall Strikes, which requires you to hit Power Level 130. Once you’ve done so, you’ll get a Milestone prompt sending you to Commander Zavala.

This unlocks the Nightfall version of Strikes, which drop much better loot in exchange for a much tougher challenge.

If you can beat one with five minutes left on the clock, you’ll get your final Rat King reward!

Rat King only challenge: Emperor Calus

The Rat King sidearm grows in power as more people in your fireteam wield it, and a surprising amount of damage can be laid down if all 6 teammates decide to take up arms with the rodent. This unique perk means that players have been attempting all manner of Rat King challenges in which – as you’ve probably guessed – they only use this Exotic sidearm to complete the Destiny 2’s toughest endgame content.

We’ve linked a video down below by Lord Mork which shows them deal damage to the final boss of the Leviathan Raid only using the Rat King. It’s impossible to use it continuously as the game only hands out Kinetic ammo to a certain point, so for all the other phases they use energy weapons to conserve and regain ammo for their Rat Kings.

Of course, spoiler warnings for anyone who’s not completed the Raid yet!

How effective is the Rat King in both PVE and PVP?


If you’re looking to get those most out of the Rat King in PVE, make sure you band together with some mates who’ve also got it to hand. Doing this will amplify the Rat King’s Intrinsic perk, Rat Pack. The more Rat King’s you’ve got together in a fireteam, the higher their damage output will be.

For PVE activities, if you’ve got at least 3 or 4 of you wielding the Rat King, it’s going to do some pretty astonishing damage. A band of Guardians with the Rat King can easily blitz their way through the Leviathan Raid using this weapon as their primary form of damage.

It’s all helped by the fact that the Rat King doesn’t have any glaring weaknesses when it comes to weapon handling – it feels like a dream to shoot.

With all this said, we’d avoid equipping the Rat King if you’ve not got a whole squad using it too. Without the Rat Pack intrinsic kicking into action, there are many other better alternatives out there.


The Rat King makes for a surprisingly good weapon in the Crucible. We’ve tried out a number of sidearms and we’ve felt they’re all pretty lackluster apart from the Omolon variety. However, the Rat King bucks the trend by being a very decent all-rounder. It’s got exceptional handling and makes for a perfect companion going into short to mid-range firefights.

Don’t expect the Rat King to blow things out of the water and elevate your game to new heights – but it does get the job done. At the end of the day, that’s better than most of the sidearms available in the game!

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