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Overwatch: Halloween Terror 2018 guide


Everything you need to know about Overwatch's upcoming Halloween event

Overwatch’s Halloween Terror event returns to the game next week, and when it hits the servers it’ll bring back all of last year’s Legendary skins, a handful of new snazzy cosmetic items, and of course the PVE Junkenstein’s Revenge content.

In our guide to Halloween Terror we’ve rounded up all of the information you need to know ahead of launch, from the start date and times, to the Legendary skins that have been confirmed so far.

Overwatch: Halloween Terror 2018: Start Date and Time

Let’s start with the important details: the start date and time for the event:

  • The start date for Halloween Terror 2018 is 9th October 2018
  • Assuming Blizzard follows the established protocol for content launches, Halloween Terror will begin at 8:00am PDT. That’s 4:00pm over here in the UK, and 5:00pm in Europe.
  • Halloween Terror is scheduled to end at around the same time on October 31st.

Here’s the tweet that was put out by the developers recently, providing official start and end dates for Halloween Terror:

Overwatch: Halloween Terror 2018: Skins

It wouldn’t be an Overwatch event without a new collection of skins to unlock. These will be available exclusively from season-specific Loot Boxes, which you can either purchase from the in-game store or earn by levelling up your account.

It’s also highly likely that last year’s Halloween skins will be available to purchase directly, using Overwatch’s in-game currency.

Here’s a gallery which shows off all of the skins that will return with Halloween Terror 2018:

The developers also recently teased an animated look at the new skins being added to the event in 2018. We’ve embedded all of the relevant tweets for you below:

New McCree Skin

New Moira Skin

New Doomfist Skin

New Wrecking Ball Skin

New Pharah Skin

New Widowmaker Skin

Overwatch: Halloween Terror 2018: Junkenstein’s Revenge

Junkenstein’s Revenge is a four player co-op adventure starring McCree, Soldier: 76, Hanzo and Ana. Together they must defend the castle gates from a wave of attacks generated by Junkrat’s alter-ego, Dr. Junkenstein.

Should the gates crumble then the team will fail their attempt, but loot boxes are available for those who manage to vanquish the assailants.

You can choose form three different difficulty settings when you queue up for Junkenstein’s Revenge: Normal, Hard, Expert and Legendary. At the end of each match you’ll receive a rating of one to three stars based on how many assailants you killed, how often team members died, and how much damage was sustaned by the gates.

In 2017 a new twist on Junkenstein’s Revenge was added, called Junkenstein’s Endless. After beating the standard twelth wave, the game continues until Bonus Wave 15 has been completed. At this point the match truly ends, and players unlock the ability to use Torbjorn, Zenyatta, Genji or Widowmaker in future attempts.

For help with beating this PVE content, take a look at our comprehensive Junkenstein’s Revenge guide. We’ve also got some further tips for beating the hardest difficult setting in our Junkenstein’s Revenge Legendary guide.

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