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Junkertown guide – Overwatch


Our essential guide for the latest map heading to Overwatch.

Our Overwatch: Junkertown guide contains everything we currently know about the game’s latest Escort map.

Blizzard’s just announced the latest addition to Overwatch’s map pool at this year’s Gamescom 2017 event, and it’s looking like an explosive affair. From the outset, Junkertown seems like a sprawling town filled with bandits and outlaws, scrap-laden streets and rickety buildings constructed out of…well, junk. We can’t wait to get stuck in!

Currently we’re working with limited information on what’s involved, and all we have to go on is recorded gameplay. Once we get some hands on time with the map we’ll be sure to overhaul this guide and make it as informative as all of our other map content.

For now, we’ve brought together everything we currently know about Junkertown, along with a few tips and tricks to get you ahead of the game.

Editor’s UPDATE: We’ve added some tips, tricks and strategies which you’ll find at the top of this guide. We’ve based this information on YouTuber Unit Lost’s gameplay footage which is embedded for you below. Again, we’ll update this guide with in depth strategy once we dive into the map ourselves – keep this page bookmarked for future updates!

Tips and tricks

Below you’ll find some tips and tricks to give you the edge over your opponents.

  • If you’re attacking, be wary of exiting the first spawn point from the front entrance as you’ll be playing straight into the defender’s hands. Instead, we recommend flanking around to the right or left and taking the high ground as soon as you can.
  • Take the high ground early as an attacker and it’s an immediate advantage over your opponents watching the entrance on the lowground.
  • When you’re attacking from the first spawn room, don’t trickle out one by one. Instead, band together and exit the spawn room as a unit. This way you won’t get spawn staggered and get trapped in a horrible spiral of respawning, running out and dying.
  • Mobile heroes are your best bet as an attacker as you can utilise Junkertown’s numerous high spots and flanks. Slow, lumbering heroes are at a significant disadvantage here.
  • The second “streets” phase is reminiscent of Numbani’s. In this instance, it favours the attackers over the defenders. If you’re defending, staying alive is the most important thing here as the walk from the spawn room is very lengthy.
  • The final phase through the rotating platforms and throne room is more difficult for the attackers. Don’t stagger in and always look to group together if you’re attacking. As a defender, get the high ground and hold the bend.
  • If you’re defending the final point near the throne itself, there’s useful side paths you can use to catch enemies by surprise.
  • There’s a flanking route that runs directly under the bend in the path and allows both attackers and defenders to get the drop on their opponents. Heroes like Tracer and Genji can have a field day using this. Make the most of it when the attackers are pushing in, or the defenders are a man down.

Everything we currently know

Below you’ll find all the available information on Junkertown and all the little details you may have missed from the announcement.

  • Junkertown is situated in the Australian Outback.
  • It’s home to a society of cutthroat outlaws which Junkrat and Roadhog were formerly members of.
  • You’ll be pushing a Payload of stolen treasure through Junkertown’s streets and all the way to the “Boss’s” room.
  • Some highlights include: a large shed area with Junkrat and Roadhog’s famed motorcycle, a treasure room filled with coins and loot, and a garage with a couple of clunky mechs.
  • There’s a larger room filled with what seems to be a generator. What’s really interesting is the fact that it’s acting as the gateway to various rooms. Players must hop onto the generator’s spinning platforms if they want to enter certain areas!
  • The final area is the Queen’s throne room – a very cool touch, and reminds us of Eichenwalde just a little.
  • There’s lots of environment to clamber up onto, which suggests to us that it’ll favour those with mobility and verticality.
  • Junkertown is also filled with mini close-quarters arenas and tight-knit routes, also favouring those heroes who like to get up close and personal.
  • We reckon it’ll be reminiscent of Dorado or Route 66 where you’re pushing the Payload through a mixture of winding streets and open areas.
  • Unfortunately there’s no release date just yet. We’ll update this page as soon as we know more.

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That’s everything we have for now, but we’re going to be updating this guide continuously as we hear more about it, and eventually go hands-on for ourselves! Keep this page bookmarked for more information and all the very best tips and tricks.

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