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Destiny 2: Warmind guide


Everything you need to know about Destiny 2's second expansion.

Our Destiny 2 Warmind guide contains everything you need to know about the game’s second expansion including Strikes, new Crucible maps, the Spire of Stars Raid Lair and Escalation Protocols.

Destiny 2’s second DLC expansion is Warmind and the new content will be released a little later on today, May 8th 2018. According to the developers, the next batch of content is designed to send players to “new places to meet new heroes and battle new enemies” and it looks like we’ll have all sorts of brand new activities to participate in as well.

Over the last month or so we’ve learned an increasing amount about what to expect from Warmind, and in this latest version of our guide we’ve chopped out a lot of the pre-launch speculation and replaced it with all the hard facts we now have. There are still lots of more updates to write, so check back soon for all the latest insight in how to beat all the new content.

UPDATE – 11TH MAY 2018

We’ve got a few additional guides for you to get stuck into today, including a look at the Override Frequency / Sleeper Node content and the Unsolvable Problem!


Use the following links to quickly navigate to the section of the guide you’re most interested in right now!

1. Strikes

2. Spire of Stars Raid Lair

3. Escalation Protocols

4. Lost Memory Fragments

5. Override Frequency

6. The Unsolvable Problem

7. PVP / New Crucible Maps

8. Exotic Weapons and Armour

9. Warsat

10. Other Changes

Warmind: Strikes

There are three new Strikes added to the game with the release of Warmind.

The first is called “Will of the Thousands” and its official description reads, “Rasputin’s neural network is under attack. Take the Valkyrie and use it to defeat a monstrous foe.

The other is entitled “Strange Terrain” and is described as a treacherous dive into Hive territory: “Descend deep into the tunnels under Hellas Basin and take the fight to the Herald of Xol. Stop this Hive Prince before he can funnel more power to the worm god.”

The third and final Strike is called The Insight Terminus and is – for now at least – a PlayStation 4 exclusive. It’ll become available for other platforms at some point down the line.

Warmind Strike guides

Warmind: Spire of Stars Raid Lair

Warmind will add a brand new Raid Lead for Guardians to tear through. Known as the Spire of Stars, this is a new raid zone connected to the Leviathan / Eater of Worlds Raid.

Take a look at our Spire of Stars Raid Lair guide for the full low-down on what to expect when this area of the game goes live on Friday 11th May 2018.

Warmind: Escalation Protocols

Warmind brings with it a brand new activity that’ll take place on Mars. It’s called Escalation Protocol and works similarly to a horde mode, with Guardians starting at level 1 and fighting their way through increasingly difficult waves of enemies to reach level 7.

With each level the enemy combatants become fiercer and fiercer, and players will be tasked with completing multiple objectives too. What’s more, there’s a timer involved. Guardians must defeat each horde of enemies in a set time limit, and retain enough time to finish the mode by beating the end boss.

You won’t be able to complete the entire event if you’ve just started out in the Warmind DLC. Enemies increase in Power Level with every wave, so they’ll eventually outscale you if you’ve not reached max Power Level before initiating the event. We also know that you’ll need to complete the Warmind campaign if you want to be capable of initiating an Escalation Protocol.

Reach levels 3, 5 and 7 and you’ll earn armour and weapons with unique perks – nice.

We’ve got a detailed Escalation Protocol guide elsewhere on the site if you need help beating this challenging new end-game content.

Here’s a video of Escalation Protocol in action:

Warmind: Lost Memory Fragments

Scattered all around the new playable area is a hefty chunk of collectible items known as Lost Memory Fragments.

Collecting 35 of these items will reward you with a new Exotic Sword called Worldline Zero. Grab the final ten and you’ll receive a new Sparrow as well.

Here’s how the Fragments are distributed across the new map:

  • Olympus Descent (3)
  • Glacial Drift (12)
  • Braytech Futuresafe (10)
  • Aurora Reach (2)
  • Mindlab (4)
  • Dynamo Approach (1)
  • Alton Dynamo (9)
  • Ma’Adim Subterrane – Lost Sector (2)
  • Core Terminus – Lost Sector (2)

If you don’t want to spend a lot of time scrabbling around to track down all of these, our Lost Memory Fragment locations guide contains videos for finding the lot of them!

Warmind: Override Frequency

There are loads of collectible items spread around the game world called Sleeper Nodes. To unlock each one, you’ll need to track down something called an Override Frequency.

