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How to unlock the Grau in Warzone


You'll want to graub this one.

The Grau is one of the strongest assault rifles available in Warzone but if you missed out on getting it in Season 2, then it’s difficult to know exactly how to unlock it quickly. Below we’ll explain how to unlock the Grau for Warzone with minimal fuss.

The Grau assault rifle arrived all the way back in Season 2, and if you owned the Battle Pass you’d unlock the gun eventually. Well, if you joined the Warzone party later, you’re probably wondering how you get hold of the weapon seemingly everyone is using.

There’s actually a specific in-game challenge you’ll need to complete to unlock the Grau for use in Warzone (and MW Multiplayer). It’s a bit daunting at first, but it’s doable if you pick the right mode and gear yourself up appropriately.

How to unlock the Grau for Warzone

To unlock the Grau for use in Warzone, you’ll need to eliminate 5 players with an assault rifle in a minute, 25 times.

It’s worth noting that this doesn’t require you to get 5 kills in a row without dying. You just need to secure them within its sixty second time limit, no matter if you die.

This is much, much easier if you own Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, but it’s doable if you’re a free to play Warzone player – it’ll just take a lot longer.

With this in mind, we’d highly recommend picking up Modern Warfare if you haven’t already. Not only will you be able to unlock the Grau, but many other weapons, attachments, and the like at a seriously fast pace!

Next, equip an assault rifle of your choice as this is what we’ll be using to rack up those all important kills. We’d recommend something automatic and reliable. The M4A1, Kilo, and M13 are all quite forgiving and will do the job nicely. For more damage at the cost of higher recoil, the AK47 and Oden aren’t bad choices either, but they’re definitely an acquired taste. Having said that, we used their high damage output to complete our challenge.

It’s then a case of hopping into a Modern Warfare multiplayer playlist which’ll help you get kills as quickly as possible. If something like Scrapyard 24/7, or Rust 24/7, or Shipment 24/7 is live then definitely get stuck in. These are small maps which will involve a lot of respawning and dying, but also – fingers crossed – a whole bunch of eliminations too.

If these playlists aren’t live, then Domination, Headquarters, Hardpoint, and even something like Team Deathmatch or Kill Confirmed will offer ample opportunity for kills.

For those who don’t own Modern Warfare, unlocking the Grau is going to be very tricky indeed. We can’t recommend too much, apart from queueing into Quads (with mates if possible) and landing in hotspots. It’ll then be a case of getting aggressive with the aim of securing kills fast – spot enemies, go for them. You can’t waste any time.

That’s how to unlock the Grau, but make sure you check out our Best Guns page for more info on the best weapons in the game. Plus, our Best Loadouts page has you covered if you’re after the strongest combination of attachments, perks, and more!

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