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Oasis map guide – Overwatch


Our essential strategy guide for the latest new Overwatch map to hit the PTR.

Oasis, Overwatch’s next new map, has just gone live on the PTR, and we’ve been rather busy scrapping away in this new content, and slowly getting to grips with all of the tips and tricks that you’ll need to know if you’re to come out on top.

Now that we’ve had a bit of live playtime with the map, we wanted to completely overhaul our Oasis guide from the BlizzCon preview article it once was, to the proper strategy guide we intended it to become in time. On that subject, keep in mind that we’ll be updating this article constantly with all the latest developments, so expect plenty more to be added between now and the map’s eventual release on the live servers.

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Before we get started on actualy strategy advice for the individual sections of Oasis, here’s all of the fundamental stuff you need to know about the map’s back-story and structure.

  • It’s a Control map like Nepal, Ilios or Lijiang Tower. As a result, there are actually three distinct sections to this map.
  • Oasis features Overwatch’s first jump-pad, which allows you to get high up to strategic locations that are located near capture points.
  • The developers are confident that these jump pads will allow for some incredible Play of the Game highlights.
  • From a thematic perspective, Oasis is set in the Middle-Eastern desert. The developers wanted to locate it somewhere that would provide new architectural cues for the design process.
  • The backstory of Oasis is that it was founded by scientists looking to push the boundaries of their craft beyond regulatory limits. It was created as a testament to the ingenuity of humans, turning a desert into an advanced metropolis.
  • Blizzard intends to release Oasis onto the live servers in early 2017.

Oasis: University strategy tips

We found the first section of Oasis that we played very reminiscent of the Control Center section of Lijiang Tower.

On this part of the map you’ll find a central, circular hub representing the control point, and you can approach it a number of ways: with a charge down the middle of the map through university rooms, by flanking left or right down corridors, or even – unusually for Overwatch – by going underground.

  • Not far ahead of you as you approach the control point is a set of stairs which lead down towards a network of underground tunnels. Each team has an identical version of this underground access point on their particular side of the map
  • There is a Large Health Pack right next to these stairs – useful if you’ve been chased out and need an emergency top-up.
  • These tunnels lead towards a circular section that sits directly underneath the capture point. From here, you can make your way back up top and pinch the control point from the enemy.
  • Note that you cannot actually capture the control point while you are in this lower section. You must be up on the correct level to trigger the capture process.

Oasis: City Center strategy tips

This is the more open area of the map, although because of the traffic racing around you’ll need to pay very close attention to your positioning, where you’re heading towards, and who might risk nudging you off your patch and towards certain death. It’s also the single section of Oasis that features a jump-pad, allowing you to reach a position of greater height rapidly.

  • The cars which pass on the roads will spell instant death when they collide with you, although note that the road terrirotry itself isn’t dangerous.
  • Each spawning room has a semi-circular pit right outside of it, and if you’ve pushed the enemy right back you’ll want to be very careful about the threat posed by a Lucio pushback or Roadhog hook.
  • If you take a flanking path forwards, it can be extremely easy to stumble into a road as you exit corridors! Keep your eyes peeled for this, and beware if any possible pushback abilities that might hurl you into traffic.
  • Watch out for a troll Mei using their Ice Wall to stop you getting off the road and back onto safe ground…
  • You’ll find the jump pad by following one of the handful of corridors that lead directly away from the central control point (look for the directional arrows to find the actual entrance point to the pad).
  • This jump pad takes you to a balcony which provides excellent sniping opportunities. Note also that the initial boost takes you quite high, and could provide a great jumping off point for a devastating Ultimate.

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Oasis: Gardens strategy tips

This section of the map is a real flanker’s delight with side passages having side passages of their own which you can use to launch any number of surprise attacks from. It’s a pretty small and unremarkable part of the new map all things considered, with all those corridors and entry points reminding us a little bit of Temple of Anubis B.

  • Break left or right as you approach the control point and you’ll find stairs which lead you up towards a mid-level location. These stairs take you directly to a balcony area that’s great for providing a secondary assault on the controlling team.
  • Keep in mind that – unlike the underground section of University – you can actually capture the control point from this higher elevation. Expect team fights to move constantly between these upper and lower levels.
  • Directly opposite the jutting out part of the balcony is a great spoint for a sniper to hang out, or for a Genji to clamber through. If you can use this as a launching-off point for your Ultimate, you’re going to have a very good time indeed.

That’s the end of the first edition of our Oasis map guide, but we’ll be adding loads more tips in the time between now and the map’s eventual release on the live servers. If you’ve got any tips of your own, we’d love to hear about them in the comments so we can add them to this article in time!

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