Hearthstone – Final card reveal livestream: Start times and how to watch


How to stay on top of the latest card announcements taking place later on today.

Our Boomsday Project livestream start time page contains stream details for the US (PST), UK (BST), Europe (CEST) and other global regions.

It seems to us that the card reveal season for The Boomsday Project has gone by in a flash, and we’ve had confirmation over the weekend that the final batch of cards will be revealed this Wednesday 1st August 2018.

For the reveal of the final cards, hosting duties will fall to Game Designer Mike Donais and popular streamer Sean “Day [9]” Plott. They’ll be piloting a few fascinating new decks cooked up by the Hearthstone team, with the remaining cards revealed as each deck is played out.

In this article we’ve pulled together all of the information we currently have about the livestream event, with start times for Hearthstone players all over the world. We’ve also got an embed of the stream for you too, so you can watch it alongside us.

If you’re just catching up on all things related to the new Hearthstone expansion, make sure you take a look through our comprehensive Boomsday Project guide. It’s got everything you could possibly want to know about the new set, from the cards themselves to the future of single-player content in the game.

When does the Boomsday Project final card reveal livestream start

Here’s when the final Boomsday Project reveal livestream will begin across the world. The duration of the event is not yet known.

Europe Americas Asia / Pacific
6:00pm BST 10:00am PST 1:00am SGT
7:00pm CEST 11:00pm MDT 2:00am JST
8:00pm MSK 12:00pm CDT 2:00am KST
13:00pm ET 3:00am CST
14:00pm ADT 3:00am AEST
14:00pm BRT 5:00am NZST

How can I watch the Boomsday Project final card reveal livestream?

To follow the stream as it happens, you can watch Mike Donais and Day 9 over on the official Blizzard Twitch channel. If you’d like to watch it with us though, we’ve got the embed for you right here:

As we’ve mentioned elsewhere in this article, we’ll be adding all of the revealed cards to our Boomsday Project guide as soon as we get our hands on the final art.

What’s in the Boomsday Project

If you’re only just now catching up on the new expansion then you can check out our Boomsday Project guide which contains every last detail on what to expect from the new card set.

If you’re in a hurry though, here’s a quick overview of what to expect when the expansion goes live on August 7th 2018:

  • A total of 135 new cards are being added to Hearthstone.
  • The new Magnetic keyword allows you to fuse Mechs together. The final creation includes the combined stats, abilities and effects of the source Mechs.
  • Legendary Spells are being added to Hearthstone for the first time.
  • A new single-player Puzzle Lab mode will challenge you to solve certain match puzzles, including finding lethal damage and matching the board state of the opponent.
  • The Boomsday Project will be released on August 7th 2018.

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