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Egg Warrior deck list guide – Scholomance Academy – Hearthstone (August 2020)


Crack this one open.

Our Egg Warrior deck list guide features the best list for Season 77 of Hearthstone (August 2020). You can also find some general strategy advice and a breakdown of the deck’s key combos. We will continue to update so our Egg Warrior deck list is the best it can be.

Egg Warrior is a fun one, a deck based around self-damage and buffing your minions by any means necessary.

Of course, it’s heavily based on Serpent Egg, but you’ll be able to harness a whole load of other synergies with self-damage and destroying your own minions. Staying on tempo is key, and you’ll gain all kinds of bonuses from doing so.

You’ve got Pirates, Weapons, Lackeys and more, so don’t be afraid to go all-out early on.

Egg Warrior deck list and strategy

Here’s the Egg Warrior deck we’re using for the beginning of Scholomance Academy. We’ll keep you updated with any changes!

Warrior Neutral
2 x Inner Rage 2 x Serpent Egg
2 x Risky Skipper 1 x Hoard Pillager
2 x Sky Raider 1 x Doctor Krastinov
2 x Shield of Honor 1 x Vectus
2 x Armorsmith
2 x Corsair Cache
2 x Battle Rage
2 x Bloodsworn Mercenary
1 x Ancharrr
2 x Bomb Wrangler
2 x Kor’kron Elite
2 x Reaper’s Scythe
2 x Bloodboil Brute

Select and copy the long ID string below, then create a deck in Hearthstone to export this deck into your game.

Deck Import ID: AAECAQcE3q0D6LADitIDqtIDDRYckAPUBL2mA9ypA92tA6S2A6u2A8C5A5y7A+PMA5HQAwA=

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General strategy

Play as fast as you possibly can – you’ll gain an advantage and a fair bit of damage pretty swiftly.

Early Game: Your cheap minions like Sky Raider and Risky Skipper work great here, contesting the board early against foes looking to go aggro too. Risky Skipper is especially irritating for enemy aggression, as it can kill them off thanks to its Whirlwind effect that triggers every time you play a minion.

If you have a decent curve of minions, such as Risky Skipper into Serpent Egg into Bomb Wrangler, then play it out. You might even be able to discount Bloodboil Brute if your enemy can’t deal with your board. If not though, you have other options. Corsair Cache is especially helpful for generating value throughout the game, either buffing Ancharrr or Livewire Lance and letting you draw 3 Pirates or generate 3 Lackeys.

Mid Game: After your fast start, you might be low on cards. Luckily, Battle Rage remains one of the best card draw engines in the game, especially in this deck. It’ll draw you a card for each damaged friendly character, including your Hero, so get a wide board, hit them all with Risky Skipper or Inner Rage, and get a handful of brand new cards to play. In the mid-game, you should be racking up face damage all the time, trading only when it’s beneficial to your board presence. Keep chipping them down and you’ll be finishing them off in the near future.

If you happen to have a couple eggs on board, Teron Gorefiend is always a decent play, as he’ll trigger their Deathrattles and summon 3/4s, but also summon back the Serpent Eggs when he dies, this time with +1/+1. Face is the place though, and you can even remove enemy Taunt minions with Warmaul Challenger, who’ll fight an enemy minion to the death with his Battlecry.

Late Game: Unfortunately, you might be running low on fuel. Especially against heavy control decks with lots of healing like Resurrect Priest, this deck can struggle, but all you can do in the late game is keep hitting face until either your enemy is dead or you are. Kor’kron Elite is one final gambit for you, able to be buffed by Inner Rage and duplicated by Bloodsworn Mercenary if possible, but past that, you’re kind of on your own.

Egg Warrior Mulligan Guide

Below is our guide on what to keep in your opening hand when playing Egg Warrior.

1. Sky Raider contests with a nice 1/2 body and generates a bit of value with a Pirate in hand.

2. Risky Skipper can trigger all your self-damage effects, making it extremely useful in all parts of the game. It can even kill off low-health enemy minions.

3. If you’ve got no weapons in hand, Corsair Cache will draw you one, and give it +1/+1. This is great alongside Livewire Lance and Ancharrr.

Egg Warrior tips, combos and synergies

Below are some tips for how to best play Egg Warrior in the Scholomance Academy meta:

Teron Gorefiend is a great buff for all your minions, but if he’s silenced before he’s killed off, you don’t get the buff.

– When you summon a copy of Kor’kron Elite with Bloodsworn Mercenary, the copy also has Charge so make sure you attack with it before your turn is up.

Risky Skipper deals 1 to both friendly and enemy minions when you play a minion, so take this into account when calculating whether you can kill off an enemy or not.

– Playing Rampage on a damaged Serpent Egg forces your opponent to deal with it, meaning you’ll get both the buffed egg and the 3/4 Serpent inside it.

Bloodboil Brute gets discounted by 1 mana for each damaged minion, including damaged enemies.

Bomb Wrangler summons a Boom Bot whenever she’s damaged, so summoning her whilst Risky Skipper is on board will immediately gain you a 1/1 with a powerful Deathrattle.

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