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Hearthstone deck guide: The best cheap Paladin deck – July 2015 – Hearthstone


How to win with the Paladin without breaking the bank.

Having played the game for nearly two years now, it’s easy to take the large pool of cards we’ve acquired for granted. What if you’ve just started out though, you’ve mastered the basics of the most primitive decks, and you want to start branching out into something just a little meatier? From today, we’re going to bring you up to speed with the best decks you can wield using some of the resources you’ll have started to acquire.

For the purposes of this deck series, we’re assuming a maximum crafting cost of 1,000 dust, and we’ve also avoided including some of the powerful cards released with Hearthstone’s Adventures. If you happen to have picked up some extra powerful cards, either through card packs or content releases, we absolutely encourage you to substitute them into this deck according to Mana cost and type.

With that out of the way, here’s our guide to using a quick budget Paladin deck that should help you bust through the metagame without breaking the bank.

Budget Paladin deck strategy guide

This deck is cheap, but because of its reduced cost it’s important that you get a play out on each of the earliest turns (see our Mulligan guide below). It can be hard to get back in the game if the opponent charges ahead of you, and you don’t have the Equality / Consecration combo in your hand.

Make sure you get something on the board on each of the early turns, and use cards like Shattered Sun Cleric to create high value minion trades. If you can make it through the early turns, you’re in great shape to keep punching above your weight with other tempo-boosting cards like Dark Iron Dwarf.

You’ve got some decent late-game options as well, but try to keep that Hero Power popping so you have plenty to work with. Muster for Battle on Turn 4, followed by Frostwolf Warlord on Turn 5 can see you move through the mid-game in fine shape.

Take a look through our round-up of all the most important card synergies further on down the page. This will give you much more insight into how to squeeze efficiency out of this budget-orientated deck.

Budget Paladin deck Mulligan guide

This isn’t a complex deck at all, and so Mulliganing for your opening hand isn’t too difficult at all. As a priority, seek out cards like Shielded Minibot, Muster for Battle and Shattered Sun Cleric. These will help you get a presence on the board, and then keep it through tempo-tastic trades.

You would prefer to gain the Battlecry effect of Aldor Peacekeeper on something meatier in the late-game, but it’s a fine three drop to play if you’ve nothing better – and you’ve got a spare for later, after all. If you have The Coin, you might want to think about holding onto Truesilver Champion too, but only if you’ve got the early turns covered already.

Budget Paladin deck card combos and deck synergies

When you play with a budget deck, it’s important that you get the most out of every single turn. Here are the biggest card combo plays you need to be aware of:

Muster for Battle and Equality can be used together to pretty much neutralise your opponent’s board.

– Likewise, Consecration and Equality is the classic board-clear in this deck, but be aware that you only have one Equality this time.

Azure Drake can be used to boost the damage potential of Consecration, although most people will remove the Dragon quickly when they see it.

Muster for Battle plays very nicely with Cult Master, allowing you to draw into lots of fresh options. Play the Cult Master on the following turn though, so you’re more likely to get the value from it.

Stormwind Champion boosts all of your active minions, and is particularly useful for improving the many 1/1 minions you’ll be manufacturing throughout this match.

– Pop the shield of Argent Protector on a Boulderfist Ogre and you’ll be able to remove something massive, while leaving something very tasty on your own side of the board.

Frostwolf Warlord should always be played when you’ve lots of minions out – a Muster for Battle the turn before can set you up really nicely here.

More great decks that won’t cost you the earth:

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