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Hearthstone: Rumble Run – Starting decks, deck lists and Shrines


All the starter decks for each Shrine in Rumble Run.

Our Hearthstone Rumble Run Starting decks, deck lists and Shrines page contains a list of all the Shrines for each class, as well as their corresponding starter deck.

The new single-player content for the Rastakhan’s Rumble expansion is now available in Hearthstone, so we’ve put together a Rumble Run guide that covers all of the starter decks you can choose between.

So the choice you make isn’t a completely blind one, we’ve listed all of the Shrines available to each class, the cards you will receive alongside your chosen Shrine and offered some basic strategy advice for each starter deck so you know the kind of playstyle each one is going to require.

For a complete overview of Rumble Run, make sure you have a read through our comprehensive Rumble Run guide!

We’ve also put together a list of all the Passive Treasures in our Passive Treasures List page.


Use the following links to jump straight into what you’re after!

Rumble Run Druid starter decks

Druid has three Shrine choices to pick from, including Gonk’s Armament, Gonk’s Mark and Bonds of Balance.

Gonk’s Armament deck list

Gonk’s Armament plays into the masses of Armor gain available to Druid. Whenever you generate additional Armor, the Shrine will refresh your Mana crystals allowing you to play more cards and make powerful tempo plays against your rivals.

Druid Neutral
1 x Forbidden Ancient 1 x Lowly Squire
1 x Lesser Jasper Spellstone 1 x Waterboy
1 x Wrath 1 x Half-Time Scavenger
1 x Ferocious Howl 1x Snapjaw Shellfigher
1 x Grove Tender
1 x Ironwood Golem

Gonk’s Mark deck list

Gonk’s Mark leans more towards a traditional Token Druid deck. With this deck your plan is to get a lot of cheaper minions onto the board so they are hit with the +1 / + 1 buff from the Shrine and overwhelm your opponent that way.

Druid Neutral
1 x Enchanted Raven 1 x Wax Elemental
1 x Power of the Wild 1 x Bloodfen Raptor
1 x Witchwood Apple 1 x Infested Tauren
1 x Mounted Raptor 1x Stormwind Knight
1 x Swipe 1 x Arena Patron

Bonds of Balance deck list

Bonds of Balance aims to exploit all of the Druid cards that can increase the Attack power of your hero. It’s much less minion-heavy compared to the other decks as a lot of your damage potential comes from the Shrine, so do your best to prevent it from being made dormant.

Druid Neutral
1 x Pounce 1 x Waterboy
1 x Claw 1 x Sharkfin Fan
1 x Enchanted Raven
1 x Power of the Wild
1 x Savage Striker
1 x Gnash
1 x Bite
1 x Savage Combatant

Rumble Run Hunter starter decks

Hunter has three Shrine choices to pick from, including Halazzi’s Trap, Halazzi’s Hunt and Halazzi’s Guise.

Halazzi’s Trap deck list

Halazzi’s Trap is heavily reliant on Hunter Secrets. With the Shrine you’ll be able to gain additional value from every Hunter Secret that you play while also relying on direct damage from spells to finish off opponents, though it could use an extra minion or two!

Hunter Neutral
1 x Candleshot 1 x Burgly Bully
1 x Arcane Shot
1 x Hunter’s Mark
1 x Secret Plan
1 x Explosive Trap
1 x Quick Shot
1 x Animal Companion
1 x Bloodscalp Strategist
1 x Baited Arrow

Halazzi’s Hunt deck list

Halazzi’s Hunt is focused on creating big Beasts that can swing for some serious damage into your opponent’s minions or life total. With the Overkill effect on the Shrine, you can summon some of your more expensive minions for cheap and quickly overpower your rival.

Hunter Neutral
1 x Hunter’s Mark 1 x Gurubashi Chicken
1 x Glaivezooka 1 x Dire Wolf Alpha
1 x Goblin Prank 1 x Jungle Panther
1 x Houndmaster 1 x Wolfrider
1 x Savannah Highmane 1 x Stranglethorn Tiger

Halazzi’s Guise deck list

Halazzi’s Guise is a very versatile choice for Rumble Run. It allows you to choose an additional keyword for your minions when they enter play, whether that’s Rush, Taunt or Poisonous. With these choices you can adapt your turns to deal with whatever threats your opponent has placed in front of you.

Hunter Neutral
1 x Jeweled Macaw 1 x Dire Wolf Alpha
1 x Springpaw 1 x Silverback Patriarch
1 x Webspinner 1 x Untamed Beastmaster
1 x Kill Command 1 x Oasis Snapjaw
1 x Rat Pack
1 x Baited Arrow

Rumble Run Mage starter decks

Mage has three Shrine choices to pick from, including Jan’alai’s Mantle, Jan’alai’s Flame and Jan’alai’s Progeny.

