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How to look at your watch in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare


Some haven't clocked it yet.

Modern Warfare’s Battle Pass has added in a few new watches to wear. Here’s how to check them out.

We’ve got more information on unlocks in our Season 2 page, but to cut a long story short, this Battle Pass offers players four watches for players to obtain. Here’s how to get the best view of them.

How do I look at my watch in Modern Warfare?

You might want to use the ‘Check Watch’ gesture in-game. To set this up, go to the ‘Barracks’ in the multiplayer menu,, click ‘Identity’, and scroll down to ‘Gestures and Sprays’. Add ‘Check Watch’ to your wheel of cosmetics, and head into a game. Now all you need to do is hold the Up arrow, or up direction on the D-pad, and select ‘Check Watch’. If you have a Watch equipped, ‘Watch Interact’ will auto-equip too, which lets you change the function of each Watch if avalable.

Sometimes, you’ll want to check out your watch during combat though – especially if you’re using the brand new Tomogunchi.

The gun you choose alters your operator’s hand positioning, so if you’ve equipped a watch and haven’t noticed it yet, switch up your loadout.

We’ve found Assault Rifles and SMGs the most useful for getting a good look at your watches. Remember, Launchers and pistols won’t let you see it, since your left hand isn’t holding the weapon like normal.

Of course, some guns are exceptions and your watch will be obscured, but most ARs and Submachine Guns should let you keep an eye on your watch.

The Kilo 141 gives you a great view, as does the Uzi, but the MP7 and MP5 are unfortunately held in such a way that you’ll find it harder to see your fancy new wristwear.

Different operators hold each gun in different ways too. We found Charley to be one to hold guns in ways that show off the watches, whilst Yegor isn’t quite as generous and doesn’t care about your Battle Pass money.

If you want to know how good these guns actually are, check out our weapon tier list, and we’ve got a page to help you rank up your Battle Pass if you’re looking to unlock these watches faster.

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