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Destiny 2: Where to find all Jade Rabbit Statues


Here's where you can find all ten Jade Rabbits on the Moon.

Our Destiny 2: Jade Rabbit Statue locations page explains where to find all of the Jade Rabbit Statues across the Moon.

Forsaken introduced a bunch of hidden cat statues to the Dreaming City, and in much the same fashion, Jade Rabbit statues have appeared all over the Moon with the arrival of Shadowkeep.

Find one and you can offer it a tasty Rice Cake snack, which will reward you with a Phantasmal Core, or decent piece of gear. Trouble is, they’re tucked away in some pretty difficult to find locations.

We’d highly recommend watching the video we’ve linked above as it’ll guide you through where to find all 10 Jade Rabbit Statues, and it contains time stamps so you can jump to ones you’ve not found yet.

Destiny 2: All Jade Rabbit Statue Locations

Without further ado, here’s where you can find all of these statues:

Jade Rabbit #1: Sanctuary

You’ll find this one just behind the spawn point in Sanctuary. Turn around and use the ramp to gain access to the building just below. Search the back of this building to find a large Jade Rabbit emblem on the wall, alongside a Jade Rabbit Statue on the ground nearby.

Jade Rabbit #2: Archer’s Line

This one can be found inside the domed building in Archer’s Line. Proceed into one of the side rooms and you’ll find it tucked away behind some defunct terminals.

Jade Rabbit #3: K1 Logistics

Once you’ve reached the loot chest at the end of this Lost Sector, head into the building behind it and you’ll find the Jade Rabbit on your right next to a cat.

Jade Rabbit #4: Anchor of Light

Climb to the top of the large building with the antennae and you’ll find a Jade Rabbit Statue right next to a fancy looking computer terminal.

Jade Rabbit #5: Hellmouth

Stand on the round platform overlooking the Hellmouth, turn around and hop up to the fallen yellow carriage. Next, follow the rocky path which runs alongside the large green fissure and you’ll spot the statue resting on top of a chair.

Jade Rabbit #6: Sorrow’s Harbor

Make your way towards the main bridge leading in Sorrow’s Harbor and take the first left. Keep an eye out for two large, greying Hive capsules resting against a wall. The statue can be found tucked in between them.

Jade Rabbit #7: K1 Revelation

For this one, you’ll need to complete the Shadowkeep campaign and kickstart the Memory of Sai Mota questline before you can crack on.

Next, head to the end of the K1 Revelation Lost Sector in Sorrow’s Harbor, make it to the end, hop up to the platform and use your Firewall Data Fragment to open the door. You’ll find the statue on a chair at the back of the room.

Jade Rabbit #8: Circle of Bones

To begin, you’ll need to find your way into the Circle of Bones – which can mighty confusing. But not to worry, the first part of the gif below will take you through the process:

Once you’re at the entrance, stand looking out into the center of the area, drop down and turn to your right. Run underneath the balcony and you’ll find the Jade Statue hidden away inside a really dark nook.

Jade Rabbit #9: Chamber of Night

Again, you’ll need to navigate your way into the Chamber of Night, which is arguably more fiddly than the Circle of Bones. Here’s Esoterickk with another really helpful video which will help you do so:

Proceed through the really dark corridor until the “Chamber of Night” title pops up on your UI and run past the first group of enemies. Next, keep an eye out for a particularly tall rock. The statue can be found on top of it.

Jade Rabbit #10: Shrine of Oryx

The video below by 360GameTV will show you how to find your way into the Shrine of Oryx.

This final statue can be found in the Shrine of Oryx, deep within the Hellmouth. Proceed through the large, orange entrance and follow the path until it opens out. Look towards the cliff edge and you’ll spot the statue on a precarious overhang.

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