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Injured Camel Hunter guide – March 2016 – Hearthstone


Our guide to getting started with the new Injured Camel deck archetype.

While we typically focus our efforts here at MetaBomb on covering the core decks that populate the dominant metagame, we found ourselves looking for something new to mess around with over the weekend. That deck turned out to be J4CKIECHAN’s Injured Camel Hunter. It’s a fairly radical remix of the typical Midrange Hunter, one which places a much greater emphasis on minion presence over spells, Secrets and weapons.

The focal point of this deck is Desert Camel. Getting this card into play will also drag any of your one-Mana cards onto the board, and if you’re lucky then that card will be an undamaged Injured Kvaldir. Just keep in mind that your opponent also gets a one-Mana card at the same time, and so you’ll need to be able to either deal with the counter-threat or feel confident that you can ignore it.

In our next deck spotlight, we’ll outline J4CKIECHAN’s current incarnation of the deck list, run through the basic strategy, and also explain how to Mulligan the deck for best effect. After that, we’ve outlined all of the most important card combinations you need to keep in mind as each match plays out.

Injured Camel Hunter deck list and strategy – March 2016

The Injured Camel Hunter plays out like many other Midrange decks. In the early game you want to establish board control and maintain some kind of presence through cards like Haunted Creeper, Knife Juggler, Flame Juggler and so on. As well as controlling the board, you’ll be hoping to start pecking away at the opponent’s health pool right from the start too, but don’t be greedy. A fortuitous Desert Camel pull into Injured Kvaldir can give you an enormous advantage.

You should find yourself able to punch upwards a good deal harder once you have access to cards like Houndmaster, which can help even your humblest minions do some solid work. You also have the protection of Sludge Belcher to take advantage of, before heading into meaty cards like Savannah Highmane and Dr. Boom in the late-game. Don’t forget to work your Hero Power in wherever possible too.

Injured Camel Hunter Mulligan guide – March 2016

There’s no Hero-specific Mulligan advice to give here, as it’s pretty standard against all opponents. Flame Juggler, Haunted Creeper, Knife Juggler and Webspinner are all worthy keeps, and you shouldn’t turn down a Glaivezooka either. It’s great for picking an enemy minion cleanly off the board, and without having to sacrifice even your feeblest of minions.

Injured Camel Hunter combos and synergies – March 2016

This is quite a new deck concept, so even if you’re very familiar with the typical inner workings of Hearthstone’s Hunter, it’s worth running through the core combos involved.

Desert Camel will bring any one of your one-Mana minions into play. The most significant character in this category is Injured Kvaldir, as it’ll land on the board without the negative effect of its Battlecry being applied.

Hunter’s Mark can be mixed up with Unleash the Hounds to pick off even the most stubborn threat on the board. Add a Knife Juggler to the recipe and you might even get a nice clean kill without sacrificing so much as a single dog.

– Check the bottom of each card. If it’s classified as a Beast, then it can be made considerably more powerful using Houndmaster.

– You have powerful card-draw in this deck thanks to Cult Master. The death of any of your minions will trigger the draw, and this works particularly well with Unleash the Hounds if you’ve managed to pull a lot of dogs onto the board.

– If Haunted Creeper is played ahead of Knife Juggler, you can slam the spider into a victim and get a couple of free daggers when the spectral remains spawn from its corpse.

– You need a fair bit of luck on your side, but don’t forget the single point of free damage provided by Flame Juggler. Combine this with Hunter’s Mark for a shot at a nice freebie.

– Any of the Deathrattle cards in this deck play very nicely with Cult Master, as you get a replacement card in your hand, while at the same time leaving at least something else out on your side of the board.

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