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Hearthstone deck guide: Spark Battle Master Paladin – Hearthstone


Getting to grips with the mid-range Paladin in Goblins vs Gnomes.

The arrival of cards like Muster for Battle and Quartermaster has done much to invigorate the fortunes of Hearthstone’s Paladin. Spark, a Legendary player in Hearthstone, has tweaked one of the existing mid-range Paladin decks to create something familiar, yet refreshingly new at the same time.

Spark Battle Master Paladin strategy

The overall approach for this deck is to control the board to the best of your ability, while slowly building up a fighting force of your own without over-extending and risking the loss of all your minions. Try to wait until you have your combo pieces in hand before playing them, as you need to make every early to mid-game play count. If you can make it to the late game with any of your Silver Hand Recruits alive, you’re in a fantastic position to close things out using your roster of awesome – and tricky to remove – late-game Legendary cards.

If in doubt, clear down your opponent’s board whenever it’s called for. If you get wiped out early on, you don’t want to leave the enemy with anything left lying around. They’ll keep dishing out the pain, and you’ll likely have a long time to wait until you can catch up with your most powerful cards. Save Big Game Hunter and Aldor Peacekeeper for big minions if at all possible, although if your hand’s otherwise very heavy, you may need to play them regardless.

Spark Battle Master Paladin Mulligan guide

Dig deep for your Shielded Minibots and Zombie Chows so that you can put up at least some kind of early-game presence. If you’re sure you’re playing a very aggressive opponent, don’t be afraid to hang onto that Aldor Peacekeeper and play it on curve – it’s a solid enough body for the mana cost, and you’re unlikely to need that powerful Battlecry against a rush deck.

If you can fit Piloted Shredder or Truesilver Champion into your mana curve, you’ll be set up nicely to keep everything under control and then drive home your victory. If you really struggle in the early turns, keep popping those Silver Hand Recruits out, and pray that Quartermaster is on his way.

Spark Battle Master Paladin synergies

Muster for Battle isn’t just good for making an aggressive push against your opponent, you can combine it with Knife Juggler and Equality to clear much of the board. Didn’t catch the main target with the juggler? Use your one damage weapon to clear it – even if that means losing a little health in the process.

That’s not all you can do with Equality either. If you combo the use of this card with Avenging Wrath, you can take out even the toughest of defences – particularly handy if you’ve used up both of your Consecrations. Put simply, you should never be short of options when it comes to recovering the board.

Having Bolvar Fordragon sat in your hand doing nothing in the late game isn’t much good, but try to resist getting him out on the board until after he’s been fed a decent batch of minions. If you’ve got this card in hard, you can certainly feel much more confident playing Muster for Battle early on – even if your board is clear, Bolvar will be fattened up nicely.

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