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Hearthstone Amazon Coins guide: Android, iPhone, iPad and PC – August 2016 – Hearthstone


How to get more card packs for less money on PC, iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Did you know that you can get Hearthstone card packs at a discounted price, just by purchasing them through Amazon instead of the PC client, or the Google Play and Apple stores?

If you buy your card packs using Amazon Coins, you’ll be able to redeem this currency for packs and Adventures at a much more favourable rate, and make considerable savings on the cost of expanding your collection.

Even better, you don’t even need to be an Android user to gain these cheaper cards. In our Amazon Coins guide, we’ll explain how much money you can save by purchasing packs and new content in this way, and show how you can take advantage of the discount, whether you’re a PC, iOS or Android Hearthstone player.

(By making these purchases using the links in this article, you’ll also support the site and help us bring you more daily deck guides, thanks to Amazon’s affiliate programme which provides us with a small amount of revenue for each purchase you make. Thanks for your support!)

Latest Deal – Updated 4th August 2016

US customers can currently save up to 25% on all Hearthstone-related purchases using Amazon Coins.

To stay on top of all the latest deals, simply visit the Amazon Coins page.

How much discount do you get with Amazon Coins in Hearthstone?

Here’s a quick breakdown of how much money you can save by making your card pack purchases with Amazon Coins, rather than through the Google Play store. As an easy comparison, note that 40 packs purchased from Google would cost $50, which is $1.25 per pack.

Prices correct for the current (4th August) US promotion

Coins Coin cost Packs Pack cost Discount
5,000 $41.00 40 $1.03 18%
10,000 $79.00 80 $0.99 21%
50,000 $375.00 427 $0.94 25%

As you can see from the table above, there are some great savings to be had from using the Amazon Coin system to bolster your Hearthstone card collection.

If you’ve come this far and you have an in-app purchase burning a hole in your pocket, here’s what you need to do to take advantage of the promotion on every single Hearthstone platform. Note that the details of this offer are subject to change, so make sure you read the details on the live store carefully before making a purchase. We’ll update this article regularly, but the usual “buyer beware” advice applies.

How to use Amazon Coins on your Android version of Hearthstone

This is the easiest way to take advantage of the special promotion, but if you’ve already downloaded the game using the Google Play service, you’ll need to first of all delete your installation, then reinstall the game using the Amazon App Store. Don’t worry about losing any of your existing card collection by doing so – cards are stored by account, not by client installation so you’ll lose nothing

Next, simply download the game back onto your device, then log in with your account credentials. When you’re done, go to the shop, then select the card pack bundle you want. Once you’ve opted to buy them with real money, you’ll have the chance to use Amazon Coins instead. Buy the Coins you need, then simply repeat the process until you’re out of virtual currency. Voila!

Get cheaper Hearthstone card packs on PC with Amazon Coins

If you don’t have an Android tablet but still want to take advantage of the Amazon Coin promotion, there is a way around it, but it’s a little fiddly.

First of all, you’ll need to download a programme that allows you to emulate the Android platform on your desktop machine. We used a piece of software called BlueStacks.

(If you’re not sure what you’re doing here, see if you can borrow a friend’s Android phone instead – you use any third-party software at your own risk!)

Once you’ve got BlueStacks up and running, simply log into the App Store using your Amazon account, then download the Hearthstone client onto your virtual Android platform. From here, it’s a case of firing the game up, then working through the store exactly as we explained above.

Note that things can be a little laggy – even on a powerful PC – as the whole experience is being emulated. Just take it nice and slowly!

How to get Amazon Coin discounts on your iPhone or iPad

There’s no way that we know of for making this promotion work using the iPad as the sole platform, although if you have a PC at hand, you can use the method outlined above.

Remember, card collections and purchases are connected to your account, not to your installation. As long as you log in to the Android version using your regular details, the card collection and purchases will carry back and forth between different platforms!

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