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More nerfs in the pipeline for Overwatch’s Lucio and Zenyatta


New balance updates announced for the PTR.

A fresh round of nerfs are on their way to the PTR shortly, following the recent rebalancing patch that was applied with new hero Baptiste just 24 hours ago.

Most significant of all are the balance changes for Lucio and Zenyatta.

Lucio’s speed boost will be reduced from 30% to 20%, while the amped up version will also be nerfed from 70% to 50%. To compensate somewhat, the movement speed boost provided by his passive will be increased from 20% to 40%.

Zenyatta’s Orb of Discord effect is being reduced from 30% to 25%, while the damage from Orb of Destruction will be increase slightly from 46 to 48.

A few other heroes are also receiving additional tweaks. Here’s the lowdown on how the rest of the roster will be affected by the upcoming update:


  • Frag Launcher: Impact damage increased from 40 to 60


  • Bonus damage ramp from the previous 1.34 change will now begin after 1.5s, down from 2.5.


  • Passive: Healing amount reduced from 50% to 40%


  • Photon Projector: Primary fire damage ramp speed increased by 20%


  • Particle Cannon: Alternate fire radius reduced from 2-3 to 1-2 (based on energy level)

The Overwatch developers expect these changes to arrive on the PTR either today or tomorrow.

It’s important to note that these tweaks are subject to further refinement during testing, and may change before they’re applied to the live game in an upcoming patch.

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