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Retribution Legendary tips, tricks and strategy advice – Overwatch


How to beat Overwatch Retribution on Legendary difficulty.

This page contains Legendary tips and strategy advice for completing the Retribution event in Overwatch.

Overwatch’s latest Archives update added a brand new co-op mission that transported players to Venice and into the shoes of Blackwatch. As Moira, McCree, Reaper and Genji you’ll be battling through a wave of enemies and mini-bosses to escape capture. There are two versions of this Arcade challenge, one where you can play whatever heroes you want, and the other where you’re limited to the base four listed above.

It’s safe to say that the Normal difficulty isn’t particularly challenging, and we’d highly recommend playing it first time on this difficulty to get a feel for how Retribution plays. Legendary is a real step up and by far the hardest setting of them all. Even the most skilful players will struggle to keep up with the dialled up damage numbers and tougher enemy types.

The guide we’ve put together down below is aimed at completing Retribution on the Legendary difficulty setting, but this advice also applies to all other settings too.

We’ve based much of the info below on a video by Your Overwatch, and we definitely encourage you to go watch the whole thing as it’ll make the challenge much easier. Also consider subscribing to them as well, they’re constantly putting out decent Overwatch content!

For a complete overview of Overwatch’s Archives event, make sure you check out our Retribution guide as well as our Archives Legendary skins pages!

Retribution Legendary: General Tips and Tricks

Here’s a whole host of strategy advice to help you complete this mission on Legendary difficulty.

  • Use cover wisely, you can’t afford to stand out in the open and tank damage. Instead, make sure you’re making the most of pillars and other objects to block incoming fire.
  • Stay together as you’ll be able to support each other when you’re in trouble. It also allows your healer to be more efficient when topping your health up.
  • Use Genji’s Deflect and McCree’s Flashbang to negate damage from enemies!
  • Reaper’s effectively the tank of the team. Wraithform is brilliant for drawing fire and surviving hairy encounters.
  • Save McCree’s Deadeye for moments when Enforcers are charging in on their boats or when enemies are grouped up on planes or bridges.
  • Clear additional enemies before taking on mini-bosses like the Assassin or Heavy Assault.
  • Think about extending the time you’re alive, rather than taking out enemies faster.
  • Against the Assassin, use Flashbang to stun her and focus damage once she’s been immobilised.
  • Avoid using your Ultimates on the Heavy Assault. Instead, kite him through corridors and buildings. Poke him down from range, use corners to heal up and continue to lay down a steady stream of damage from relative safety. Take your time and it’ll go down eventually.
  • Reaper can resurrect enemies in Wraithform so use this at the last minute to secure the revive if you’re under fire.
  • In the final section, it’s all about sticking together and using the highground to effectively dodge enemy fire. Bait out mobility, poke enemies from afar and use your Wraithforms, leaps and dodges to get out. Avoid damage, keep your composure and slowly whittle enemies down.
  • Use your Ultimates to clear groups of enemies only.
  • Pull aggro from enemies if you’re the last man standing. Once the enemies are far enough away, go for the revive!
  • It goes without saying, hop on the plane as soon as it arrives.

That’s the end of our Legendary tips page, but if you’ve got any strategy advice do let us know in the comments below!

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