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Jade Rogue deck list guide – November 2017 – Hearthstone


How to play the very latest version of Jade Rogue in the current meta.

Our Jade Rogue deck guide features the best deck list for Season 44, with Mulligan advice, strategy tips, card combos and synergies.

Jade Rogue was one of the new decks to arrive with the Gadgetzan metagame, and it is of course built around the many synergies that allow these titular creatures to be summoned. For the uninitiated, the first Jade Golem you bring into play will have base stats of 1 / 1, but the next will have 2 / 2, the third 3 / 3 and so on. You can ramp up production remarkable quickly.

Before long you’ll find yourself fielding a pretty intimidating board, but it’s vital that you consider the possible board clear effects the opponent might have coming for you, and plan the upcoming strengths of your golems accordingly. While the Rogue version of this archetype might not be the most powerful of the lot right now (Druid takes the crown), it can still prove a reasonably effective way of climbing the ladder.

In our Jade Rogue guide, we’ve got a pretty typical deck list for you to work with, followed by an overview of the strategy involved with playing this kind of deck. Just after that is some advice for dealing with the Mulligan section of the game, then we’ve broken down how all the combos in this deck come together. Collectively, that should give you everything you need to get going with this archetype.

Don’t forget to let us know how you’re getting on with it in the comments!

Update – 29th November 2017

It’s been a little while since we last updated our Jade Rogue guide, but as it’s possible the archetype is going to see a little play in Kobolds and Catacobms, we wanted to give it an update. Once the new expansion is live we’ll have the most up to date deck list, but for now this article should help you get warmed up with the archetype ahead of the new meta!

Jade Rogue deck list and strategy

Here’s a pretty standard take on Jade Rogue for this stage of the Frozen Throne meta. Expect things to get shaken up a fair bit once Kobolds is live! We’ll ensure the guide is updated to reflect those changes when they’re made.

Rogue Neutral
2 x Backstab 2 x Mistress of Mixtures
2 x Journey Below 1 x Patches the Pirate
2 x Swashburglar 1 x Southsea Deckhand
2 x Eviscerate 1 x Bloodmage Thalnos
2 x Jade Shuriken 1 x Kobold Geomancer
2 x Jade Swarmer 2 x Jade Spirit
2 x Fan of Knives 1 x Aya Blackpaw
2 x Mimic Pod 1 x N’Zoth, the Corruptor
2 x Shadowcaster
2 x Vilespine Slayer

Select and copy the long ID string below, then create a deck in Hearthstone to export this deck into your game.

Deck Import ID: AAECAaIHBqAF1AXtBeCsApG8ApS9Agy0AZsFiAf5qwLcrwKStgLPvAL5vQL6vQL8wQKBwgLexAIA

The strategy behind playing Jade Rogue is actually pretty simple. In the early game it’s all about establishing some kind of board presence while preventing the opponent from building much of their own. See the Mulligan advice further down the page for advice on how best to transition this stage of the game.

From here it’s a question of making efficient use of your Jade Golem cards to keep the opponent in check, while slowly snowballing your own board presence. Note that you also have a lot of cheap cards in here, which can be used to empower the incredibly valuable removal effect of Vilespine Splayer’s Battlecry.

As you approach the late-game you want to use cards like Aya Blackpaw to really fatten up your board, and note also how Shadowcaster can be used to cheaply double up on this kind of minion. In the Frozen Throne meta. You’ve also got a few ways of enhancing your spells as well (such as Bloodmage Thalnos and Kobold Geomancer), so make sure you calculate your potential damage carefully.

A final note needs to be made for N’Zoth, the Corruptor of course. When you play this monster onto the board, your dead Deathrattle minions will be brought back to life for a massive late-game play.

For a more detailed look at how this deck plays out, take some time to study the combo section towards the bottom of this guide. This breaks down all of the core synergies you have at your disposal, and making these second nature will dramatically improve your win-rate with the Jade Rogue.

More great Rogue guides:

Jade Rogue Mulligan guide

You have to plan against every opponent of course, but in general cards like Backstab, Mistress of Mixtures, Journey Below and Swashburglar all provide rapid early-game value in their own individual ways.

When the Kobolds and Catacombs meta has stabilised – and if this deck proves a part of the competitive roster – we’ll add in advice on what to keep against specific heroes.

Jade Rogue tips, combos and synergies

There are lots of combos to consider with Jade Rogue, so take a little time to familiarise yourself with the following synergies!

– If Patches the Pirate is still tucked away somewhere in your deck pile, then Swashburglar or Southsea Deckhand will put him onto the board on the same turn he’s played. Don’t forget to use that bonus damage before you click on End Turn.

– The vanilla version of Eviscerate only does two points of damage but if you play another card first on the same turn, then the damage is increased to four points.

– Spell damage can be enhanced further if Bloodmage Thalnos and/or Kobold Geomancer are put out into play first.

– The following cards have synergy with the Jade Golem mechanic in this deck: Jade Shuriken, Jade Swarmer, Jade Spirit and Aya Blackpaw.

– There are many cards you can combo Shadowcaster with, but Aya Blackpaw‘s Battlecry and Deathrattle effects make her a prime target for this card.

– You can use Vilespine Slayer to eliminate an enemy minion from the board, but you need to play at least one other card first, and on the same turn.

Southsea Deckhand can only attack on the same turn he’s played if you have a weapon in your hand. Be careful before spending your last weapon charge!

– When you put him into play, N’Zoth, the Corruptor will summon all of your Deathrattle minions that died earlier on in the match. Cards like Aya Blackpaw can cause the opponent some serious problems in this context, and if you’ve been steadily growing a Jade army.

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