Jan’alai’s Mantle deck list

Jan’alai’s Mantle is built around the many damage spells available to the Mage class. With multiple cards that can assist in generating additional spells for the deck, you can end up with some serious bonus firepower through the Shrine while devastating your opponent’s minions or life total.

Mage Neutral
1 x Shifting Scroll 1 x Tournament Attendee
1 x Babbling Book 1 x Brainstormer
1 x Shimmering Tempest 1 x Kabal Chemist
1 x Explosive Runes
1 x Spellslinger
1 x Ghastly Conjurer
1 x Blast Wave

Jan’alai’s Flame deck list

Jan’alai’s Flame is the Hero Power centric choice for Mage in Rumble Run. With this deck, you’ll be playing spells and minions that focus on empowering your Hero Power to deal more damage or enable multiple uses in a single turn. This deck is especially good and clearing your opponent’s creatures but can go directly for their life total when needed.

Mage Neutral
1 x Arcane Blast 1 x Acherus Veteran
1 x Fallen Hero 1 x Flame Juggler
1 x Cinderstorm 1 x Blackwald Pixie
1 x Dalaran Aspirant 1 x Dragonhawk Rider
1 x Fireball 1 x Fire Plume Phoenix

Jan’alai’s Progeny deck list

Jan’alai’s Progeny has us reminiscing about Freeze Mage of old. This Shrine choice offers you a deck that takes advantage of all the Freeze effects available to the Mage class to lock down your opponent’s minions or generate you additional Armor while you can go for direct damage to their life total.

Mage Neutral
1 x Freezing Potion 1 x Arcane Anomaly
1 x Frostbolt 1 x Volatile Elemental
1 x Snowchugger 1 x Hyldnir Frostrider
1 x Cone of Cold 1 x Ice Cream Peddler
1 x Water Elemental 1 x Frost Elemental

Rumble Run Paladin starter decks

Paladin has three Shrine choices to pick from, including Shirvallah’s Protection, Shirvallah’s Vengeance and Shirvallah’s Grace.

Shirvallah’s Protection deck list

In case the name hasn’t given it away, Shirvallah’s Protection is heavily focused on keeping your minions safe with Divine Shield effects. The Shrine grants a fresh Divine Shield to any of your minions that survive damage, meaning you can eke so much additional value out of them by making sensible trades to run your opponent out of resources.

Paladin Neutral
1 x Divine Strength 1 x Elven Archer
1 x Meanstreet Marshall 1 x Injured Kvaldir
1 x Grimestreet Outfitter 1 x Belligerent Gnome
1 x Paragon of Light 1 x Arena Fanatic
1 x Farraki Battleaxe 1 x Stormwind Knight

Shirvallah’s Vengeance deck list

Shirvallah’s Vengeance offers a very unique way to play Rumble Run that exploits the weapons available to Paladin and how you must sacrifice your own life total to use them. In this deck, your aim is survivability and finding ways to deal damage to your own life total in order to hurt your opponent. The deck is loaded with healing too, so you can do this repeatedly without the threat of death.

Paladin Neutral
1 x Bloodclaw 1 x Crystallizer
1 x Flash of Light 1 x Mad Bomber
1 x Seal of Light 1 x Happy Ghoul
1 x Benevolent Djinn 1 x Madder Bomber
1 x Truesilver Champion
1 x Chillblade Champion

Shirvallah’s Grace deck list

Shirvallah’s Grace is the buff version of Paladin you can play in Rumble Run. Loaded with all these spells you will not only empower the minions you play but also your chosen Shrine at the same time to overpower your competitor.

Paladin Neutral
1 x Divine Strength 1 x Argent Squire
1 x Hand of Protection 1 x Banana Buffoon
1 x Potion of Heroism
1 x Flash of Light
1 x Primalfin Champion
1 x Seal of Champions
1 x Blessing of Kings
1 x Truesilver Champion

Rumble Run Priest starter decks

Priest has three Shrine choices to pick from, including Bwonsamdi’s Sanctum, Bwonsamdi’s Tome and Bwonsamdi’s Covenant.

Bwonsamdi’s Sanctum deck list

Bwonsamdi’s Sanctum is heavily inspired by Deathrattle Priest. With this deck, you’ll be utilising Deathrattle cards in both the Priest and Neutral section to creating sticky boards that are difficult for your opponents to clear completely and extract every last drop of value from your minions.

Priest Neutral
1 x Crystalline Oracle 1 x Mistress of Mixtures
1 x Spirit Lash 1 x Harvest Golem
1 x Museum Curator 1 x Shallow Gravedigger
1 x Dead Ringer 1 x Tomb Lurker
1 x Shifting Shade
1 x Tortollan Shellraiser

Bwonsamdi’s Tome deck list

This deck is all about ripping additional spells from the pages of Bwonsamdi’s Tome. For each one you cast, the Shrine will add a random Priest spell into your hand, so you’ll look to take advantage of this by filling the deck with additional spells as you progress through the Rumble Run. With all those extra resources and minions that gain benefits from each spell cast you should find multiple ways to win games.

