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Junkenstein’s Revenge Legendary guide – tips, tricks and tactics – Overwatch


How to survive Junkenstein's Revenge on its most punishing difficulty.

Our Overwatch: Junkenstein’s Revenge: Legendary mode guide contains a number of tips, tricks and strategies to beat Dr. Junkenstein’s Revenge on Legendary difficulty.

Now that Halloween has swung around, Overwatch has a suitably spooky fan-favourite returning to the Arcade. The encounter in question is called Junkenstein’s Revenge, and it’s a PVE frightfest where you face off against waves of Dr. Junkenstein’s abominations and deadly allies.

Junkenstein’s Revenge is set within a nightmarish version of Eichenwalde, and your aim is to protect the Castle’s gate from collapse. Dr. Junkenstein’s creations are continuously heading towards it though, and will damage the door if they get close enough. You’ve also got the likes of occasional mini-bossies in the form of Reaper, Symmetra and Roadhog to contend with, and on Legendary mode they’re truly terrifying encounters.

This guide is very much a work-in-progress, and we’ll be updating it throughout the coming days and weeks as we get to grips with the Legendary mode ourselves. Check back soon for updates, and don’t forget to hit us up with your own tips in the comments section below!

While we’re here, there’s a brand new take on this challenge this year and it’s called Endless Mode. Of course, we’ve put together a handy Endless Mode to ensure that you’re beating this challenge straight away.


Below we’ve put together a brief breakdown of where you should position yourselves on the map, depending on what Hero you’ve chosen.


As McCree you’ll want to be up high on the rampart to the left. Here you’ll have a wave of enemies all to yourself so you can charge your Ultimate quickly and have complete coverage of the map when using Deadeye.

If you’re getting a little overwhelmed, it’s okay to retreat back towards the gate, but it’s best if you’re up on the rampart and getting that Deadeye charged up frequently.

Ana + Soldier:76

Both Ana and Soldier:76 should be positioned near the gate where you’re able to clear waves in the centre and back up your allies from all angles. You can also use the ledges to the left and right to gain some elevation too. These come in handy when the bosses start piling in.


We found having Hanzo positioned on the right side pretty effective. In a similar fashion to McCree’s preferred positioning, it enables you to build that all important Ultimate charge up quickly and also lets you fall back to the gate quickly if anything goes horribly wrong.

Hero Tips

Here’s a selection of tips and tricks that’ll help you when the going gets tough.

  • Hanzo’s Ultimate is the perfect way to blast through a tonne of bomb-flinging bots.
  • Ana’s Ultimate is best combined with McCree’s Deadeye. This way it’ll annihilate bosses at a much faster rate.
  • Both Soldier:76 and Hanzo’s Scatter Arrow must be saved for the RIP-Tires that come screeching into the mix. They’re both fairly easy to land and can one-shot Junkenstein’s tires.
  • Ana’s Sleep Dart is best reserved for bosses. The same can be said for her Biotic Grenade as it can prevent healing which is vital to surviving latter waves.
  • McCree’s stun is one of the most important tools for beating this challenge on Legendary. Again, it’s best reserved to cancel boss animations.
  • Don’t be afraid to pop all of your Ultimates at once if a boss turns up. You’ll have a fair amount of time in-between these fights to charge them all back up again.
  • Whatever you do, don’t stop shooting the robots or get complacent. Have it in your mind to keep charging those Ultimates as they’re so incredibly important!
  • If you’re in desperate trouble, use Ana’s Sleep Dart on a boss and avoid waking them up. You’ll buy precious time for any respawns, Ultimate charge and healing.

Boss tips

We’ve put together a few boss-specific tactics that you may find useful.

The Reaper

As soon as he spawns in, make sure you land a Sleep Dart on him – but don’t wake him up! Now’s the time to Nano Boost McCree and unleash the Deadeye. Let the Deadeye lock onto sleeping Reaper and wait until you’ve got the insta-kill.

