Fortnite: All Gas Station locations


Here's how to find every Gas Station on the Fortnite: Battle Royale map.

Our Fortnite Gas Stations locations guide will help you find all seven gas station locations to complete this mission.

For this Fortnite mission, you’ll need to visit a total of three gas stations and spray them with graffiti of your choosing.

It’s simply a case of wondering up to a gas station, spraying one of its walls and waiting until the UI notifies you that you’ve ticked it off.

There’s a grand total of seven gas stations across Fortnite’s map, but thankfully you’ll only need to spray three to complete the mission. With this in mind, you can complete it quickly by watching this video by Game Clips and Tips just below:

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All Gas Station Locations

Here’s a quick map which will show you where to find every gas station.

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