Priest Neutral
1 x Psionic Probe 1 x Arcane Anomaly
1 x Power Word: Shield 1 x Clockwork Gnome
1 x Spirit Lash 1 x Wild Pyromancer
1 x Sand Drudge 1 x Banana Buffoon
1 x Gilded Gargoyle
1 x Mindgames

Bwonsamdi’s Covenant deck list

If you’re a fan of Shadow Priest then you’ll probably want to run Bwonsamdi’s Covenant in Rumble Run. This deck is focused on taking all of the healing power available to the class and turning it into damage. Naturally, there are many ways to exploit your Hero Power for this purpose, but you also have the healing effects on spells and minions to whittle down your opponent too.

Priest Neutral
1 x Regenerate 1 x Voodoo Doctor
1 x Circle of Healing 1 x Injured Kvaldir
1 x Light of the Naaru 1 x Waterboy
1 x Flash Heal 1 x Gadgetzan Socialite
1 x Injured Blademaster
1 x Earthen Ring Farseer

Rumble Run Rogue starter decks

Rogue has three Shrine choices to pick from, including Bottled Terror, Treasure from Below and Pirate’s Mark

Bottled Terror deck list

Bottled Terror is all about minion power. This Shrine gives your creatures Stealth while it is active and then buffs all your minions with an extra two Attack power when it dies. A good way to approach this deck is to set up one large board of minions and then kill off your Shrine so they all receive a huge buff that should be enough to finish off your opponent!

Rogue Neutral
1 x Buccaneer 1 x Southsea Deckhand
1 x Defias Ringleader 1 x Captain’s Parrot
1 x Shadow Sensei 1 x Sharkfin Fan
1 x Crazed Chemist 1 x Ship’s Cannon
1 x Hench-Clan Thug
1 x Salty Dog

Treasure from Below deck list

The Rogue class has been known to be a tricksy thief in the past and this Treasure from Below deck takes full advantage of its card-stealing powers. The focus is then turned onto the Obsidian Shard weapon, which can be heavily discounted with each stolen card you play and then empower many of the other minions that are run in this deck.

Rogue Neutral
1 x Preparation 1 x Small-Time Buccaneer
1 x Counterfeit Coin 1 x Southsea Deckhand
1 x Backstab 1 x Bloodsail Raider
1 x Conceal
1 x Undercity Valiant
1 x Betrayal
1 x Obsidian Shard

Pirate’s Mark deck list

Oh, is this a Rogue deck that makes use of all the Pirate synergy in the class? Er, nope. It’s a spell deck. Well, OK then. Yes, in spite of the name suggesting something else entirely, this Shrine actually comes with a spell copying effect. The aim here is to deal some heavy spell damage to your opponent and their minions with cards that drastically boost your spell power.

Rogue Neutral
1 x Counterfeit Coin 1 x Arcane Anomaly
1 x Backstab 1 x Spellzerker
1 x Sinister Strike 1 x Kobold Geomancer
1 x Betrayal
1 x Fan of Knives
1 x Academic Espionage
1 x Tomb Pillager

Rumble Run Shaman starter decks

Shaman has three Shrine choices to pick from, including Krag’wa’s Lure, Tribute from the Tides and Krag’wa’s Grace.

Krag’wa’s Lure deck list

Krag’wa’s Lure aims to take advantage of all many Overload cards available to the Shaman class. With this deck you’ll empower the Attack power of your minions with every Mana crystal that you Overload. You aim, then, is to establish a strong board and then infuse it with additional attack power by spending your Mana on Overload spells.

Shaman Neutral
1 x Forked Lightning 1 x Murloc Raider
1 x Stormforged Axe 1 x Deadscale Knight
1 x Unbound Elemental 1 x Huge Toad
1 x Lightning Storm 1 x Tar Creeper
1 x Jinyu Waterspeaker
1 x Fireguard Destroyer

Tribute from the Tides deck list

With the powerful Battlecry effects available to Shaman, this deck looks to take full advantage of them using a Shrine that repeats them two additional times when played. This sets up a lot of potentially game-swinging plays with the likes of Fire Elemental, while you can also Discover other Battlecry minions that will take full advantage of the Shrine using Blazing Invocation.

Shaman Neutral
1 x Blazing Invocation 1 x Emerald Reaver
1 x Totemic Smash 1 x Fire Fly
1 x Hot Spring Guardian 1 x Murloc Tidehunter
1 x Lightning Storm 1 x Belligerent Gnome
1 x Windspeaker
1 x Fire Elemental

Krag’wa’s Grace deck list

Shaman gets a spell-heavy deck for its final Rumble Run choice. With a Shrine that reduces the cost of all your spells by two, the list is naturally filled with powerful damage and minion generation spells. Many of these have their Overload drawbacks reduced thanks to their discounted cost so you can make strong plays way ahead of schedule to gain an advantage over your foe.