Avoid getting too close to Reaper as he’s easily capable of wiping you out in one shot.

Junkenstein’s Monster

When he enters the fray, it’s important not to panic and attempt an instant Sleep Dart or Biotic Grenade. Instead, aim for the head and begin peppering him with everything you’ve got. Once he starts drawing closer, hit him with a Sleep Dart to buy some time and get some more damage down.

Next, McCree needs to keep an eye out for the monster’s healing animation and land the stun as soon as it begins. Finally, Ana needs to do the same and hit him with the Biotic Grenade if there’s even a faint hint of him healing up.

It’s vital that you keep your distance from the boss, and it’s also worth keeping Soldier:76 and Ana together so that Soldier can keep Ana alive with his healing. Hanzo’s Ultimate is also a brilliant way of laying down some damage, or firing down the middle lane to completely clear any enemies encroaching on the gate while you’re dealing with Roadhog.

Dr. Junkenstein

Rather surprisingly after the last encounter, this fight isn’t too tricky at all – he stays pretty stationary throughout. Ana needs to position herself well away from his grenades though, so she can focus on topping up her allies. Otherwise, it’s up to Hanzo, Soldier:76 and McCree to hit him where it hurts.

Hanzo’s Ultimate is particularly good at whittling down Junkrat’s health bar quickly as it’s so large it’ll envelop him entirely and he won’t attempt to move out the way.

The Summoner

Along with Reaper, the Summoner is an absolute nightmare to deal with. It’s important that you’re not getting too close. Honestly, the most success we’ve had against this boss involved popping Ultimates all at the same time and unleashing chaos against Symmetra‘s health bar.

A Nano Boosted McCree Ultimate is fantastic at destroying her health bar too. Even a Nano Visor is fantastic at laying down guaranteed damage, as it’s hard to mess up.

The Witch

When the Witch shows up, you’ll have to fight all of the other bosses, along with Mercy. It’s vital that McCree gets another Nano Boost here and lets rip with a Deadeye so she goes down instantly. Ana needs to sleep boss-Reaper and everyone needs to avoid waking him up if at all possible. Otherwise, tackle each enemy as you see fit. It’s best to leave Junkenstein till last as he’s the least dangerous of the lot.


Below we’ve mapped out exactly when and where each threat will spawn so you can keep on tops of the action.

Timer Event
6:30 You’ll get a RIP-Tyre approaching from the left.
5:43 The Reaper will spawn in the center. Remember to chain your Sleeps and Stuns!
4:52 You’ll get a RIP-Tyre approaching from the middle
4:37 You’ll get a RIP-Tyre approaching from the left.
4:22 You’ll get a RIP-Tyre approaching from the right.
3:45 Roadhog spawns to the rear and the middle. Hanzo should fire his Ultimate down that middle channel again to clear the way and hurt Roadhog. Ana and McCree again coordinate their Ultimates on Roadhog. Soldier: 76 will need to use his Ultimate to finish this fight, but teammates should use stuns to stop the boss self-healing.
3:22 You’ll get a RIP-Tyre approaching from the right.
2:45 The Summoner will spawn on the left. Hanzo should fire his ult down this channel and McCree should land the stun if she gets too close to an ally. Soldier:76 and Ana should coordinate Ultimates too.
2:35 You’ll get a RIP-Tyre approaching from the right.
1:45 Dr. Junkenstein will spawn to the top right. Pepper him with damage and have Hanzo and McCree hit him with some Ultimates.
1:27 The Reaper will spawn in the center.
0:48 You’ll get a RIP-Tyre approaching from the left and right.
0:32 Reaper spawns again and Shadow Steps. Deal with the threat again, then make sure everyone charges up their Ultimates nice and quickly for the big one…
0:25 You’ll get a RIP-Tyre approaching from the middle
0:00 Mercy spawns and rezzes Roadhog and Junkrat. Focus everything you have on her, then deal with Roadhog before finishing off Junkrat.

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