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Overwatch: Rialto guide – Tips, tactics and strategy advice


Everything you need to know about Overwatch's latest map on the PTR.

Our Overwatch Rialto guide contains everything you need to know about the new map, along with tips, tricks, tactics and strategy advice.

As part of Overwatch’s Archives event, Blizzard has introduced a brand new map alongside its new Retribution mode. It’s called Rialto and it’s based in Italy where the Retribution Blackwatch mission actually took place. Expect beautiful architecture, pretty streets and token gondolas.

We’ve put together a quick Rialto guide that contains absolutely all the information provided by Blizzard, as well as gameplay videos that’ll give you a better idea of how it plays.

Having jumped into the map ourselves, we’ve also listed a number of tips, tactics and strategy advice that you’ve come to expect from our other Overwatch map guides.

Editor’s Note: We’ve added a few extra tidbits of strategy advice into the tips and tricks section at the bottom of the page. Stay tuned for further updates in the future!

Rialto Overview

  • Currently only available on the PTR, so this means it’s likely going to change before hitting the live servers.
  • It’s a traditional “Escort” style map.
  • It’s a modified version of the Retribution map, with a Payload to escort and the route reversed.
  • There aren’t many wide open spaces, and much of the action takes place in narrow streets and around tight bends.
  • We’ve never seen so many flanking routes on a map before. There are so many routes to get the drop on your enemies!
  • There’s a river that runs across the middle of the map – perfect for booping enemies into.

Rialto Tips and Tricks

  • Make good use of the high ground and numerous flanking routes that surround the map. There are plenty of options to surprise the enemy if you explore each area just a little more than usual.
  • With a few well-timed jumps, you can cross the canal that runs across the map if you’re not a Pharah, Genji or Tracer.
  • Transporting the Payload out of the first spawn area for attackers is probably one of the trickiest challenges you’ll face on this map. Instead of tackling the defenders head on, it’s wise to look for flanking routes immediately. A Genji or Widowmaker can position themselves around or even behind the enemy and cause some serious havoc.
  • If attackers are really struggling to break through the very first choke point, the balconies above the spawn room are perfect spots for the likes of Hanzo, Zenyatta and Widowmaker to camp. You can fling orbs or rattle off devastating shots, while the enemy won’t really be able to reach you. It should enable you to get that initial pick so you can start pushing once you’ve sealed the man advantage.
  • Video by Blame The Controller

  • When you’re defending, we found heroes who can take advantage of verticality very useful. Mobile heroes like D.Va, Winston, Moira and Hanzo are capable of shutting down opposing flankers.
  • Attackers should focus on gaining momentum and staying aggressive to successfully escort the payload through some very difficult corners. Heroes like Widowmaker and Hanzo are fantastic for picking off defenders from relative safety, while Reinhardt and Brigitte provide perfect frontline protection. Pharah and Genji can take advantage of all the flanking routes, while Zenyatta can sit behind shields and dink enemies from a distance.
  • We found great success with Orisa, Reinhardt and even Torbjorn when defending on corners. Having an anchor tank protect the team, while Torb’s turret rattles away at enemies is incredibly difficult to deal with.
  • When you’re defending, constantly be aware of your positioning when getting involved in fights. Get picked off and you’ll face a lengthy walk back to the action. This may allow the other team to capitalise and begin pressing the advantage.
  • Hanzo, Reinhardt and Moira’s Ultimates can be particularly effective in Rialto’s narrow streets as teams are often bunched up when fighting each other.
  • We didn’t rate Roadhog’s performance on this map. As many of the fights take palce exclusively in choke points, it’s very hard to avoid taking tonnes of damage and feeding the enemy Ultimate charge. What’s more, landing a hook is made even trickier as the enemy team are more likely to have Reinhardts, Orisas and Brigittes all with their shields up.

That concludes the first edition of our Rialto guide, but we’ll be sure to update it significantly once the map hits the live servers – stay tuned!

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