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Dota 2: The International 2019 Battle Pass Guide


A quick glance at everything featured in this year's Battle Pass.

Our Dota 2 The International 2019 Battle Pass guide contains everything you need to know about this year’s International Battle Pass, including its features, rewards and price.

The final stages of the Dota Pro Circuit are fast closing in and the International 2019 is fast approaching. Not only does this mean we’ll be treated to a climactic finale between the world’s best teams in Shanghai, we’ve also got a new Battle Pass to sink our teeth into.

As with previous Dota 2 Battle Passes, 25% of the proceeds from each purchase will go towards funding The International 2019 prize pool, so you’ll be supporting the competitive scene as well as netting yourself a chance at earning a host of exclusive rewards.

There’s a lot of content to digest too. The International 2019 Battle Pass introduces new cosmetic items, returning features from previous Battle Passes, a new game mode, living turrets and even some quality of life improvements.

It’s a lot to take in, so we’ve put together a guide which will give you an overview of the Battle Pass as a whole.


Need help with something specific? Use the following links to jump straight into what you’re after!

The International 2019 Battle Pass: Cost

For those of you who want to get hold of this year’s Battle Pass, there are three different tiers to choose from: Standard, Level 50 and Level 100.

The Standard Battle Pass costs $9.99 and is the no-frills version which most which will opt for.

The Level 50 version costs $29.35, includes the standard Battle Pass and also bumps you up 50 tiers .

The Level 100 version costs $44.99, includes the standard Battle Pass and means you’ll start off at tier 100.

Anyone who wants to gain a boost in levels can also go ahead and purchase additional levels.

The International 2019 Battle Pass: New Features

Here’s a quick look at the new content that’s arrived with the Battle Pass.

Wrath of the Mo’Rokai Custom Mode

This currently isn’t available yet, but is instead marked down as “coming soon”.

With this in mind details are a bit slim, but Valve has given us three teasers which provide us with some hints as to what we’ll be getting up to.

The Mo’rokai seem to be a pair of mythic beasts, and we’ll be collecting arcane energy to help them regain their powers. We’ll need to collect energy around the Dota map as we eliminate heroes and destroy objectives. There will also be shared abilities to wield in battle too.

Essentially, it seems as if both teams will race to collect enough energy to charge their Mo’rokai.

Jungle Expedition

This is effectively the route you’ll take to unlock cosmetic rewards as you play matches. You’ll need to win games as heroes blocking your path in order to progress through the jungle and, in turn, unlock jungle themed item sets and special tools.


Speaking of special tools, there are also a few special treasures to collect. For instance, the “Trusty Shovel” allows you to dig up areas of a map, and if you’re lucky, you might unearth bonus Battle Points, Treasures, Wheel Spins, or even the “cosmically-rare” Honey Heist Baby Roshan courier.

Living Towers

These are unlockable skins for your towers which turn them into damage-slinging golems – nice.

Coach’s Challenge

Test your mettle as a shotcaller and lead random squads to victory. They’ll then rate you as a coach after each match and your coach rating will rise or fall depending on your performance.

If you turn out to be a coaching superstar, you’ll earn additional Battle Points as you climb the coaching ranks.

Party Finder

The new Party Finder tool enables you to add teammates you’ve enjoyed playing with immediately after a match and group them into your matchmaking pool. You’ll also be able to add existing Steam Friends to your pool so you can send an invite to your team with a single click.

Avoid Player

As the name suggests, you’ll now be able to add a player to an avoid list to avoid matching with them again.

MVP Vote

At the end of each match, every player in the game can vote for an MVP from the winning team. The chosen player will be featured in the post-game screen, receive a mention on their friend feed, and be recognised during the pre-game of their next match.

Battle Pass owners who earn enough MVP awards will unlock Achievements that snag special infusions of Battle Points.

Avatar Banner, High Five emote, Versus Screen and Assistant Features

  • Avatar Banner – Plant an Avatar Banner of your hero’s image for everyone to see. Upgrade your banner’s style to show off your Steam Avatar too.
  • High Five – A new emote which will allow you to high five an ally. Level up your Battle Pass for upgraded effects.
  • Versus Screen – There’s a new Versus Screen which now puts each member of each team into the spotlight before a match begins. It’ll also spotlight one member of each squad and callout a few noteworthy Dota accomplishments as well.
  • Assistant Features – Now there’s a lot of helpful tooltips for new players.

The International 2019 Battle Pass: Returning Features

A number of features are returning from previous years, here’s a look at them all:

  • Rank Double Down
  • Recycling Immortals
  • Wagering
  • Ranked Roles
  • Arcana Vote
  • In-Game Tipping
  • Trivia
  • The International Compendium
  • Rylai’s Battle Blessing
  • Favourite Team
  • In-Game Predictions
  • Daily Hero Challenge
  • Weekly Challenges
  • Achievements

The International 2019 Battle Pass: Rewards

This year Valve has gone huge with all the cosmetic rewards you’ll be able to unlock as you win matches and earn Battle Points.

Here’s a quick taster of what you can expect:

  • Seasonal Chat Wheel Sounds
  • Custom Lane Creeps
  • Taunts
  • Evolving Courier: Beetlebark and Plod
  • Evolving Chat Wheel
  • Raged Auto-Attack Effects
  • New Sprays
  • “Sentinels of Ruin” Wards
  • Special River Vials (allow your hero to change the substance and clolour of the river for everyone in the game).
  • Battle Point Tributes (add bonus tokens to the wagers of everyone on your team, win and you’ll cash out).

To save you an agonising scroll through hundreds of images, names and the like, we thought it best to link to a video by DotaCinema. They’ve put together a series of videos which dive into the new Battle Pass rewards, plus you’ll be able to see all of the rewards on screen too.

Here’s their general overview video:

They’ve also put together a spotlight on the Jungle Expedition sets too:

For more on rewards, do make sure to check out their channel, or head on over to the official Dota 2 International 2019 Battle Pass page.

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