In our Override Frequency guide, we’ve got a completely walkthrough for first of all unlocking the challenge itself, and then tracking down each one.

Warmind: The Unsolvable Problem

The community is currently busy trying to decypher a mysterious inventory item known as the Unsolvable Problem. Although we suspect this is simply a lore challenge – and won’t feature any additional gameplay – you can keep on top of the latest developments over at our Unsolvable Problem guide hub.

Warmind: PVP and new Crucible maps

Bungie’s revamping PVP in a big way and Warmind is one of its first steps to giving Destiny 2’s players more of what they want from Guardian vs Guardian combat.

Below we’ve put together a list of all the tweaks and new features coming to PVP with Warmind.

  • Private matches are making a return.
  • There’s a ranked mode for Competitive. You’ll earn Glory points and climb a ranked ladder.
  • For Quickplay you’ll earn Valor points, minus the ranked ladder.
  • Collecting enough of Glory and Valor will allow you to Prestige (reach max rank and start again). Perhaps there will be a unique emblem for those who do?
  • There are exclusive PVP weapon rewards, with one being a Pulse Rifle named Redrix’s Claymore.
  • Two maps have been confirmed: Solitude and Meltdown.

Warmind: Exotic Weapons and Armour

Bungie’s livestream revealed quite a few Exotic Weapons and Armour pieces that’ll be coming with Warmind.

A number of fan favourites will be returning from the original Destiny, including the Suros Regime Auto Rifle and Eternal Warrior Titan Helm. We’ll update this section with further Exotics if Bungie throws some more information our way.

Here’s a gallery of all the Warmind Exotics revealed so far:

There’s also a special Relic weapon called Valkyrie. It’s a spear weapon that can be thrown at enemies with explosive effect, or charged with power to deliver a devastating dive-bomb.

Finally, Bungie will be drip feeding players Exotic weapons updates as the season progresses. Existing Exotics like Hardlight, Riskrunner, Graviton Lance and more will receive a complete makeover.

Warmind: Warsat

All the information on this activity comes courtesy of Redditor Fuzzle_hc.

Warsat is back from the original Destiny! When you’re exploring Mars you might stumble into a crashed Warsat pod. Interact with it and you’ll kickstart a Public Event that’ll involve defending it from waves of enemies.

Warmind: Adventures

Of course, there will be a bunch of brand new Adventures and other patrol missions to take on. As soon as we have more info on the new content we’ll add it in here.

Warmind: Other Changes

There’s a handful of other quality of life changes coming to Destiny 2 along with Warmind.

Here’s a breakdown of other updates we’ll see introduced with Destiny 2’s next expansion.

  • All DLC maps for Destiny 2’s PVP Crucible will be free to all players.
  • Exotic weapon masterworks, sandbox changes, heroic strike modifiers and Nightfall challenge cards are coming as well.
  • There’s a brand new Engram coming with Season 3: The Prismatic Matrix. You’ll earn a Prismatic Facet with your first well-rested level up each week, giving you one free use of the Prismatic Matrix. Essentially, you’ll be able to spend these Facets on the Matrix to unlock an items that you’ve never previously acquired from the Eververse.
  • As a short-term solution, Vault space has been increased from 200 to 300 items in total.
  • Multi-emote is being introduced. You’ll be able to configure all four emote options with player selected emotes.
  • Guided Games will now feature a Leviathan Guide emblem that tracks the number of Raid encounters and Raids a player has completed as a Guide. This emblem rewards a unique aura for 14 days after a player complete a Raid as a Guide. Once a week while the aura is active, guiding a raid to completion grants one Bright Engram.
  • A new inventory category has been created that will contain pursuit tracking items, such as those for Exotic quests. Items in the Pursuits category are specific to each character and will not be shared across the account.
  • The baseline difficulty of Heroic Strikes have been increased, and at any time the Heroic Strike playlist will have three modifiers on it: One Burn (rotates weekly), one Advantage (rotates daily), and one Disadvantage (rotates daily).
  • Players will now be able to take their Rare Challenge Card to Xur and upgrade it to a Legendary Challenge Card. Doing so adds more customization options to the card, allowing you to slap more modifiers on it, with some of them being unique too.

That concludes the latest version of our Warmind DLC guide! We’ll be adding loads of new insight to this guide at launch, so check back soon for guides to beating every last aspect of the new expansion.

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