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Destiny 2: Unbreakable walkthrough guide (Adventure)


How to beat the first Nessus Adventure without breaking a sweat.

Our Destiny 2 Unbreakable walkthrough guide explains how to collect the energy sources, kill the Empowered Minotaurs and lower the shields in the final fight.

Unbreakable is one of the first Adventures you’ll complete in Destiny 2, and it has you running across a pretty wide stretch of the planet Nessus, hunting down energy sources and doing battle with some heavily shielded Minotaur enemies.

If you’re struggling to complete it, we’ve got a complete walkthrough for finishing up every step of this mission, and we’ve also embedded a video here to give you a visual guide to wrapping things up. If you’re still having trouble completing Unbreakable, let us know in the comments and we’ll do our best to help.

Collect Data Cores and the energy spike

Collect Data Cores from Vex

First of all, simple hunt local Vex until they drop the Data Cores that are required to complete the first part of the Adventure. You need to find eight in total, so just keep hunting and looting until you’ve got everything ticked off the list.

Collect the energy spike

Your next job is to hunt down the Energy Spike. Jump on your Sparrow if you’ve got one at this point, and follow the objective marker on your mini-map. It’s not that far away.

Once you arrive you’ll very quickly have to deal with an Empowered Minotaur, so be ready for a fight the moment you get there. First of all you’ll have to bring his shields down, then his yellow health bar.

Go to the Tangle, collect Energy and collect a Large Energy Font

Go to the Tangle

Once again, jump on your Sparrow or simply walk your way over to the next objective, which is located in the Tangle region of the map. Don’t worry about stopping to fight along the way, as it’s quite a long trek and you might as well just get there as quickly as possible.

Collect Energy

Next you’ll need to collect Energy until the percentage bar reaches 100%. You’ll have to do a little jumping up and around in the trees here in order to find the energy sources. They look like tall pillars of light. It’s good platforming practise at least…

Collect a Large Energy Font

Time to get moving again. Jump on your Sparrow if you have one and scoot off to the next objective marker on your map.

Destroy the Minotaur

When you get there, you’ll have to once again kill one of those Empowered Minotaur creatures.

Follow Failsafe’s Coordinates

Follow Failsafe’s Coordinates

Head over to the next location marked on your mini-map. You’ll know you’re heading in the right direction when you find yourself heading deep underground – watch out for some of those drops…

Pass through the portal and keep making your way down through the tunnels until you come to the objective marker.

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Lower the Shield

Kill the Empowered Minotaur, then use the arc charge on one of the nearby machines to expose the central target.

Once you’ve damaged it a certain amount you’ll have to kill a series of Goblins and Harpys, then another Empowered Minotaur to get your second arc charge.

Again, plug it in and start chipping away the central target. Repeat the process once more (jumping to reach the upper Empowered Minotaur if needs be), then finish off the job after planting the final arc charge.

This concludes the Adventure!

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