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Mech Paladin deck list guide – Boomsday – Hearthstone (September 2018)


Our guide to playing an early Mech Paladin in the Boomsday meta.

Our Mech Paladin deck list guide features the best Descent of Dragons deck list for Season 71 of Hearthstone (February 2020). Our Mech Paladin guide also contains Mulligan advice, card combos and strategy tips.

Mech Paladin is a Hearthstone deck that’s seen play since the Boomsday Project added a whole garage-worth of mechanical minions to Hearthstone. That expansion also added the Magnetic keyword to the game, which gives you the option to mash together two Mech minions in order to create a much larger threat. This principle then formed the basis of Mech Paladin, which also used the incredible swing power of Kangor’s Endless Army to rebuild a huge board in the late game.

We’ve seen some strong additions to Mech Paladin in Descent of Dragons too, including the excellent Sky Claw, which sits neatly into the existing aggressive plan this deck is going for. Sanctuary is another great option for this deck, acting as a 2 mana 3/6 with Taunt to force your opponent to make some pretty bad decisions.

In the latest version of our Mech Paladin guide, we’ve got the best performing deck list being played right now. We’ve also got detailed strategy advice on how to pilot the deck when you’re facing both slow and aggressive opponents in the new meta. Finally, we’ve highlighted a few tips on how to navigate the Mulligan process and broken down all the core combos so you can get the most out of this deck.

Mech Paladin deck list and strategy

Here’s the Mech Paladin deck we’re using for the beginning of Descent of Dragons. We’ll keep you updated with any changes!

Paladin Neutral
2 x Crystology 2 x Hot Air Balloon
2 x Glow-Tron 2 x Mecharoo
2 x Micro-Mummy 2 x Galvanizer
2 x Goboglide Tech 1 x SN1P-SN4P
2 x Sky Claw 1 x Explodinator
2 x Annoy-o-Module 2 x Replicating Menace
2 x Blessing of Kings 1 x Leeroy Jenkins
2 x Truesilver Champion 2 x Wargear
1 x Zilliax

Select and copy the long ID string below, then create a deck in Hearthstone to export this deck into your game.


General strategy

Mech Paladin is a midrange deck that builds a strong board presence through the interplay of Mechs and buff spells. The deck also makes full use of the Magnetic keyword to empower its minions even further, or trigger Deathrattle effects ahead of schedule to make devastating tempo plays.

The Legendary Paladin spell from The Boomsday Project expansion – Kangor’s Endless Army – still plays a large part of Mech Paladin, as it allows you to bring back three friendly Mech minions with all the Magnetic upgrades that were applied to them. Even after your opponent has dealt with threats such as Annoy-o-Module, Mechano Egg and Zilliax, you can just as quickly resurrect them all over again.

Early game: You’ll be trying to get some Magnetic action going on with small mechs like Micro Mummy as the base. Putting Glow-Tron and the like on top of these gives them early game survivability, and contests the board excellently. The new cards, Sky Claw and Sanctuary, work excellently early on in Mech Paladin, as you’ll be able to build up early pressure for low amounts of mana. Especially if you’ve played a Mech on turn 1 and 2, Sky Claw can offer 7/4 worth of stats, and if you can protect it with a Taunt your opponent will struggle to handle it.

Mid game: Continue to develop your board and trade into your opponent’s minions in the mid game. You have an excellent way to slow them down too using Annoy-o-Module. You’ll also want to look at setting up a Mechano-Egg and buffing it with some of your Magnetic minions so it can be activated later in the game. Combine it with Wargear, for example, and you’ll have a whopping 5/10 minion for your opponent to fight off, as well as its fearsome Deathrattle. Faceless Manipulator helps here when you’re already in control of a bunch of big Mechs. It directly transforms into those minions, meaning you don’t have to use Magnetic buffs – the Faceless Manipulator just turns into your already huge Mech.

Late game: With a strong board established you can really go into overdrive in the late game with some powerful legendary cards. Zilliax is great for applying immediate pressure to your opponent’s board thanks to the Rush keyword, while the Lifesteal and Divine Shield abilities will give you some extra survivability. Magnetising Zilliax onto an already big Mech like your 8/8 Robosaur generated by the Mechano-Egg adds its Lifesteal effect to the base minion too, meaning you’d heal your Hero for a whopping 11 damage if needed. Other late game options include Mechanical Whelp, which you can combine with other Mechs to make stronger, and then trigger the Deathrattle effect.

Ultimately, though, you’ll be building towards Kangor’s Endless Army to bring back up to three of your destroyed (and buffed up) Mech minions. Your opponent may think they’re safe after clearing them earlier in the game, but if they’re out of removal they’ll have no answer to such a big swing turn.

