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Overwatch: Archives Legendary Skins (Retribution and Uprising)


All of the Legendary Skins available with the Archives event.

Our Overwatch: Archives Legendary Skins 2018 page contains all of last year’s Uprising event skins alongside all the new Archives and Retribution skins.

Overwatch’s Uprising event returns this year with a brand new companion in tow, Retribution. Blizzard’s also introduced a brand new umbrella term for these PVE modes entitled Archives as it has plans to release these exciting new missions every year!

This means we’ve got a chance to replay Uprising again, as well as Retribution’s brand new Blackwatch mission set in Venice – we’re spoilt for choice. For those who missed Uprising last time around, this four player co-op challenge sees a team consisting of Reinhardt, Tracer, Torbjorn and Mercy tackling a robotic Uprising on the streets of – a somewhat modified – King’s Row. Retribution features the same co-op gameplay but gives you the chance to fight as either Reaper, Moira, Genji or McCree as they take on a dark threat in a brand new map called Rialto.

All of these characters are equipped with rather dapper uniforms which can be unlocked via the skin system. These can be purchased outright with credits, or unlocked through the special event Loot Box system, which could themselves be either earned through levelling up in gameplay or purchased from the cash shop.

All of last year’s skins have returned for Uprising, while Archives has introduced a host of brand new skins that celebrate both Overwatch’s lore as well as the Retribution event specifically. Previous skins will likely be available at a heavy discount, while fresh skins will come in at a hefty sum.

In this article we’ve rounded up all of the skins associated with the Archives event this year.

Here’s a gallery of all the existing Archives event skins, with a quick overview of the event just below that. For the full overview of the Retribution event, make sure you check out our Overwatch Retribution 2018 guide – it contains all of our coverage of the event!

  • Archives encompasses both the Uprising and Retribution PVE modes.
  • Uprising and Retribution are both four player co-op missions that give players the chance to battle through some of Overwatch’s most historic events.
  • Blizzard plans on adding a new PVE mission to Overwatch every year.
  • As with any event, there are all sorts of other cosmetic items too. Victory Poses, Highlight Intros and Sprays will almost certainly make an appearance!
  • Both Uprising and Retribution have difficulty modes including the hardest – Legendary. This is seriously tough and requires some serious coordination to succeed.

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