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Hearthstone: Portals to Another Dimenson guide


Everything you need to know about this week's StarCraft-themed Tavern Brawl.

Our Hearthstone Portals to Another Dimension guide contains everything you need to know about the new Brawl, with tips, tricks and strategy advice to be added at launch.

A very special Tavern Brawl is just about to go live in Hearthstone, and this week’s event has been designed to commemorate one of Blizzard‘s biggest all-time hits, StarCraft! It’s been 20 years since the first game was released and effectively took over the world in terms of RTS gaming.

The name of this week’s Brawl is Portals to Another Dimension, and it’s one that has plenty of StarCraft flavour in the form of three portals, each of which represents one of the game’s three famous races: Terran, Protoss and Zerg.

How does this all work then? Well, we wanted to put together a guide to the event which explains how the whole thing functions in detail. Once we’ve had a chance to play with it on the EU servers, we’ll also be updating it with loads of tips and tricks to help you beat it.

And believe us when we say you’re going to want to beat this one. Win your first match this week, and instead of the usual single Classic card pack rewards, you’ll instead receive a very generous total of three Kobolds and Catacombs packs. Read on to find out what you need to know to bag ’em.

Portals to Another Dimension Overview

The way this Brawl works is pretty simple.

First of all you’ll select a hero of your choosing, just as you usually do for every other Tavern Brawl.

Once you’ve done so, you’ll be assigned a ten card deck. It’s not yet known whether or not these decks are randomised or are fixed per class.

When the game itself begins, you’ll need to pick one of the following three “portals”, which provide an additional effect for your deck:

  • Tech Portals – Shuffle 20 Tech Portals int your deck. Draw 2 cards.
  • Mind Portals – Shuffle 20 Mind Portals into your deck. Draw 2 cards.
  • Swarm Portals – Shuffle 20 Swarm Portals into your deck. Draw 2 cards.

What is a Tech, Mind or Swarm Portal though?

Each one of these is related to a different type of card, and so Tech Portals feature loads of mechanical cards from Goblins vs Gnomes, for example. Mind Portals focus on more mystical, magical cards, while Swarm Portals are made up of ooze creatures and so forth.

Portals to Another Dimension Tips and Tricks

We will update this section of our guide as soon as the new Brawl has gone live and we’ve had a chance to get stuck into it ourselves. In the meantime, please share your own tips in the community so we can all bag that cluster of packs together!

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