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Hearthstone: Days of the Frozen Throne guide


Everything you need to know about the latest event to hit Hearthstone.

Our Hearthstone Days of the Frozen Throne guide outlines the rewards, Tavern Brawl and new card pack bundle available during the event.

A new event has just gone live in Hearthstone called Days of the Frozen Throne.

As you’ve probably guessed from the name, this is themed heavily around last August’s Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion, which introduced Death Knight hero transformation cards to Hearthstone.

In our guide, we’ve gathered together everything we know about Days of the Frozen Throne. We’ve got an overview of the unique rewards on offer, the special Brawl that’s in play, and also details of the new card pack bundle that’s available for a limited period of time.

Days of the Frozen Throne Rewards

There are a handful of rewards on offer for participating in Days of the Frozen Throne:

  • Complete 2 x 300 Gold quests for a total of 600G (enough for four packs!)
  • Log in to receive a Golden copy of the Happy Ghoul card
  • Earn a free Classic card back for your first win in the themed Brawl (see below for more details)

Days of the Frozen Throne Tavern Brawl

The launch of the Frozen Throne event adds a new Tavern Brawl to the game called Duel of the Death Knights.

In this week’s event, all you’ll have to do is pick a class and you’ll then be assigned a random deck. Your hero will also be transformed from the very start of the match into their Death Knight equivalent:

  • Druid – Malfurion the Pestilent
  • Hunter – Deathstalker Rexxar
  • Mage – Frost Lich Jaina
  • Paladin – Uther of the Ebon Blade
  • Priest – Shadowreaper Anduin
  • Rogue – Valeera the Hollow
  • Shaman – Thrall, Deathseer
  • Warlock – Bloodreaver Gul’dan
  • Warrior – Scourgelord Garrosh

It remains to be seen whether or not there’ll be a second Frozen Throne-themed Brawl after this week’s has wrapped up. We’ll update this guide if that turns out to be the case.

The rewards for taking part in this week’s Brawl are the same as always: a free Classic card pack for your first win. Any wins after that are strictly for bragging rights.

Days of the Frozen Throne Pack Bundle

A new card pack bundle called – imaginatively – the Bundle Up Bundle is also available to buy from the store now.

The bundle contains a total of 30 Knights of the Frozen Throne card packs for £16.99 – check the store for your local pricing. The offer is available until 23rd September 2018.

Just keep in mind that the Frozen Throne set will rotate out of Standard play next April 2019, and will only be usable after that point in the game’s Wild system.

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