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Hearthstone deck guide: Snake Bite Season 11 Hunter – Hearthstone


How to play the Season 11 Hunter deck that everyone's taking to Legendary.

It seems like barely a day goes by before someone cooks up a new must-have Hunter deck – and here we were thinking the Undertaker nerf would take a little of the sting out of this ever-popular Hero. This new deck from Legendary player Spark takes a slightly different approach, putting the emphasis back on the Hunter’s stable of beasts.

Snake Bite Season 11 Hunter strategy guide

There’s nothing particularly complex about the strategy for making the most of the Snake Bite deck. Ideally you will use your very low-mana minions to make a play onto the board during the opening turns. From here, you’re entering the realm of an extreme range of options – buffing the creatures, looking to get Secrets into play. Snake Trap, for example, is an extremely powerful card in this deck as it gives you many targets to bolster up.

Control as much as necessary, but otherwise get working on your opponent’s health pool as quickly as possible. Should you find yourself with the luxury to do so, make sure you’re firing off your Hero Power every turn from the mid-game onwards, to apply unending pressure against your opponent’s plans – and their health total.

Snake Bite Season 11 Hunter Mulligan guide

It won’t surprise you to learn that you’re looking for low-mana minions here, so that you can start building up combo targets nice and quickly. Get a Mad Scientist in your hand so it can do the job of summoning your Secrets upon death, and any one-mana minion is worth keeping except Timber Wolf – you want to play this particular dog later on in the match.

If you’ve got turn one – and maybe two – taken care of, cards like Animal Companion, Eaglehorn Bow and Knife Juggler will give you plenty of tempo options as you make the transition into the mid-game.

Snake Bite Season 11 Hunter card combos

There are more combos to consider here than in the usual Hunter deck, so try to commit as many of these to memory as you can. As always, the more efficiently you can play your hand – and what might be coming up in your next draw – the more consistently you’ll succeed.

Snake Trap is a cheap and cheerful way of giving your Cult Master fuel. Don’t forget that these meagre minions can take anything down if it’s been tagged with Hunter’s Mark too.

– Scavanging Hyena does, of course, synergise very nicely with any of the many Beast minions in this deck. Likewise, Houndmaster should always be played to the full effect of its Battlecry.

– If you can keep Tundra Rhino alive long enough to bring Savannah Highmane into play via Charge, you have a potentially devastating removal tool at your disposal.

– Resist the urge to play Kill Command without a beast in hand, especially in the late-game. There’s a great chance you’ll draw into the extra fuel you need at some point, and those two points can make all the difference in a tight match.

Knife Juggler, Hunter’s Mark, and any other play can help you take down a towering target, but make sure you have a Plan B in mind in case you get unlucky with your targeting.

Timber Wolf can be used to feed your Unleash The Hounds minions nicely, but watch your positioning if you’re using the dogs to clear your opponent’s threats. Make sure each one gets the benefit of the wolf before it expires.

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