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Mei’s Yeti Hunt guide – Tips, tricks and strategy advice – Overwatch


Our complete guide to the new mode coming to Overwatch next week.

Blizzard has just confirmed that Winter Wonderland will be returning to Overwatch on Tuesday 12th December, but in a developer update video game director Jeff Kaplan has confirmed that a new mode called Mei’s Yeti Hunt will also be included this year.

This is the first time that this particular Brawl has made an appearance in the game, and sees a team of five Meis attempt to track down one yeti (AKA Winston). In the first edition of our Mei’s Yeti Hunt guide, we’ve outlined the complete lowdown on what this new event entails, and will be updating it with loads of tips ,tricks and strategy advice once it goes live on the servers.

Mei’s Yeti Hunt Rules

The teams are split into two different teams. The first team consists of five Meis, while the other team is made up of a single Winston. You can queue for either role, but if you request Winston you may still end up getting Mei – stick around long enough though and the team are confident you’ll eventually get your turn as the yeti.

  • Mei’s Yeti Hunt is set in Nepal Village.
  • The Mei team’s job is to try and hunt down Winston, while at the same time Winston is scouring the map looking for “meat” power-ups.
  • When Winston has discovered enough of these power-ups he’ll enter Primal Rage mode. The Meis then have to dodge Winston’s attacks so they don’t die.
  • The Mei players will have access to their usual skills like Ice Wall, but will also be able to use a new ability called Ice Trap.
  • If enough of the Meis die then Winston wins. If Winston dies, then the Mei team wins.
  • A team of friends can queue up as Mei and face a random Winston player!

Mei’s Yeti Hunt Rewards

We know from the Developer Update video that you’ll be able to earn Loot Boxes by participating in Mei’s Yeti Hunt. We imagine these will come from levelling up in the usual way, winning your first Brawl, and then winning matches as part of the weekly reward system.

If we learn any more about the reward system ahead of launch we’ll add it in here, otherwise assume that this is indeed how it’s going to work.

Mei’s Yeti Hunt Tips

Hunter Strategies

  • Remember that Winston has to collect every piece of meat before he can enter Primal Rage. This means you can find a piece of meat and wait for him to approach it. Simply set up camp and force him to take you on!
  • Winston’s attacks all deal huge amounts of damage, so we recommend staying at a distance and poking him down with ranged shots. If you’re bold enough, you can run in and attempt to freeze him – just keep an eye on your health bar at all times.
  • If you’re low on health, turn into an ice block and immediately leg it away.
  • Ice Wall is not only a great trapping tool, it’s also brilliant for escaping and making it much harder for Winston to attack you.
  • It’s essential that you’re all sticking together as Winston is capable of wiping you out in no time if you’re alone.
  • Your Ultimate ability is places a trap instead of creating a Blizzard. While it’s immediately obvious to Winston that he shouldn’t step on it, use it as a zoning tool instead. Ideally you want to place it on a piece of meat you’ll find around the map or use it as a last ditch effort to escape.
  • Your ultimate is also great if combined with your Ice Wall. Place a trap on the other side of an Ice Wall, and as it goes down Winston may not notice it!
  • When Winston’s in Primal Rage mode it’s best to leg it and wait it out.

Yeti Strategies

  • As Winston you’re hilariously overpowered, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be careful. Avoid facing a band of Mei’s at all costs – instead, go on a hunt for meat.
  • From the very start, you want to be hunting down meat and avoiding conflict. Jump and activate your leap ability to cover ground and explore the map for morsels.
  • Use your shield as cover when you land to deflect Mei’s shots.
  • Once you’re nearing Primal Rage, head for the last piece of meat and go awol. Leap at Mei and you’ll knock her down in a hit or two.
  • Your Tesla Cannon also dishes out huge amounts of punishment. Use it while in your shield to tickle your opponents before leaping towards hunks of meat or getting a better position.
  • Use your jump wisely and don’t be afraid to land on top of buildings as you’ll slide down and gain even more ground.

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