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Overwatch: Retribution guide – Tips, tricks and strategy advice


UPDATE! Team composition and gameplay details revealed in official trailer.

In our Overwatch Retribution guide, you’ll find all the tips and strategy advice you need to master this new Archives event in-game.

Overwatch’s Retribution event joins the Archives alongside Uprising but focuses attention on on of Blackwatch’s infamous operations instead. Players will get a chance to experience the exploits of Reaper, Moira, Genji and McCree as they head to Venice to deal with a brand new threat.

In the first edition to our Retribution 2018 guide, we’ve put together a gallery of all the brand new Legendary Skins as well as a walkthrough to help you complete the mission without a hitch. If Blizzard makes a sudden change to the way things work, we’ll be sure to update this page when that happens – keep this page bookmarked!

Overwatch: Retribution Start and End Date

This year’s Archives event which encompasses both Uprising and Retribution begins 10th April 2018 and ends on 30th April 2018.

Overwatch: Retribution Walkthrough

We’ve put together a complete breakdown of Retribution below which will help you beat each and every scenario to claim your rewards.

Breach Charge

  • Once you’ve chosen your character, you’ll spawn into a large entrance hall. Interact with the door directly opposite you to place the Breach Charge.
  • As soon as the Breach Charge is placed, it’ll initiate a steady stream of enemies that’ll spawn in waves. They’ll approach from doors to the side of the building, both on the ground and first floors. You’ll need to survive the onslaught until the Breach Charge does its thing.
  • When it’s close to completion, an Enforcer and Troopers will smash through the ceiling. Get up close and drop them quickly. It’s a good opportunity to let loose with a Reaper Ultimate here.
  • It’s best to stick together here and fend them off as a group. Enemies at this stage act like cannon fodder so you should be fine!
  • Mop up the rest of the enemies and wait for the Breach Charge to carve a hole in the wall.

Head To The Extraction Point

  • Head outside, take out any enemies you encounter and proceed to the end of the road. A cutscene should trigger and reveal that there’s a new Sniper enemy type.
  • Have someone get up to the bridge she’s lurking on just ahead and wipe her out. It’s then a case of following the path and dealing with enemies that’ll spawn via drop ships and boats. Stick together and you’re unlikely to run into trouble here.
  • Keep following the path around, moving through the rooms and dealing with any pockets of resistance you come across.
  • Eventually you’ll reach a small bridge and it’s here where you’ll encounter a dropship that’ll throw quite a few Troopers and Enforcers your way. Have Reaper and Genji get up close and personal, while Moira heals in the background and McCree lines up headshots.
  • Once you’ve cleared things up here, proceed into the courtyard ahead and you’ll hit another mini-cutscene. It’s here where you’ll be introduced to a boss entitled Assassin who flits across this space with frightening speed.
  • To take the Assassin out, wait for it to zoom across the wall and close in on one of your allies. As soon as it’s within range, have McCree unleash a Flashbang and make sure you get as much damage on it as possible here. Once it’s dead it’ll spawn a wave of enemies behind you.
  • Follow the path back and you’ll trigger another cutscene, this time it’s another boss – the Heavy Assault.
  • If everyone swamps it up close, it doesn’t really stand a chance. Have Moira healing allies, while Reaper keeps spamming shots. Genji should use Deflect when the Heavy Assault uses its cannons and McCree should Flashbang to prevent any further damage once Deflect is on cooldown. If Reaper’s a bit low on health, use Shadowform to flee and recover. Don’t be afraid to use Ultimate here!
  • Rinse and repeat this process and it’ll go down eventually. Once again, mop up any remaining Troopers and Enforcers.
  • Keep heading forwards and you’ll reach a large circular room with a glowing blue pillar in the centre. Deal with the enemies that crash through the ceiling and spawn through the doors opposite. Use the pillar for cover if necessary.
  • Another Assassin will spawn here, so use the same tactic and focus on taking it out in one fell swoop when it gets close enough.
  • Head out the door and into the next area.

Survive Until Extraction

  • We’d recommend getting up to the high ground and using the restaurants outdoor dining space as your primary point of defense.
  • Dropships and boats will spawn in, so take out any enemies that they deliver. Be careful not to get overwhelmed and stay as a unit. Watch out for the Sniper on the crates near the shore.
  • If possible, get some early damage on enemies while they’re still in the dropship.
  • A Heavy Assault will spawn in towards the end, so utilise cover wisely. Use any Ultimates you might have and stay near Moira for healing. Don’t be afraid to back off and recover, the Heavy Assault is surprisingly good at shredding you!
  • Once you’ve cleared the area, the objective will be complete. Get into the dropship and you’ll have finished Retribution!

Overwatch: Retribution Legendary Walkthrough

There are four difficulty settings for this mode:

  • Normal
  • Hard
  • Expert
  • Legendary

Legendary’s an extremely difficult challenge and one you’ll need to knuckle down for. Our Retribution Legendary tips, tricks and strategy advice page has you covered!

Overwatch: Retribution Legendary Skins

This year’s Retribution event brings with it a host of amazing Legendary Skins. You’ll be able to earn these items through Loot Boxes or by cracking them open with your stash of in-game credits.

Here’s a gallery of all this year’s skins.

That’s all we have for the first edition of our Retribution guide. Stay tuned for further updates over the next few days as we have more time to sink our teeth into the new event!

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