Shaman Neutral
1 x Wartbringer 1 x Mana Addict
1 x Crackle 1 x Banana Buffoon
1 x Lava Shock
1 x Maelstrom Portal
1 x Far Sight
1 x Feral Spirit
1 x Call in the Finishers
1 x Rain of Toads

Rumble Run Warlock starter decks

Warlock has three Shrine choices to pick from, including Blood Pact, Dark Reliquary and Hir’eek’s Hunger.

Blood Pact deck list

Blood Pact is a risky deck for Warlock to play in Rumble Run. Instead of relying on your Mana to cast spells, you spend your Health on them instead. This comes with advantages, though, meaning you can utilise more mid or late game spells much earlier in a match that can lead to huge tempo swings in your favour – especially if you get a powerful demon from Bane of Doom.

Warlock Neutral
1 x Voidwalker 1 x Banana Buffoon
1 x Mistress of Pain 1 x Violet Illusionist
1 x Demonfire
1 x Duskbat
1 x Implosion
1 x Lesser Amethyst Spellstone
1 x Fiendish Circle
1 x Bane of Doom

Dark Reliquary deck list

Once again the Discard Warlock strikes again. This Dark Reliquary deck finds interesting ways to negate many of the downsides from throwing away your cards – most notably summoning a random Demon whenever you’re forced to do so. There are ways to get those discarded cards back into your deck here as well, though, but you should be able to find a handful of extremely powerful random Demons if you’re lucky to snowball each game.

Warlock Neutral
1 x Shriek 1 x Belligerent Gnome
1 x Soulfire 1 x Banana Buffoon
1 x Voidwalker
1 x Succubus
1 x Darkshire Librarian
1 x Reckless Diretroll
1 x Lakkari Felhound
1 x Soulwarden

Hir’eek’s Hunger deck list

Warlock loves dealing damage to itself in order to gain a number of advantages. But, what if your opponent could take that damage for you? Wouldn’t that be interesting! Well, that’s what Hir’eek’s Hunger is all about. With this deck, any damage that is done to your hero can be taken by your foe instead, so take full advantage of all those minions and spells that hurt you while your opposite suffers the consequences!

Warlock Neutral
1 x Flame Imp 1 x Knife Juggler
1 x Call of the Void 1 x Waterboy
1 x Spirit Bomb 1 x Imp Master
1 x Unlicensed Apothecary 1 x Blackwald Pixie
1 x Blood Witch
1 x Hellfire

Rumble Run Warrior starter decks

Warrior has three Shrine choices to pick from, including Akali’s Champion, Akali’s War Drum and Akali’s Horn.

Akali’s Champion deck list

Warrior has access to some solid Armor generation tools, so this deck makes full use of that to also empower its chosen Shrine. Akali’s Champion will always match your current Armor value, so your plan with this deck is to generate as much as possible and then swing for your opponent’s life total with a buffed up Shrine.

Warrior Neutral
1 x Eternium Rover 1 x Waterboy
1 x Armorsmith 1 x Hired Gun
1 x Drywhisker Armorer 1 x Half-Time Scavenger
1 x Fiery War Axe 1 x Dragonmaw Scorcher
1 x Mountainfire Armor
1 x Emberscale Drake

Akali’s War Drum deck list

Warrior has received a lot of Dragon cards in the latest expansion and this deck looks to exploit all the new synergies available to the class. The Shrine makes each progressive Dragon you play cheaper, meaning you can eventually play a lot of the more expensive Dragon minions on the same turn to stomp all over your opponent.

Warrior Neutral
1 x Dragon Roar 1 x Faerie Dragon
1 x Fiery War Axe 1 x Netherspite Historian
1 x Emberscale Drake 1 x Firetree Witchdoctor
1 x Nightmare Amalgam
1 x Ebon Dragonsmith
1 x Twilight Guardian
1 x Bone Drake

Akali’s Horn deck list

The ability for Warrior to create minions with massive Attack values is fully exploited in the Akali’s Horn list. The Shrine in this deck grants all minions an Overkill effect that allows them to attack again. With enough Attack power (and Health) a single minion can go on an absolute tear through everything your opponent tries to put up against you – and even swing for their life total once everything else is out of the way too!

Warrior Neutral
1 x Inner Rage 1 x Master Swordsmith
1 x Warbot 1 x Amani Berserker
1 x Rampage 1 x Raging Worgen
1 x Cruel Taskmaster 1 x Frostwolf Warlord
1 x Fiery War Axe
1 x Bloodhoof Brave

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