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OWL 2019: 6 of the Best Moments from Week 2 of Stage 1


Some of our favourite plays from the second week of competitive play.

The second week of competitive play in Stage 1 of the Overwatch League 2019 saw delight for the Shanghai Dragons as they bagged their first ever win, and a mixture of despair and delight for what proved to be a cluster of tight matches overall.

We’ve taken a look back at some of the highlights from Week 2, and rounded up some of our favourites in this article. Don’t forget to sign up and let us know your favourite moments from the week gone by in the comments!

Philadelphia Fusion v Dallas Fuel

Here’s a truly outstanding display of rapid-fire Widowmaker shots from Carpe, making mincemeat out of Dallas Fuel’s attempt to gain ground on Dorado. A super-clean shot on Sombra leaves him free to pick off the long-range targets without breaking a sweat – probably…

Vancouver Titans v San Fracisco Shock

We’re used to seeing Zarya and D.Va ult combos in the Overwatch League (and here’s hoping Baptiste can shake things up), but just look at this devastating Earthshatter D.Va bomb combo from Bumper and Jjanu. Superb teamwork and timing clears the payload point perfectly.

Houston Outlaws v Hangzhou Spark

Here’s a really interesting way of looking at the game. By keeping baby D.Va alive she struggles to regain her mech, and so the Outlaws are quite happy to lead the dance. Watch as Reinahrdt performs a perfect Charge to keep her away from the safety of her team too.

Chengdu Hunters v Florida Mayhem

Ameng exploits the Florida Mayhem’s positioning incredibly well, and having caused positional chaos wastes no time in capitalising on the opportunity. He smartly darts behind D.Va while she’s distracted to rattle her down from a separate position.

Chengdu Hunters v Florida Mayhem

The Chengdu Hunter’s Jinmu hovers above the point as Pharah, rattling off constant damage. He fires off a perfect concussive blast which separates the Florida Mayhem before they scramble and retreat inside the nearest building. Sensing his chance, Jjanu fires off a Rocket Barrage right into their hiding spot and blasts them out of contention. Perfect Pharah play.

Shanghai Dragons v Boston Uprising

Boston Uprising’s Note on Reaper smells blood and goes for a huge Death Blossom, momentarily catching the enemy team off-guard. That’s until Coma rushes in with a crucial boop, knocking Reaper to his demise and saving the point in the process. Nicely done!

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