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Dragonfire Mage guide – March 2016 – Hearthstone


How to play the new Dragonfire Mage, with general strategy and Mulligan advice.

The Dragonfire Mage is yet another deck concocted by the Hearthstone team as part of the recent Deck Recipe initiative. In our next deck spotlight, we’re going to run you through how this magical, Dragon-flavoured deck works on the ladder.

Read on for a general strategy of how to play this deck to its fullest potential. We’ve also got a section to help you Mulligan your cards correctly, and a round-up of all the most important card combos that you need to keep in mind during every match.

Dragonfire Mage deck list and strategy – March 2016

If you can survive the early-game with Dragonfire Mage, you have incredibly strong late-game options to play with, but it can be tricky to get there in a strong position. A spell-empowered Mana Wyrm is your most important option here, as you can boost it up with removal and card-draw spells. Control the board with removal, and make good trades if you can with the Wyrm. Cross your fingers that you get a beefed up Blackwing Technician too.

Things get much easier when you approach the mid-game, thanks to chunky cards like Twilight Drake and Twilight Guardian. Azure Drake will keep the card draw – and spell damage – flowing, while the power of your late-game cards are self-evident. Be careful not to waste your burst damage on the opponent’s health pool, when Alexstrasza is there to halve it for you.

Dragonfire Mage Mulligan guide – March 2016

If you’re lucky enough to receive a Mana Wyrm in your starting hand, then hang onto it and go digging around for spells that will both empower this creature, and help you remove obstacles from the board. Loot Hoarder‘s another solid pick, as you want to cycle through your cards quickly to gain access to your Dragons. You’d normally throw back Arcane Intellect, even if you had the Wyrm, but again you need those Dragons fast.

This isn’t Handlock and you don’t have a lot of healing options at your disposal, so holding onto Twilight Drake until Turn 4 can be a risky strategy. You’ll very likely lose control of the board and the game if you wait too long to get things started. You might think about holding onto Blackwing Technician though, assuming you have also have a Dragon to feed the technician’s Battlecry effect.

Dragonfire Mage card combos and synergies – March 2016

If you’ve not got a great deal of experience playing other Dragon-synergy decks, there’s quite a lot to think about with the Dragonfire Mage. Below, you’ll find some of the most important card combos that you need to know about if you want a decent win-rate with this deck.

– You need a Dragon in your hand to gain the Battlecry effect of Blackwing Corruptor. If that’s the case, you can ping three points of damage into a minion or the enemy Hero. Best held back to gain some serious tempo on the board.

– Likewise, if there’s a Dragon in your hand then Chillmaw will dish out three points of damage to everything on the board when it dies. You can always bluff this synergy if needs be…

– Again, a Dragon needs to be present in your hand for both Twilight Guardian and Blackwing Technician to be beefed up to their superior stats. Don’t be too precious about holding back from playing the latter with its vanilla Attack and Health values – sometimes having anything on the board is better than nothing.

– Every spell in this deck can be used to power up the base stats of Mana Wyrm, so do your sums carefully before playing the first part of your turn.

– The more cards you have in your hand at the time it’s played, the more Health your Twilight Drake will have. In reality, it can be hard to achieve a fat Drake, as you can’t afford to wait too long in the early game, but you can give it a bit of a nudge via the single extra card presence generated by Arcane Intellect.

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