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Halloween Endless Mode guide – Overwatch


Our essential guide to surviving Dr. Junkenstein's Endless mode.

Our Overwatch: Endless Mode guide contains everything you need to know about this new mode, along with tips, tricks and strategies on how to survive.

Overwatch’s Halloween event is now live and Dr. Junkenstein has concocted a brand new mode for us to battle through in the Arcade. The premise is pretty simple – survive 12 waves of spooky enemies. While simple on paper, in reality it’s quite a scary prospect. You’ll have to work together as a team and coordinate abilities if you want to beat this meaty challenge.

Thankfully we’ve put together a handy guide below that’ll help you fend off Dr. Junkenstein’s abominations and survive the night.

As the event has just launched, we’ll be updating this frequently throughout the evening with tonnes of tips and tricks. Stay tuned for more very soon!

Endless Mode: Everything you need to know

  • You’ll find this mode in the Arcade menu.
  • Endless Mode supports up to 4 players.
  • It takes place on Eichenwalde.
  • The Heroes you can choose are: Ana, Genji, Hanzo, McCree, Soldier:76, Torbjorn, Widowmaker and Zenyatta.
  • You must survive 12 waves of enemies to beat this mode.
  • You must protect the gate from being destroyed Dr. Junkenstein’s creations and allies.
  • If you go down, you respawn after 15 seconds.
  • Manage to beat 12 waves? There are bonus waves which ramp up even more in difficulty.
  • Completing this mode will reward you with one Halloween Loot Box.

Endless Mode hero guides:

If you’re new to the game or returning from a break, make sure you have a look through our massive hero guides:

How to survive 12 waves

Below you’ll find a number of tips to help you survive the night.

  • It’s important you choose a decent balance of heroes. One healer, two damage dealers and a tank is a nice basic mix.
  • We’ve found McCree to thrive in this mode. Deadeye charges rapidly when defeating enemies and is perfect for instantly destroying a whole wave in one quick burst – he’s amazing for clutch plays.
  • Whatever you do, make sure you’re hitting as many enemies as you can. It’s vital that you’re charging your Ultimate all the time.
  • Keep your positioning nice and simple – stay by the door you’re defending.
  • Avoid blowing all of your Ultimates in one go. It’s better to unleash them one at a time when it’s most crucial. An example being, when a mini-boss enemy is introduced into the fray.
  • Make sure you’re keeping an eye on the entire battlefield and avoid developing tunnel vision on one spot or entrance. It’s important that you’re backing up your teammates and protecting that gate at all costs!
  • Heroes like Torbjorn can position their turrets on the elevated platforms near the gate. This will stop them from being destroyed at ground level and give them that much needed survivability.
  • When taking on Reaper, make sure you beeline it straight towards where he’s about to teleport. Once he’s phased in, take the opportunity to land a stun or rattle off a headshot or two.
  • Roadhog’s quite a tough enemy to handle, but we found hanging back and spraying him from afar the best answer to tackling his tanky frame. If you’ve got any stun abilities, ensure you’re using them often on him. On top of this, it’s vital that you’re landing headshots to chunk his health bar as much as possible before he heals it back up. Be persistent and you’ll be fine against him.
  • Dr. Junkenstein can also call upon Symmetra to do his bidding and she’s one of the trickiest to deal with. She sets up shield generators, so make sure the most mobile of your team hunts them down. To take her out, you’ll have to keep your distance and hammer her with gunfire. If she gets close, stay near your healer to avoid getting fried.
  • Junkesnstein’s Riptires are a nuisance but can be easily destroyed by heroes like Soldier, Torbjorn and McCree. If you’re main role is DPS, prioritise those Riptires!
  • Dr. Junkenstein himself isn’t that much of an issue. Simply watch where he perches and pepper him in the head – simple.
  • Perhaps one of the most irritating allies of Dr.Junkenstein is Mercy. Ensure that you focus her down as soon as she joins the fight. It’s worth saving Ultimates just to shut her down!

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