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Fortnite: Wick’s Bounty LTM guide – How to get the John Wick skin


Here's everything you need to know about Wick's Bounty.

Our Fortnite Wick’s Bounty LTM guide contains everything you need to know about the John Wick LTM, as well as how to get the John Wick skin.

Fortnite’s Wick’s Bounty LTM pays homage to the deadliest bounty hunter out there, John Wick. The third film’s out very, very soon, so it’s only right everyone gets the chance to celebrate its release by donning black suits, tightening black ties and wielding a signature sledge hammer.

We’re also talking about Fortnite here, so of course there’s a few challenges to complete which are tied to earning Gold Coins. The more challenges you tick off, the more John Wick themed cosmetic loot you’ll nab too, so it’s well worth cracking on with.

Below we’ll sum up the event, outline all the challenges and how to get hold of the John Wick skin, sledge hammer, backpack and wrap.

Wick’s Bounty: Quick Overview

Wick’s Bounty is live from the 16th May and ends on the 20th May.

You can find Wick’s Bounty in the usual LTM slot in the matchmaking pool.

It’s a squads-only event, which means you’ll need to partner up with a total of three other bounty hunters or you can go in solo and it’ll automatically match you with three at random.

Wick’s Bounty is essentially a traditional game of Fortnite, but when you eliminate an enemy they’ll drop a Gold Token. The aim of the game is snap up as many Gold Tokens as you can and reach the target before another team beats you to it.

As it’s a mode featuring bounty hunters, there’s a suitable twist in store too. The team with the most Gold Tokens will appear on the map for everyone to see, so if you’re in the lead – you better watch your back.

Wick’s Bounty: Challenges

There’s a grand total of six Wick’s Bounty challenges to complete during the LTM. Complete them and you’ll earn EXP, and even a couple of cosmetic items too. Manage to get through five and you’ll earn a special Gold Token Back Bling.

Here are all the challenges on offer:

Complete any 5 challenges to earn the reward item – John Wick Gold Token Back Bling

  • Win a match of Wick’s Bounty (0/1) – John Wick Umbrella
  • Play matches of Wick’s Bounty (0/5) – John Wick Weapon Wrap
  • Collect Gold Tokens (0/120) – XP 500
  • Collect Gold Tokens in a single match (0/20) – XP 500
  • Deal damage with the Combat Shotgun (0/500) – XP 500
  • Deal damage with the Tactical Assault Rifle (0/500) – XP 500

Wick’s Bounty: How to get the John Wick skin

To play as the man himself, you’ll need visit the Item Shop and spend V-Bucks – sorry.

The John Wick outfit and Back Bling bundle costs 2,000 V-Bucks and his Simple Sledge costs 500 V-Bucks. This makes the complete John Wick outfit worth 2,500 V-Bucks in total.

Here’s a glance at the John Wick outfit. There are three selectable styles too!

Finally, here’s a glance at the Simple Sledge to go with it.

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