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Lucioball guide 2017: Tips and tricks for dominating – Overwatch


Everything you need to know about mastering Lucioball this year.

Our Lucioball guide contains all the tips, tricks and strategy advice you need to beat the competition at the Summer Games 2017.

Last year’s Summer Games event added a new game mode called Lucioball, and it’s making a return in Summer Games 2017. If you didn’t get a chance to play this mode last year, the idea’s pretty simple: two teams of three Lucios do battle in a special arena, and attempt to score goals by knocking a ball into their opponent’s goal. It’s a bit like Rocket League really.

In our Lucioball 2017 guide, we’ve pulled together all of the information that’s currently known about the event. In this guide you’ll find all of the basic details of what’s involved, the changes that have been made to Lucio’s Ultimate (sorry cheese fans…), and how you can unlock your rewards for taking part in the new Lucioball tournament. We’ll also be adding a huge number of tips and tricks to this article once the event actually goes live next week.

If there’s anything you’d like to see added to this article then let us know in the comments! If you want to know what else is coming with the event, make sure you check out our Summer Games 2017 guide when you’re done.

What’s changed in Lucioball 2017?

Before you get stuck into your first few matches of Lucioball this year, it’s worth knowing what’s different from the last time this special event rolled around:

  • The Estadio das Ras arena returns, but there’ll also be a new arena set in Sydney, Australia.
  • You can’t “boop” players as Lucio any more, which severely limits the goal-mouth cheese strategies which proved so popular last year…
  • Lucio’s Ultimate no longer drags the ball towards him. Instead it makes him move more quickly, jump higher, and also temporarily gain the ability to boop the ball.
  • This year there’ll be a competitive Lucioball tournament, located in the Arcade section of the game’s interface. If you complete your 10 placement matches you’ll get a special spray (like in seasonal play), while Top 500 finishers get an even better version of that spray.
  • The Lucioball tournament starts on Tuesday 8th Augsut and lasts for three weeks in total, so it would appear that the event ends on Monday 28th or Tuesday 29th August.

Lucioball 2017 tips and tricks

The following tips are all based on last year’s version of the event. If these prove to no longer be viable in Summer Games 2017, we’ll edit them out once the new update is actually live:


  • Your left click no longer fires your gun but instead activates your melee attack which is good for getting the ball moving in a relatively gentle manner.
  • We understand that the right-click has now been changed so that it no longer “boops” people. We’ll update this section of our guide in more detail once the event is actually live.
  • Your healing aura has been removed and your Amp It Up ability only boosts your speed – not that of the people around you.
  • Lucio’s Ultimate no longer drags the ball towards him. Instead it increases his speed, his jumping height, and it also allows him to boop objects and players temporarily.
  • If the ball is up in the air, keep your eyes on the ground and watch the circle indicator. This stops you having to flail around with your camera.


  • The team that talks to each other gains a significant advantage at Lucioball, so grab your headset and get your new friends talking to one another!
  • Spread yourselves across the pitch and assume specific roles. One player should be tasked with scoring goals, another should be in a midfield position to manage possession, while your remaining player should be guarding the goal.
  • Your team will need to shift their attention to other areas of the arena from time to time, but everyone should know the area they’re meant to be covering in general.
  • Just like in real football, you want to aim your shots in the direction your teammate is running. This keeps the action moving more quickly, and also makes it harder for your opponents to grab the ball off you.

Lucioball 2017 tournament

If you want to get serious about Lucioball this year, you can head to the special event section of the Arcade and play the mode competitively.

If you finish your 10 placement matches to determine your ability, you’ll be rewarded with a unique spray when the event is over. If you perform well enough during the three-week comeptitive window that you finish in the Top 500, you’ll receive an even better – presumably animated – version of that spray.

This is a different approach to last year’s Lucioball, where players competed purely for the fun of it.

Lucioball 2017 arenas

We don’t yet know whether the Australian Lucioball arena will be structurally different or just a reskinned version of the old arena yet. When we know more we’ll update this section of our Lucioball guide, but here’s what’s known about the returning Estadio das Ras.

Estadio das Ras

For the purposes of this guide we’re assuming that the original arena will return in identical shape in 2017. If there are any changes in the live version, we’ll update this section of our guide. We’ll also add arena-specific tips soon.

This is a roughly rectangular enclosed space with a goal at each of the short ends. The space is walled, which means that Lucio can Wall Ride his way around the environment with ease, and reach distant parts of the map much more quickly than he could just by running.

There are also some glowing orange jump pads located around the arena, which allow Lucio to rapidly reach higher ground and help with interceptions or just well-aimed shots at the goal. Clever use of these pads and the walls are what separate the best Lucioball players from the scrubs!

Sydney Australia

Coming soon!

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