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Aggro opponents

Here are some words of advice for dealing with any aggro decks you might come up against:

  • 1. You’ll want to take more of a control approach in the early game, but with the sticky and high Health minions you have this shouldn’t be too much of a problem.
  • 2. You have some solid early game Taunt options in Annoy-o-Module that will shut down aggro.

Control opponents

These tips will help you overcome any control opponents you face on ladder:

  • 1. You’ll want to take the aggressive line in this match-up and try to push for damage quickly, even more so than usual.
  • 2. Although it helps to develop a wide board, try not to over-commit and run into a board clear that may set you back too far. Always keep more resources in reserve.
  • 3. Be careful not to invest too many buffs into a single minion either. A well-timed hard removal or a silence effect can completely ruin your plans.
  • 4. Prismatic Lens can be used brilliantly to get ahead of control decks if you get lucky and hit an expensive minion with the Mana cost swap.
  • 5. Kangor’s Endless Army can give you that last bit of reach you need in the late game to secure the win, so make sure you don’t fill the resurrection pool with too many weak Mech minions.

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Mech Paladin Mulligan guide

These are the cards you’ll want to make the best possible start with Mech Paladin:

  • 1. Crystology: 1 mana to draw 2 cards is an outrageously powerful card. Most Mech Paladin players keep it every time.
  • 2. Galvanizer: Discounts Mechs in your hand, allowing for big turns when you play a bunch of cheap Mechs in one go.
  • 3. High Priest Thekal gives this deck survivability in the long run, allowing you to heal above 30 Health early on with Lifesteal minions.
  • 4. Glow-Tron is a great turn 1 play that’s also useful afterwards as a way to beef your Mech minions up so they can take better trades with enemy minions.

Mech Paladin tips, combos and synergies

Here’s an overview of the card combos that are available in this deck. The exact make-up of Mech Paladin will change over time, and we’ll always make sure this section is updated to reflect those changes.

– The following cards in this deck possess the Magnetic keyword, which means they can be fused with an existing Mech if you drop them to the left of the target: Annoy-o-Module, Wargear and Zilliax. All stats and abilities are combined as part of this process.

Glowstone Technician is a solid card, but is made even stronger when Magnetic is taken into account. Buffs from Glowstone Technician onto a mech are carried over to Kangor’s Endless Army when Magnetised, meaning your 1 mana 3/5 Glow-Tron buffs a friendly Mech by 3/5 rather than the initial 1/3.

Prismatic Lens can get you an extremely early Kangor’s Endless Army, as it’s the only other spell in your deck.

Micro Mummy is a sticky minion with Reborn that beefs up your other minions slightly turn-by-turn. It can sneak you a big early game lead if your opponent doesn’t deal with it.

Mechano-Egg is a card you want to kill off as soon as possible to get to its hugely beneficial Deathrattle effect.

Kangor’s Endless Army is the Paladin’s relatively new Legendary Spell. Not only does it resurrect three friendly Mechs, if any of those Mechs had been upgraded via Magnetic then they’ll retain those special upgrades. You might want to keep track of your Magnetic plays over time to ensure you get the most value out of this spell.

Card choices and substitutions

Mech Paladin has a number of different playstyles, so keep an eye out for these particular cards:

  • Skaterbot: Adds the Rush keyword (as well as +1/+1) to any Mech it’s magnetised to, allowing them to attack minions instantly.
  • Rusty Recycler is a pain for your opponent to remove, and it’ll heal you up significantly as its Taunt forces opponents to attack it.
  • Wargear is just brilliant. +5/+5 on any Mech already on the board with the ability to attack immediately if the buffed minion is ready to attack is hugely powerful, but you’re allowed to just stick it on the board as a 5 mana 5/5 if you so choose.
  • Annoy-o-Module: A bulkier (and Magnetic) Annoy-o-Tron that’s a right nuisance for aggro decks to deal with effectively.
  • Missile Launcher is really annoying for opponents with wide boards. Give it Lifesteal with Zilliax or Magnetising it to Rusty Recycler, and every single one of those missile hits will heal you for 1 health!
  • Bronze Gatekeeper: Adds Taunt to any Mech on the board, as well as +1/+5. Scuppers any opponent’s plans to clear your board or hit your face, at least for a while.
  • Mechano-Egg: Will happily gestate on the board until you’re ready to buff it with a Magnetic minion and then it becomes a serious threat. Even more so when it hatches too, thanks to the 8/8 Robosaur waiting inside!
  • Mechanical Whelp: If you’re looking to play even more huge Deathrattle Mech minions, this is a solid choice to add to the deck. Not quite at the level of Mechano-Egg, but at least it can attack without being buffed first.

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