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Overwatch: Blizzard World guide


Our continuously updated guide to dominating Overwatch's Blizzard World map.

Our Overwatch Blizzard World guide contains tips, tricks and strategy advice to help you thrive in Overwatch’s theme park.

Put very simply, Blizzard World is a map that’ll see heroes do battle in a Blizzard-based theme park (yes you read that right). It encapsulates all of Blizzard’s biggest franchises and features rides, taverns and much more.

In our Blizzard World guide, we’ve put together all the information you could want to know about the map into one place. Just below you’ll find a bunch of tips and tricks which should help get you on track to winning more games.

Bear in mind that this is a guide-in-progress, and we’ll be regularly updating it as the community uncovers exciting new strategies. If you’ve got a few tips of your own, let us know in the comments below so we can add them the next time we update the guide.

Editor’s Update #1: Now that Blizzard World has launched, we’ve given this guide a much-needed makeover. We’ll continue updating this guide with more tips and tricks as time goes by, so do keep this article bookmarked for all the latest strategy advice!


Blizzard World takes players on an awesome journey through Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo and we’ve linked a video which shows it in action. What’s more, we’ve put together a number of tips and tricks to help you out too.


  • There are a ton of flanking routes through Blizzard themed shops: Flight to Duskwood, Fargodeep Mine and Snaxramas. Make use of them!
  • If you’re looking to break through the enemy’s defenses throughout Blizzard World, a mobile team is a must. Heroes like Pharah, Genji and Tracer are all great ways of distracting foes and securing vital kills.
  • Much like King’s Row, the final point is where most teams will face off for the match victory. It’s important that you choose your heroes wisely as you could be butting heads for a while.
  • Attacking the final point is tricky, so you’ll want to rely on a decent hero comp. Heroes like Reinhardt are great for pushing in, while Winston or D.Va can lead the charge nicely too.
  • Junkrat is surprisingly effective in all areas of Blizzard World as it’s filled with choke points and narrow pathways – perfect for landing all that splash damage.
  • Always be aware of what’s above you as Blizzard World is filled with ledges and vertical spots. Claim these as your own and you’ll have a huge advantage when pushing forwards.
  • Try and stick with at least a couple of allies when attacking an objective. Finding success in Blizzard World comes down to breaking through chokepoints. You’ll need to try and communicate with your team, especially when it comes to the first and final objectives.

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  • As a defender, we found defending the first choke into Point A the easiest to manage. It’s reminiscent of Hanamura or even Eichenwalde in this regard, as it takes some real coordination from the enemy team to break through your defense if you’ve put together a solid hero composition.
  • If you’re defending point A, we highly recommend staying near Stormwind’s gate while keeping an eye on the other flanking route to the right. It’s key that you’re pushed up and not giving the opposing team any free ground to exploit.
  • When defending on Blizzard World, it’s vital that you’re comfortable playing a mixture of heroes as it’s a hybrid map. This means that defending point A is a very different experience to holding off attackers as they push the payload and into the final point.
  • Heroes like Orisa and Reinhardt are great picks for Blizzard World as they can rally a full team behind them to methodically push through choke points or defend key locations.
  • The second point is located in the Starcraft area and attackers push the payload through here. It’s a circular arena with a number of paths running atop it, so it’s important that you take the high ground away from the enemy.
  • If you’re defending, don’t worry too much if you can’t stop the payload as it transitions from point A to the next objective. It’s extremely tricky to bring the enemy to a complete halt here, so aim to delay and don’t get frustrated if they power through to the next point quicker than you’d hoped.
  • If you’re defending the final point, we highly recommend taking control of the bend in the path as you can easily retreat to regain health from here and it makes life very difficult for the attackers to approach you safely if they don’t know precisely what’s around the corner.
  • You’ll always need someone checking the flanks, or at least contesting the high ground at the first and final points. This way you’ll gain information on what tactics the enemy is using to break through and counter potentially fatal pushes.

As we get some more hands on time with Blizzard World, we’ll continously update this guide with more strategy advice – stay tuned.

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