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Hearthstone: The Best Witchwood Decks (Baku, Genn, Rush and Echo)


Our evolving guide to the best decks to emerge in the new meta so far.

Our guide to the best Witchwood decks in Hearthstone covers the Druid, Hunter, Mage, Paladin, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock and Warrior heroes.


Since our last update at the weekend we’ve started processing our collection of decks into some kind of relative power shape.

You’ll find a list of decks per hero that are proving to be the most competitive, and these are listed numerically from strongest to weakest in each case. We’ve then broken off the more experimental / unproven decks into their own list just beneath the stronger ones.

It goes without saying that there is still a lot of work to be done and the meta has not yet fully settled. You should continue holding off on the most expensive crafts until things have settled down a little more. Still we feel that the meta is becoming more and more defined with each passing day.

Make sure you check out some of our latest deck guides as well, as guest writer James Pickard has been adding a huge amount of strategy advice to each one. We won’t stop until each article is the best guide of its type on the internet, and we really appreciate you’re patience as we work to get each one just right for the long run!

John – EIC, geeksplatform

Welcome to the fifth edition of our continuously updated guide to the very best Witchwood decks seeing play in Hearthstone right now.

The immediate frenzy of launch is behind us, we’ve got a huge number of deck guides updated for you, and we’re finally starting to get a hint of the shape of the broader meta to come.

While we’ve got a base deck list for pretty much every archetype being played during the launch window, we’re about to begin the process of updating and refining those recommended lists based on the latest developments. Once things have settled down properly, we’ll completely overhaul each guide to match the most competitive version of the deck in question.

Without further ado then, here’s our pick of the best Witchwood decks so far.

(As an aside, we’ve got a collection of budget Witchwood decks if you’re struggling to find an affordable foothold in the new meta.)

Best Witchwood Druid decks

Hand Druid is the big new deck for the hero and it’s already seeing a lot of play on the Standard ladder. Other strong candidates for top-dog in this class are Spiteful Druid, and even Big Dragon Druid’s seeing a little more play. Let’s see how things pan out over the next couple of weeks.

Top Rated Decks

Experimental Decks

Best Witchwood Hunter decks

Odd Baku Face Hunter is absolutely annihilating everything in its path at the moment and is unquestionably the strongest deck for the hero right now. Spell Hunter’s looking strong too, but the jury’s still out on Quest and Midrange Hunter. We’ll see how things look after the first weekend of play is behind us.

Top Rated Decks

Experimental Decks

Budget Witchwood Hunter decks:

Best Witchwood Mage decks

Odd Mage and Secret Tempo Mage are both doing really well at the moment. We’re not quite sure yet how Elemental and Big Spell Mages are going to do, but we’re hopeful both will see competitive play in the long run.

Top Rated Decks

Experimental Decks

Best Witchwood Paladin decks

There are lots of Paladin decks in play right now and it’s anyone’s guess as to which one is going to take off in The Witchwood. Try sampling any of the following and let us know your favourites in the comments.

Top Rated Decks

Best Witchwood Priest decks

Spiteful Priest seems very strong at the moment, as does a revitalised version of core Control Priest. Dragon Priest is still doing its thing on the fringes and we’ll have a Quest Priest update for you a little later on this weekend.

(We’ve listed our Lady in White page here as well. Use this to keep track on all decks currently making use of this new Legendary.)

Top Rated Decks

Experimental Decks

Best Witchwood Rogue decks

Tempo Rogue is almost certainly the most powerful archetype for the here in the Witchwood, thanks to the addition of Blink Fox and Tess Greymane. We suspect that Miracle Rogue will – as always – get a few new tools to play around with, and we’ll link our guide in here as soon as it’s ready.

Top Rated Decks

Experimental Decks

Best Witchwood Shaman decks

Everyone’s talking about Shudderwock Shaman right now, and with good reason. This signature card packs a huge amount of power into one minion, and we think it will be some time before the final deck list is nailed down. Alternatively, Elemental Shaman may prove to be competitive, but let’s be honest we’ve been here before…

Top Rated Decks

Experimental Decks

Best Witchwood Warlock decks

Cubelock is widely predicted to become even more disgustingly powerful in The Witchwood and we’ve got an updated deck list for you to mess around with. Some version of Zoo will almost certainly emerge but it’ll probably take a while for the deck to be refined. We’ll keep updating our guide with the latest developments.

Top Rated Decks

Best Witchwood Warrior decks

Rush Warrior is the archetype being hyped at launch although some of the pros are less convinced about its power than others. Odd Taunt / Quest Warrior is looking very good though, and again leans on Baku the Mooneater for extra late-game staying power. Can an updates Pirate Warrior make the cut? We’ll have to wait and see.

Top Rated Decks

Experimental Decks

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